Posted by: malia | February 25, 2014

10 things tuesday

since transfer period is coming up on friday, and i haven’t heard back from the boss if my request is granted, i’ll be perusing the listings. so…reasons i want to transfer.

  1. my co-workers don’t have any respect for me. they talk over me, disregard what i say, and ignore my requests.
  2. things have gone missing from my room. i’m responsible, but if i’m not there, that’s not all entirely fair when i have people just walking in like they own it.
  3. there’s a terror of a parent coming up next year. 😮
  4. some of the parents are driving me nuts.
  5. so many demands. and not enough support.
  6. recognition from higher ups.
  7. closer to home? depends, but that’s where i’ll be looking. not that i won’t accept one that’s farther away, like my alma mater.
  8. i need a district where my salary won’t be dependent upon parents who don’t value education.
  9. i feel like i hold my co-workers back. they’ll be better off without me.
  10. the possibility of finding new friends.

my reasons not to transfer is very short. just one thing: THE KIDS.


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