Posted by: malia | March 8, 2014

saturday 9: theme from peyton place

Saturday 9: Theme from Peyton Place (“Wonderful Season of Love”)

1) Spring, summer, fall or winter: which season do you consider most wonderful?
summer. 🙂 i never did until i started work. i always preferred fall. but now fall brings shivers down my spine.

2) Crazy Sam learned this song when she played flute in the high school orchestra. Did you participate in many after-school activities?
yes. in elementary school, my mom signed us up for the local rec center’s after school classes, which included cooking, arts and crafts, sewing, hula, ‘ukulele, and games. in high school, my after school time was usually taken up by hula or leadership things. i was also in the orchestra; i played the violin.

3) The flautist next to her in the orchestra was Jeanne Pepitone. After a little Facebook spying, Sam learned that Jeanne is now Jeanne Moran, a nurse with a husband and a daughter. Sam shot her a “friend request.” Do you keep up with your high school classmates?
some of them. i see some of my classmates around; quite a few of them are in the same profession as i am. others i have seen around my neighborhood or at my son’s school (he goes to the same school i did). i am Facebook friends with a bunch of them, but really only the ones i was close with. i don’t friend anyone just because i knew them from high school. i only am friends with the ones i want to keep up with, who were my good friends, but now live elsewhere, and i don’t get to see them as often.

4) When she performed with the school orchestra, Sam was required to wear gray slacks and a black sweater. What are you wearing right now, as you answer these questions?
we were given a blue and white material and had to have a dress made from that. the boys needed to have that blue and white material made as a collared aloha shirt, and then had to wear that with white slacks and a blue sash around the waist. it was kind of nice because you could choose the style of your dress, but i know it was hard for people to find dressmakers. i was lucky my mom knew how to sew. the only thing was the dress style i chose was a big snug under the arms, which is not good when you’re a violin player! 😛 i didn’t think of that when i chose my dress style. but i still have that dress hanging in my closet. 🙂 although i can’t fit it, i decided to keep it because of all the memories of orchestra i have with that dress. well, all of that doesn’t answer the question, does it? i guess because it’s boring–i am just wearing an oversized tank top that i sleep in. i got it from the men’s section, and although it’s big, it’s very comfy. and it was only $4! i got a few in different colors. 🙂

5) Sam was especially dedicated to the school orchestra because she had a crush on Mr. Hanley, the school’s musical director. He was the dark/thin/sensitive type. Tell us about a teacher you remember, and why he or she stands out.
hmm. a lot of my teachers stand out. but i will tell you of the one i had a crush on, as well. he was my tenth grade social studies teacher, and he had the most lovely blue eyes. really bright, bright blue eyes. every now and then as part of a lesson or a special occasion, he’d dress up in his naval uniform where it was a bit snug on him, but you could see all the medals and stuff he had. it also seemed to bring out his eyes even more. there was a rumor too that he was incredibly rich–lots of family money–yet he still came to work as a teacher. i think the only thing you could really tell that he was rich was from his car–a porsche that had his last name on the vanity plates. but otherwise, you really couldn’t tell, just looking at him as a teacher in class. well, maybe people could tell from clothes–i don’t know that stuff–but to me he just looked normal, and he didn’t talk like he was all affluent and everything. he seemed normal. anyway. i loved his eyes. 🙂

6) Because Sam was so crazy about Mr. Hanley, she was desperate to attend his band camp. Her parents wouldn’t allow it unless she could pay her own way, and so she didn’t get to go. Were your parents strict or permissive? If you have children yourself, what’s your parenting style?
my parents were pretty strict. i was very sheltered; i wasn’t allowed to go out much. there was no answering back from any of us, or we’d get it. just from getting in the way, we’d get it! it was a different time, then. as for me, i think i’m pretty much the same, but maybe not as physical. i have my expectations, and my son knows them. a lot of it is talking, explaining, rationalizing behavior, making him understand why one doesn’t do certain things or why one should do something. i have spanked here and there, but not because i’m angry–just to show him that hey, that’s dangerous. don’t do that. it was really only when he was very little and i wanted to stop him from doing something. now, he just gets the lectures. 🙂 my sister has gone the opposite–she’s very permissive (and her husband is even worse–his daughters can do no wrong) but that’s why i think that her children are kinda wild. my son’s pretty well-behaved. at least, that’s what others always tell me, especially when we’d be at dinners and other kids his age and older would be running around and making all these noises and bothering others, while my son would be sitting quietly at the table, minding his manners. 😛

7) Sam liked Fridays because her favorite food, fried rice, was served in the school cafeteria. When you eat Chinese food, do you use chopsticks or a fork?
i use a fork. i don’t know how to use chopsticks.

8) When Sam was a little girl, a new box of Crayolas could get her pulse racing. Now she loves her Sharpies. Do you enjoy shopping for school/office supplies?
oh, i loooooooove shopping for office supplies. you don’t even know!!!

9) Do you have any plush toys? Or did you give them all up when you left childhood?
i still have a few. and those are ones that i own, not my son. 🙂 most of my son’s are now at work. the kids love them so they still get a lot of use.



  1. Your crush sounds dreamy. I got kind of dreamy reading about it. Blue eyes.

    • haha yeah. *sigh* how i looked forward to history class, even though i hated history. those eyes were just lovely!

  2. Your oversized tank tops sound like a good fit and a smart investment.

    • it was a good deal! they’re really comfy, too, and appreciated on steamy nights!

  3. Our daughters remember their dad’s lectures so well! They just went on and on. After they were all grown up, they say they wished he’d just slapped them, said don’t do that again, and got it over with! lol

    • hahaha! i don’t doubt my son feels the same way. he probably is good so he *doesn’t* have to sit through another of my lectures! haha!

  4. As I age, I start to appreciate summer more and more….

    • yes, me too. *sigh*

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