Posted by: malia | December 27, 2013

friday 5 for december 27: reflection

from here.

all right, redoing this as i did it wrong and didn’t realize the links were in the original post.

This year’s Google Zeitgeist video has been posted, and its annual accompanying charts. What on these lists surprises you or impresses you in some way?
i don’t think anything really surprised me. it was kinda sad to watch that, though. so, thanks. i needed more sadness in my life. :/

What is your reaction to this year’s Rolling Stone top 50 albums of 2013 or top 50 tracks of 2013 list?
i guess my original answer was okay–i didn’t know most of them. like on the top 50 tracks, i only knew #18 and that’s because i had to use that song for a video i was making. but the other 49? no idea. there were albums from people i’ve recognized, but none that i’ve heard. i was pretty pleased to see paul mccartney at #4, though.

Anything good in the Top Pins of 2013?
some of those recipes and party ideas looked good. and, of course, i’m interested in the education ones.

What thoughts does Flickr’s Best Shots of 2013 inspire?
thoughts of depression and sadness.

What are the five most positive things you have to say about 2013?
it’s been hard for me to think positively lately. other things are clouding my mind that i can’t reflect properly to the beginning of 2013.


  1. There are links to the stuff referenced in 1 through 4. Just in case you missed that. 🙂

    • oops. sorry.

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