Posted by: malia | April 18, 2014

friday 5: attention

from here.

What were the circumstances surrounding your last reception of unwanted attention from strangers?
last weekend i was at a workshop and there was a game where you had to rush around and get answers from other people and they had to sign your paper, and the goal was to fill up your whole paper. i had surgery earlier in the week, and it was still a bit painful to walk, so i was kinda nervous of having to do this, but my colleague sitting next to me said she’d take my paper and get it filled for me–i should just sit and relax. i began to protest, but knowing how competitive some people are and that it might get a little pushy, i decided i better not chance it, and i gave her my paper to get filled out while i sat. well, that made me a target for all the glares and funny looks of people passing by me in a rush to get things signed. although no one asked me directly, a lot of their faces shot me a look like “why are you so high and mighty that you don’t have to participate in this?” which was not me, at all, but it made me feel really bad. i almost wanted to pull my shirt up and show them my bandages. 😦

How do you feel about being flirted with?
i don’t know. no one has ever flirted with me. i guess it could be nice, but it could also be creepy, especially if the guy is way older or way younger than you. that’s all speculation, though.

Whose attention would you like a little more of?
my boss. nothing i do is noteworthy. it’s like i’m invisible.

How’s your attention span?
it’s pretty good.

Who in your life seems to crave the most attention?
oh i can think of several people. 😛


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