Posted by: malia | May 26, 2014

3 on thursday catchups

all right i know it’s not thursday but i feel like memeing…

catching up on past 3 on thursdays

april 30

1. Other than sleep and eat, what is your favorite thing to do?
well, it would be spending all my time online heeheehee but since my computer is on the fritz and i don’t have enough to get a new one, lately i’ve been just working on crosswords and other word puzzles in my spare time, when i need a break from the chaos that work brings at this time of the year. it’s even better if i have family nearby, to provide needed assistance at times, or just needed laughter from their antics. so, i guess my answer is just spending time with family, maybe doing a crossword or two.

2. What are you thoughts about Health Care?
ugh. i JUST finished writing a check for $2,000 for my hospital care i received a month ago. bleah. with all i’ve paid these past years, you’d think they’d cover more of my bill. 😦

3. Who would you say is your celebrity look-a-like? (feel free to post side by side comparison)
anyone that looks like me would not be a celebrity.

may 7

1. Do you speak or can you translate another language? Which one?
a couple of them, actually. although i guess some people wouldn’t consider one of them a real language.

2. If you eat Fast Food, which is your favorite Fast Food place to go?
i like wendys…you can get a baked potato or a cup of chili or a good salad. mmm.

3. I, the co-host here, lives [sic] in Pensacola and we just had some heavy rain that cause MAJOR flooding. What is the worst natural disaster you have been in?
we just had some heavy rain last night! i think the worst was one of the hurricanes that hit back when i was a kid…it wasn’t by far as bad as it was on the other islands, but i remember being pretty scared by it all.

may 15

1. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?

2. Have you heard of the Kidnapped Nigerian Girls? Do you think that the US should do more to return these girls home? Over 200 girls have been kidnapped from their school and held hostage by a militant group and/or being sold as child brides for $12 each. Very tragic.
no, i haven’t heard of this.

3. If you could live anywhere in the world (money is no issue) where would you live?
i’d still live here. just maybe in a more secluded part.

may 21

1. What is your favorite Summer time Activity?
relaxing!!!! no work! yay!

2. What is your favorite “healthy” food to eat?
i love a good salad…i really do. i tried this chopped salad at a restaurant once and it was so yummy. they also made this really awesome broccoli thing. divine! i want to go back just to get that chopped salad again with a side of that broccoli. yum! when the asparagus prices came down by a lot a month or so ago, i made a lot of baked asparagus which was yummy. i also like boiled soybeans, with a hint of garlic. i also love tofu. gosh i’m so hungry right now.

3. Do you ever think we will have a woman president? (If you would like to state who you think would be a good woman president, you may, just be respectful to others and it is their choice/opinion).
yes, i think we will. not in the near future, but eventually.


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