Posted by: malia | December 21, 2013

friday 5 for december 20: pages

from here.

What book’s pages seemed to fly by as you read them?
because a vast majority of my reading right now is professional stuff, they don’t really fly by. and if they do, then i go back and reread what i miss (i tend to do that often) so it takes me forever to read just a chapter. however, i can read debbie miller’s books easily–she has a way of writing that makes her seem like a friend and just chatting with you yet teaching at the same time. but i do reread often with her books too because i get lost in the conversation that i need to go back and really get it into my head.

What’s a book you were pretty sure you would dislike but turned out to be great?
hmm. i don’t think i would read a book that i would be pretty sure i wouldn’t like. things usually have to be strongly recommended for me to put aside my professional reading to read something else.

What book’s main character would you fall in love with if you knew him or her in real life, and why?
i can’t think of one now since most of the things i remember all had to do with children.

Who’s the author you’ve read the most books by?
well if you count all the way back to childhood–donald j sobol or betty macdonald. right now, because of the author studies i do, i’ve read more than 20 each from mem fox, robert munsch, and dr. seuss, which would be more than the sobol and macdonald books i read as a child.

What’s a really long book you enjoyed?
i really enjoyed wuthering heights though i can’t remember if it was especially long. maybe the book i’m imagining in my head was war and peace.

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