Posted by: malia | November 30, 2013

friday 5 for november

november 1: feeling lucky

How do you like to be treated when you’re feeling really sick?

What’s something you do when you’re really sick that doesn’t make any sense or defies conventional wisdom?
i don’t know? i just sleep a lot.

When was the last time you were out of commission for an extended time?
a couple of months ago.

What’s the most unusual diagnosis you’ve had for an illness, if you don’t mind my asking?
i don’t think i’ve had anything unusual.

When you feel you’re about to come down with something awful, what steps do you take to beat it back?
zicam cold remedy has nipped a few colds in the bud. also, i sleep a lot.

november 8: broken

What’s the story behind your most recent broken dish?
i don’t think i’ve broken a dish.

What’s the story behind your most recent broken promise?
i forgot.

When did you last cause a room of people to break out into laughter?

What’s something you should probably put the brakes on?
my car needs new brakes, i think.

When were you last out of doors at the break of dawn?
almost every morning in the winter time.

november 15: signs

Who is the most unyielding person you know?
probably me.

Where did you last experience an unexpected soft shoulder?
i don’t know what this means.

What’s something you wish would just stop?
people being mean and rude.

What’s a recent decision you wish you could make a U-turn on?
being in charge of our report.

What mundane task do you think most people do the wrong way?
any way is probably better than how i do it.

november 22: boring

What’s the most boring television show?
i don’t watch tv. but apparently it’s anything i would’ve been on.

What’s a really boring movie?
i can’t remember.

Whose music is really boring?
i don’t know of boring music.

What used to be interesting but is now boring?
i used to really be into match 3 games long, long ago. now (well, for several years now) i’m bored by them, even though people love them, like bejeweled and candy crush. same goes for hidden object games.

Who’s the most boring person you know?

november 29: white

What’s the best white food?
vanilla ice cream.

What’s your favorite white article of clothing?
i don’t believe i own anything white.

What are your thoughts on telling little white lies?
it’s okay if it’ll spare someone’s ‘feelings.

What’s an impressive white animal?
my morgesborg.

What are some songs in your iTunes (or other media player) whose title contains the word white?
okay, cut and paste job because the title was so long:
“Christmas Medley: In notte placida – Tu scendi dalle stelle – O Tannenbaum – Splende una stella – Adeste fideles – Jingle bells – Silent Night – White Christmas”
also, “black and white” and “white pebbles.”



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