Posted by: malia | April 6, 2014

sunday stealing: for old time’s sake

The For Old Times’ Sake Meme

When was the last time you swam in a pool?
several years ago, when my son was still taking swimming lessons. we’d stay for free swim afterwards, and i’d help him practice in the pool.

Do you like to party?

Describe the shirt you’re wearing?
an oversized tank top that’s bright green. i don’t like the color, but it was only $4!

What is one feature film that you don’t like?
i don’t watch many, so it’s probably easier to find one that i didn’t see.

Would people describe you as happy?
i got that a lot when i was younger, but now? hmm. i don’t know.

Sleep with or without clothes on?

Does it bother you if people swear around you?

Do you prefer Wednesdays or Thursdays?
gosh. wednesdays are nice because they’re shorter days but thursdays are that much closer to fridays…

Like to travel?

Think you’re attractive?

Are or were you a good student?
i was.

Are you currently happy?

Colored or black-and-white photo?
i guess it doesn’t really matter? whatever looks nice.

Do you consider yourself the life of the party?

Do you drink?

Do you make fun of people?

Do you think dreams eventually come true?

Favorite fictional character?
gosh, i don’t know. i’d have to think about that one.

Go to the movies or rent?
i don’t go to the movies or rent, unless you count netflix streaming. but even then, i don’t watch movies on it. 😛

Have you ever moved?
yes, i have.

Have you ever stolen anything?
i took some crayons from my uncle’s box of crayons. i felt awful.

How’s the weather right now?
um. i think it’s okay? kinda warm.

Last time you cut your hair?
i think 4 years ago? yes, i’m long overdue. this summer.

Last person you talked to on the phone?
it was a colleague. she just sent me a response to my email: “Call me.” i was worried because all i had asked was a simple either-or question. but when i called, she just wanted to find out more info and was saying she started to type a response to my email but was going all over the place and thought it would be easier if she could just respond orally. i forget some people are like that.

Last time you showered?
a little while ago.

Loud or soft music?
right now, soft. it’s nearly 2 am.

McDonalds or Burger King?
burger king. flame broiled!

Night or day?
nights. i enjoy sleeping.

Number of pillows?
i have about 6, i think, including one body pillow.

Piano or guitar?
ooooh tough. hmm. maybe guitar.

Current longing?
to be young again.

Current disappointment?
i’m never going to be young again.

Current annoyance?

Last thing you ate?
some steamed veggies.

Last thing you bought?
a bottled water.

Pick a lyric, any lyric or a song…
“maybe it’s the way she walked / straight into my heart and stole it /
through the gates and past the guards / just like she already owned it /
i said can you give it back to me? /
she said never in your wildest dreams…”

sorry, that song’s stuck in my head.

Pick a movie quote…
“aca-scuse me?”


  1. Ah, we all get older. It kind of sucks. I hope you age better than I have.

  2. I have a feeling that this meme was originally written before Netflix came along.

  3. To be young again….I’m looking at 50 this year and it would be nice to go back again and redo it knowing at least some of the answers. lol

  4. I have moments when people are my greatest annoyances, too.

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