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saturday 9: can’t buy me love

Saturday 9: Can’t Buy Me Love (1964)

50 years ago this week, The Beatles made history with this song. They became the first and only act in history to hold all 5 of the top slots in the Billboard Hot 100.

1) In this song, Beatle Paul offers to buy his girl a diamond ring. Do you wear rings?
the last part of my junior year of high school and all the way through college, i wore my class ring on my right hand. through various engagements, i had a ring on my left hand. but other than that, i don’t normally wear rings, although i do wear rubber bands around my fingers.

2) This song was written by boyhood friends John Lennon and Paul McCartney, who went on to become the most successful songwriters of the 20th century. Tell us about your best friend from “the old neighborhood.” Do you know where he or she is today?
i really don’t know what happened to her. i know i looked on facebook once but i didn’t find her. she lived in the same building as i did, and we were in the same class at school. i think her mom still lives in that building, as my mom told me that she bumped into her one day. but i don’t know what became of her. i didn’t see her much after we moved from that building, and a year later, i went to a different school.

3) The Ed Sullivan Theater, where the Beatles first performed to a mass American audience, is now the home of The Late Show with David Letterman. Do you have a favorite late night talk show?
not really. when i had a working tv all those years ago, i’d fall asleep to the tonight show (leno) and sometimes late night (o’brien), if i couldn’t sleep, and then to whatever show was after that (used to be like entertainment tonight or access hollywood, then i think it was carson daly?) and the informercials after that. i had to have some sort of noise on in the background while i was falling asleep, so the tv was my way to have that noise. but my tv went on the fritz, so i didn’t watch those any more. then, about a couple of years later, i was introduced to the late late show (ferguson) and man, i fell in love with him. not only because of his accent and his lovely blue eyes, but because of his wittiness and spontaneity, the way he sometimes cracks himself up, and especially the way he would come up and touch the camera, while looking in at it–kinda like he was reaching in and tapping me on the shoulder or stroking my cheek or something–heehee. he cusses a bit more than i like, but i really liked how he never really stuck to a script–it was just like he was having a conversation with you, not reading off the cue cards. i would watch him on youtube, mostly only his cold opens and monologues, and even the email/twitter section, more than his interviews. then, i don’t know…i think i got kinda tired of some of the schticks on the show (i can’t stand the robot). so now i only watch the interviews, and only if it’s someone i wanted to see/hear, unlike before, when i used to watch all, even if i had no idea who the person was. 😛 so now i don’t really watch anyone.

4) In 1964, when this song became #1, one of top TV shows was My Favorite Martian. Do you believe in life on other planets?
i don’t know–there just has to be, right? how come we’re the only ones in this whole great big universe? out of everything out there, we’re the only one with the exact right conditions to host life? i don’t know.

5) In those days, homes had rotary dial phones, often affixed to the wall, with the receiver always tethered by a curly cord. Does your home still have a landline phone?
yes. i give that number to companies and people i don’t really want to talk to because i have no voicemail on that phone 😛 i also make calls off that phone because 1) it’s unlisted, so especially when i have to call people for work, i use that so they don’t call me back off-hours and 2) i don’t have the best cell reception in the house, so to avoid having to repeat myself because i get cut off, i use the landline.

6) 1964 was the year GI Joe first appeared on toy shelves. Tell us about one of your favorite childhood toys.
i had a raggedy ann doll that i carried with me *everywhere.* it was a gift from my cousins, and i loved it. it turned a lovely shade of brown, i had carried it around so much! hahaha! and i didn’t know until years later that there was supposed to be a little candy? wooden? heart in the doll. i hadn’t had the doll any more though to verify it. in fact, i don’t know what happened to my doll. i guess it got thrown out, because, yeah, i admit it got a bit grody. you could tell it was well-loved. 🙂

7) Ringo was the first Beatle to become a grandfather. His granddaughter, Tatia, is now a rock musician. If you were to follow your grandfather into his chosen profession, what would you be doing now?
my paternal grandpa was a bus driver for the city’s bus service. i’m not sure what my mom’s dad did, though. hmm. he passed away a few years before i was born, so i don’t really know him. i do know he was a great diver, and had qualified for the olympics, but then world war ii happened, canceling the olympics he was supposed to be a part of. i don’t know what he did as a career, though.

8) Paul McCartney admits he enjoys watching MasterChef. What show do you go out of your way to catch?
none right now. over the years, it would be like dwts, lost, gilmore girls…i guess a bit more recent would be ferguson, as i mentioned earlier. but nothing now.

9) The paparazzi has often caught Paul pedaling a bike around Martha’s Vineyard. What’s your favorite form of exercise?
dance. i was always in some sort of dance class since i was little. and up until my recent health thing, i would get my exercise from dance, most recently zumba, which i would do almost every day. i hope that after this health thing is taken care of, i’ll be able to resume that. not only is it fun, it helps with the stress, too. 🙂


  1. I feel sorry for your grandfather. I mean, imagine making the Olympic team and then having the games cancelled! Heartbreaking.

    • yeah, all that training he must’ve had to do…for nothing. well, not for nothing, but you know, not for a medal. i never thought about that. that is heartbreaking!

  2. Raggedy-ann dolls…….I loved them! My brothers were usually cruel to all my dolls – but raggedy got away with it!

    • same here–my three cousins who gave it to me were boys (i was the only girl at the time) and they did awful things to all my dolls but spared the raggedy ann because they gave her to me! heehee!

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