Posted by: malia | March 15, 2014

friday 5: breath

from here.

What are your weapons in the fight against bad breath?
brushing teeth? i also carry around those little breath strips in case i had something garlicky or oniony and just want to feel fresher.

What activity most recently caused you to be out of breath?
there are sooooo many steps at my son’s school. i wasn’t early enough to get a parking stall up top so i had to park at a lower lot and climb the stairs. i was out of breath by the time i got to the top lot.

How does your breath smell right now?
that’s a tough thing to smell, your own breath. i’m guessing it’s okay.

What are some songs in your iTunes (or other media player) whose titles contain the word “breath” or “breathe?” Which is your favorite?
i have “breathless” by taylor swift, although i don’t know the song–it was on the hope for haiti soundtrack i bought, but i haven’t listened to that particular song yet. i also have two versions of “every breath you take,” one from the police and one reggaeish version from ub40, from an adam sandler movie. and i have “lose your breath” by destiny’s child, which i have because my niece wanted it in a video i made for her. my favorite is definitely the police’s version of “every breath you take.” definitely. makes me a little sad but i love that song. especially when it goes into the -ace rhymes in the bridge? whatever that portion is called. and i love the bass.

What was the last thing you cleaned using condensation from your breath?
i don’t know that i’ve ever done that? i’ve wet my fingers with saliva to clean stuff (that sounds totally gross now that i think about it) but i don’t think i’ve ever blown on something to shine it.


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