Posted by: malia | April 26, 2014

three on thursday

yay for a new meme!

Three on Thursday

1.–What is one things you would like us to know about you?
i tend to be a very private person in person yet when i write, it all comes out. i think i communicate better in writing than face-to-face.

2.–What is your favorite color and why?
i love the color blue–the color of the ocean, the sky (which are related, i guess). it’s also one of the colors of my alma mater, but that’s just a coincidence, although sometimes i do have to agree that i “bleed blue” (and white). i just think it’s a nice, cool color–not loud and flashy, but calming, like the ocean on a peaceful, sunny day.

3.–Do you follow/believe in Horoscopes? What is your sign?
i used to read my horoscopes a lot, but more for the laughs. i didn’t really believe it or follow it like if it said i should invest because today is a great day for that–i didn’t do that. i just looked them up in the daily paper and read them and smiled at what it said. although i will say that i do have some of the characteristics of a libra, being indecisive and wanting things to be fair, but i have characteristics of other signs as well. it’s just fun to read sometimes to see “what the stars have to tell” me. 😛

thanks for a new weekly meme!


  1. thanks for linking up! i like your approach about signs

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