Posted by: malia | May 3, 2014

saturday 9: blues in the night

Saturday 9: Blues in the Night (1952)

1) Was last night a good night for you? Or were you singing the blues?
it was a regular night. cooked dinner, spent some time with son watching performances, and then watched a few episodes of house before falling asleep. pretty uneventful.

2) In this song, Rosemary Clooney sings about hearing “big talk” she didn’t quite believe. What’s the last fib, tall tale or out and out lie you heard?
probably the typical “wasn’t me!” deal. i work with 6-year olds.

3) Rosemary Clooney has a well-known nephew — George, the Oscar winner and frequent People magazine cover story. Do you have any nieces or nephews?
yes, i have a nephew and a bunch of nieces. if you count my sister’s dogs, then add 2 more nephews to that. 🙂

4) Ms. Clooney married the same man twice. They married, had five children and divorced. Then three years later, they tried again … and divorced again. Have you ever been tempted to give it another try with one of your former loves?
no. i don’t think it would work out because i would be so full of mistrust.

5) Singers as diverse as Linda Ronstadt, Bette Midler and Amy Winehouse have said they admired and were influenced by Rosemary Clooney. If you could meet any artist (singer, writer, actor, director, painter, musician …), who would it be?
i don’t know that i would like to “meet” anyone. i wouldn’t know what to say.

6) 1952, the year this record was a hit, is also the year the “Big Bang Theory” was introduced by physicists Ralph Alpher and George Gamow. That is too lofty a topic for this humble meme, so instead we’ll just ask: Do you watch the TV show of the same name?
no, i don’t, though i keep seeing that answer pop up in others’ meme answers! 🙂 i’d have to wait for it to get to netflix streaming though.

7) Sam Winters just broke her right thumbnail. While she won’t go so far as saying it has her singing the blues, she must admit it bugs her. What little annoyances are you dealing with today?
just little comments here and there from parents or colleagues. i don’t forget the hurtful things they say; it’s like little bruises–you kinda forget about them most times but there are those times you see them and then have to press on them and get that hurt feeling. well, at least i do that to bruises, haha. the big thing right now is a huge observation we have coming up this week, so i know i have to get the room cleaned. i will be there all weekend trying to clean up. luckily, i’ve had offers of help. but i know that cleaning will annoy me because i will see things i just want to throw away but know that i can’t. i would also be so overwhelmed because it will look like i’ll never be able to finish.

8) The house next door to Sam’s has a FOR SALE on the lawn. Are you contemplating a move?
not right at this moment. i think about it for work but i’m kinda committed at least for this next year.

9) What’s your search engine of choice: Google, Bing, Yahoo or Ask?


  1. Good luck with the big observation!

  2. Dogs totally count for me 🙂

  3. Absolutely Dogs count in the family counts! And isn’t House a scream? It’s such bad medicine and I wouldn’t want to be one of his “test subject” patients. hehe

    • PS. Big Bang was on Netflix. Maybe it’s still there?

  4. Working with six year olds, you must hear some whoppers!

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