Posted by: malia | February 16, 2014

sunday stealing: books meme

Book Survey!

1:Favorite children’s book
the monster at the end of the book

2:The last book you’ve read
the cornerstone

3:Books on your “to read” list
more of the same. i’ll probably try and get a katie wood ray book in since she is the guest speaker at my workshop next weekend.

4:Top 5 authors
oh gosh! i really don’t know.

5:Favorite genres
i like humor. i like books that make you think, or have like some sort of twist. i also read a lot of professional books, although i wouldn’t say it’s my favorite…but that’s what one would think, looking at the books i do read. and i guess, in a way, it is, because it is my hope that it will make me better.

6:A book that has made you extremely mad
oh gosh. hmm. i can’t think of one…unless it’s something like how i read about injustice to animals or the environment.

7:A book that you’ve cried over
so, so, so many. in fact, a colleague suggested one to me, and was going to lend it to me to read, but as she was describing what it was about, i started tearing up! she apologized, but said it made her cry, too. she hasn’t brought me the book yet! i do cry over a bunch of books i read to the kids. sophie was the most recent example.

8:A book that made you laugh out loud
there have been a few to make me giggle, but i don’t know if i’ve ever laughed out loud? i’ve got to think about that.

9:Fiction or nonfiction?
i adore fiction, but i love nonfiction, too. i love learning.

10:First book you’ve read by your favorite author
i guess i’d have to choose a favorite author first.

11:Best book-to-movie adaption
i don’t watch very many movies, much less any that were books first. i think the only two i read first before seeing the movie was charlie and the chocolate factory (which was very different from the movie) and mrs. frisby and the rats of nimh, although i don’t remember the movie very well, i think it was similar. her name was mrs. brisby in the movie, though.

12:Do you read comics/manga?
no, although i did when i was younger–i was really into the archie comics.

13:Hardcovers or Paperbacks?
i like paperbacks.

14:Do you buy books as soon as they come out or wait a while?
i wait a while.

15:Do you buy books spontaneously without any prior knowledge of what happens in it?
sometimes. but mostly, i like to know what it’s about. at least, how it ends.

16:Have you ever bought a book based on the cover alone?
no, i don’t think so.

17:Where do you usually buy your books?
it used to be borders. 😦 i was so sad when they closed down. now it’s from amazon.

18:Book that had a strong impact on you
i guess that would be most of the professional books i read.

19:Historical or science fiction?
science fiction.

20:Dystopian or Utopian?
utopian. my son is so into the dystopian books. i don’t get that.

21:Worst book-to-move adaption?
well, seeing as i only remember two of them, i guess it would be willy wonka and the chocolate factory.

22:Book that should have a movie adaption?
hmm. i’m not sure.

23:The first book you’ve fallen in love with
oh gosh. i don’t remember.

24:Humor or angst?

25:How many books do you own?
2 overflowing shelves worth. and if you count my son’s (after all, i did buy them…), add another 3 shelves worth. then there’s all the books in my workplace, which is … geez. i’d say in the hundreds. and then there’s the ones i used to own–there are a lot that i donated to the library and schools, and to big brothers. so counting all that…a lot. 😮

26:Do you go the library?
yes! not as often as i used to, as my son reads longer books now that take him a while to get through. we used to go every single wednesday. that’s a tradition carried down from my mom, who would take my sisters and me to the library after school, every wednesday, since it was a short day at school. we’d stay there for over an hour, gathering books, and then walk home with our jal bags filled with them. i’d borrow like 10, 15 of them! we were always so thrilled to get home, each plopping on their beds with their bags of books, and instantly getting into them. then the next week, we’d walk back and return them, and get more. sigh. i really miss that. my sister doesn’t do that with her kids, but it’s something i wanted to make sure i did for my son, because i just remember looking forward to wednesdays so i could get more books, and i wanted him to feel that same tingly excitement i did when i would get more books. but i guess it was easier for us back then–the library was in walking distance. and honestly, the library is in walking distance to me, now, but it would take me over an hour to get there, i think, so it’s easier for me just to drive. my sister would have quite a drive to her local library, but she makes up with it more by buying her kids books from the book orders. oh! book orders! that’s another great memory. that’s another great tingly feeling, when you’d see the boxes delivered to your classroom and know that you were going to get new books! my mom always let us buy from every book order, and it’s something my sister does for her kids, and gosh, i still always do, even if my son won’t read them any more–they’re good to keep in the class! i still get all excited when i see the boxes delivered! haha! 😛

27:How many books do you read a year?
a lot more than one would think, since i do many read alouds. it may not be many adult books that i read, but i do read tons of kids’ books, at least 4 a day.

28:Favorite “required reading” book?
i really like reading with meaning. it’s my bible.

29:Favorite quote?
gosh, i don’t do well with quotes. i actually have a whole book of quotes somewhere, but i never remember them.

30:A book you absolutely hate
hmm. i can’t think of any.


  1. Oh yes–those school book orders! I wrote a post about that very thing awhile ago–here’s the link if you’re interested–

    • Thanks! I did read it, and I swear, it was like something I would’ve written! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Books in my bedroom pile are close to the right height to kill me in a quake.

    • haha! I didn’t think about that! That would probably do me in, too! Yikes!

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