Posted by: malia | April 20, 2014

Sunday stealing: the Easter meme

aww I miss tense teacher.

The Easter Meme

From the now-defunct blog of Tense Teacher (the link is dead).

What are your Easter traditions?
they really haven’t carried over into adulthood. I think the one thing that was consistent was going to grandma’s go Easter dinner but since her passing we have not gotten together at all, so there went the last remaining tradition. 😦

Do you hard boil and decorate eggs?
I don’t usually but sometimes my niece will ask me to help draw on some of her eggs before she dyes them. like last year she wanted angry bird eggs. this year they didn’t invite us to dye eggs so again a tradition gone.

How do you decorate your home for Easter?
no decorations.

Do you make/buy special outfits for yourself and your kids on Easter?

What is your favorite Easter dish?
I didn’t know there were Easter dishes?

When did you learn the truth about the Easter Bunny?
I’m not sure.

Do you spend Easter at home, on vacation, or with family?
used to be with family but now it’s just at home.

First one up on Easter morning?
usually me.

How many Easter egg hunts does your family usually participate in?
we used to do one as a family then go to grandma’s and have another with all the cousins. but again we haven’t in a while. this is getting depressing.

Do you make deviled eggs out of leftover Easter eggs?
no. I like hard-boiled eggs plain. sometimes I’ll make egg salad sandwiches, though, but it’s not often.

Are you tired of eggs by the end of the Easter Season?
no. I like eggs and eat them often.

Are Peeps good or gross?
they’re kinda gross. so sugary.

What company makes the best chocolate for Easter time?
I really don’t know. not really a chocolate egg/bunny fan. I used to love malted eggs but haven’t had those in a while. don’t know who makes them. whoppers?

Lots of candy or not?
no, not a lot. I don’t really eat candy an neither does the son.

What is your favorite Easter candy?
I guess those malted eggs I talked about earlier.

Do you find plastic Easter grass hidden in places for months after Easter is over?
I used to. irritating!

What’s your favorite color for fake grass?
the turquoisey blue one. looks like water.



  1. My Easter traditions have changed since my grandmother passed away, too. She always hosted a fabulous feast.

    • Aww. Yeah. I think my grandma was the only reason that the family would get together every holiday. Now with her gone, no one ever gets together any more. I think we’re also at that stage where all the kids have grown up and there’s that little gap where there are no new ones so it just seems like there’s no reason to get together any more. Sad.

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