Posted by: malia | January 12, 2014

friday 5 for january 10: ritual de lo habitual

from here.

What’s a bad habit you’d like to get rid of?
i used to think it was procrastination but i actually know someone who is really, really bad. still, that would be something i guess i would like to get rid of, and that i am constantly trying to work on. it would make life so much easier.

What’s a good habit that’s taken you really long to establish?
i don’t know that i have any good habits.

What’s a good habit that doesn’t take much effort but others seem to envy?
again, i don’t know that i have any. no one envies me for anything.

What kind of unusual rituals do you go through in daily life?
i don’t think mine are that unusual. i always do things in rounds, from leaving in the morning to setting up work to leaving at the end of the day. they are all pretty typical.

What’s the weirdest ritual you’ve heard of in others?
i know one that is really weird but i don’t think i could say it. i think most others i know were weird at first but now i just realize it’s part of their quirky personalities.

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