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sunday stealing: tv meme part 2

TV Meme, part two

16. Talk Shows. Do you watch daytime talk TV? If so, do you prefer the calm shows like Oprah or the wilder side like Jerry Springer?
i don’t watch them but i think i would rather the calmer ones.

17. Which daytime talk TV show would you like to be on? What would the topic be?
i would like to be in oprah’s audience for one of her favorite things episodes 🙂

18. Before talk TV took over game shows ruled the airways during the day, which do you prefer? Or are you a soap opera fan?
i *loved* the game shows. i watched practically every single one whenever we were on break. i am not a soap opera fan.

19. Is there a game show (past or present) you think you would do really well on, as a contestant?
hmm. i liked win, lose, or draw but it depends on your partner. i liked scrabble–i might do okay on that one.

20. Who is your favorite game show host? Who is your least favorite?
i liked wink martindale. chuck woolery, too. oh and bill cullen. i liked bob barker for a while but not after the allegations, then i thought he was kinda creepy. oh! i liked dick clark on the pyramid. that might’ve been a game show i would’ve done okay on. the one i could not stand was bob eubanks. ugh. bert convy used to get on my nerves, too. for more current game shows, i loved anderson cooper and i really like phil keoghan.

21. Marathons. Have you watched any TV marathons? In part? In whole? Is there a show you’d like to see run an all day marathon? On the flipside is there a show you’d avoid in marathon?
no, i haven’t. i didn’t know they televised marathons. i guess i’ve only ever seen them on the sports report.

22. Out of curiosity, what’s the longest you’ve ever watched TV in one stretch?
probably all day. some 16-18 hours maybe? when i was younger.

23. On the whole do you feel most Special Reports are really that special? Or are they simply annoying? What special report has effected you most? (IE: (9/11, Reagan being shot…etc)
i don’t watch those.

24. What is the (pick one: stupidest, saddest, silliest, most disgusting..) thing you’ve ever seen on TV?
gosh i don’t know. there have been so many stupid, silly, and disgusting things. i’m not sure about the saddest. i cry over so many things!! i remember a lost episode where i was sobbing like no tomorrow. but even house makes me sad as it reminds me how mortal we are.

25. What’s your fondest memory of something on TV?
when i was on tv? hahaha. even though a certain person thinks it’s boring and delights in telling the whole world that. 😦 i still remember those times fondly, however; they mean a lot to me. as far as other moments, i think it may mostly be the company i was with when watching them, more so than what was actually on tv itself. like i remember watching certain shows with my sisters, or my dad, but it was more their company than what was actually on the tv that i remember fondly.

26. What’s the first show you remember watching regularly?
the flintstones. we used to watch it every morning at 7, as we were eating breakfast before school.

27. What shows would make up a perfect night of TV viewing for you?
something game showy or puzzly or something. i think that’s why i like these diagnosis shows, whether medical or crime-solving. i love that whole mystery thing and having it solved. if i’m feeling in a lovey-dovey mood, i think i’d like to watch as time goes by, from the first season. that just always makes me feel so warm inside, even if it is a bit sad.

28. You get to create one show to put on the schedule, with any stars you choose. Who and what would it be?
i would like to recreate the mole. i wouldn’t put any stars on them–i’d get regular, smart people.

29. Canceling or Not. What show(s) would you cancel without a moment’s hesitation? Is there a show (previously canceled or just no longer airing) that you’d bring back, original cast and all?
again, i loved the mole. i would bring that back, but with different players. i’d still like anderson to be the host, though, not ahmad rashad. and i’d also bring back gilmore girls so we can get a better resolution to the series. 😡 i would cancel most of the reality shows out there, i think.

30. What’s the best series finale you remember?
i was pretty let down by all the series finales i’ve seen. they didn’t tie it up as much as i had hoped.



  1. I do not “delight” in telling the world that I find it boring, silly. But when everybody in the world is saying one thing, someone needs to speak up for those who feel differently. If nobody does it, I almost feel a responsibility to do so. 🙂 I mean, come on. It’s why I bought a Dreamcast when everyone else in the world bought a Gamecube, PS2, and XBox.

    • if nobody does it, it’s probably because they’ve all been taught if you’ve got nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. or they truly don’t care and so don’t feel the need to comment–they just go on with their lives. they don’t feel the need to call it out to others. they just ignore.

  2. It is always tough when a series does not live up to your expectations in the end. Sometimes it feels kind of personal.

    • that’s so true! like how could they do that to the fans?

  3. Aww, I like reality competition shows, I wouldn’t cancel them.

    • some of those are good. there’s always exceptions. 🙂 i just feel like when they’ve gone on a long time, then you start getting people who want to be on it only for the fame. the competition ones are better when they’re brand new and people don’t know what to expect.

  4. How amazing was that favorite things episode? I wish they’d bring that back

    • me too! i wonder if any of the current ones like ellen do something similar?

  5. I hate it when finale’s fail to deliver. I’ve been disappointed in so many, too.

    my meme’s via this link in the hope you may pop over!

    • thanks!

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