Posted by: malia | March 29, 2014

friday 5: contained

from here.

What’s something you’re keeping in a shoebox?
if it’s the plastic shoe box containers, then a lot of things! all my craft supplies are organized in those shoe box containers. if it’s the regular cardboard shoe box, then…well, i don’t have any. i tend to buy footwear that’s joined by a plastic thingie and then hung on a hook. my son uses his shoe boxes to make habitats.

What’s something you’re storing in a plastic container that some food item was purchased in?
other plastic containers? i stack them all up and have them at work, actually, for art.

What’s a non-food item you’re storing in a zippered plastic bag?
more craft stuff. i also have one with an 18-inch braided ponytail that i was going to donate, but i still have it.

What originally came in some of the now-empty boxes you’re hanging onto?
computer stuff. i’m afraid to throw them away in case i need to take it back. i actually just got rid of a whole bunch last summer because i couldn’t return those things anyway, i’ve had the equipment for too long.

What’s something you own that came in really cool packaging?
hmm. not sure. it might have been some software or something. they sometimes have cool packaging.


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