Posted by: malia | March 8, 2014

friday 5: in your ear

from here.

What is a most pleasant sound to wake up hearing?
nothingness. that means i didn’t need an alarm to wake me up, i just woke up on my own. 🙂

What is a most pleasant sound to fall asleep hearing?
i always fall asleep to something on the radio or netflix. i need that busy noise in the background. i don’t know that it’s pleasant, but i need a noise. i guess a contented sigh is always a nice sound to hear as you’re drifting off to sleep.

What’s a more annoying sound: car alarms or leaf-blowers?
i guess i don’t find either annoying. i’m just perplexed at why people use leaf-blowers. they just blow the leaves around, but not like in one place where they can later rake them up and throw them away. it’s just to blow them around. that’s what wind is for? i just always wonder why people use them. i think sometimes when car alarms go on forever they can get a bit annoying, but, in general, they’re just regular, everyday sounds, i think. definitely not the most annoying thing i’ve ever heard.

What’s a sound most people seem to like but you hate?
newborn puppies & kittens whimpering. i think most people think aww so cute. i find it incredibly unsettling. i have been watching this series where they show a lot of newborn puppies and kittens and watch as they grow up, and that’s the thing i noticed the most–all that whimpering. that would drive me crazy but everyone else seems to think aww, cute.

What’s a sound most people seem to hate but you like?
well, i don’t know that most people don’t like the sound but i like the sound of clicks and whirs of the computer, of keys being pushed, of mice being clicked. i don’t know why. i just like those sounds. i know some people don’t, but for me, it makes me happy.

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