Posted by: malia | November 24, 2013

friday 5 for august 9: what’s it like?

from here.

What’s the outgoing message on your voicemail like?
it’s the standard one. i don’t like the sound of my voice so i wouldn’t make my own voicemail recording and subject others to listen to it! when we were growing up though, our outgoing message was “hello goodbye” 😛 my dad and his sense of humor.

What’s the wallpaper on your computer like?
it changes every hour, and is pulled from my photos file. my work one though has just the generic blue background. i don’t want to personalize it in anyway since it’s not mine and can be confiscated at any time so i dare not put anything non-work related on there, nor do i use it for anything other than work.

What’s stuck to your fridge door?
lots of magnets!

What’s your daily organizer like?
it’s pretty sparse? i don’t write many things down.

What’s the signature on your personal emails like?
i don’t do signatures. 😛


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