Posted by: malia | November 15, 2013

friday 5 for june 7: in retrospect

from here.

  1. What seemed like a good fashion choice once upon a time but now seems kind of dumb?
    hmm. i don’t know. i think a lot of ’80s fashion must now be thought of as dumb, but i still like it, like wearing leggings under skirts, or having big, loose tops that sometimes fall off your shoulder. maybe not as colorful, though, i don’t really like the neonness of the time…oh, and i don’t really care for the squareish shoulder pad thing that was going on back then, either. so maybe those things. and i don’t think i’d ever wear the big bows in the hair, with the tons of necklaces and rubber bracelets, though i remember wearing those back then, too. i think i’d still wear a banana clip, though. 🙂 i kinda miss those. i also never got into the grunge look, or even more recently, the low jeans with a cropped top that exposes your midriff. i’m just more comfortable (and i guess a bit more modest) in the ’80s wear. i was a true child of the ’80s. 🙂
  2. If you knew then what you know now, what might you not have put in your mouth?
    dental surgery items. bleah.
  3. Now that he or she has been a great friend for a while, your initial uncertainty about whom seems silly?
    well, this doesn’t speak well about me, but my buddy from a couple years ago was new to our workplace and my first impression of her was not very good as i thought she tried too hard and interrupted too much. i was irritated with her every time she opened her mouth–i felt like she should just sit back and observe first, then she would know what to do instead of trying to give input every step of the way when she didn’t know what was going on. i only saw her a few times that year as we were on the same committee, and we didn’t meet that often. but the next year, she was assigned to work with me, and i learned that she was a hard worker and really cared, and i realized her butting in all the time was because she wants to help out in any way that she can. and i found out she was only really like that in a whole group, because she wants to be involved. when it was just me and her, she was a great listener; she never interrupted me but would listen and was very comforting. i also listened whenever she had problems–i don’t know that i was comforting, but i listened. 🙂 by mid-year, we had a strong bond, especially since our outside-of-work-life was pretty similar, and fridays were always our days where we would just meet together and just vent about everything. i really miss those fridays now. 😥 it was nice to just sit and have someone listen, be there for you. i miss her terribly since she moved away two years ago, especially because she left when there seemed to be some sort of tide turning, a shift in power…something…that has led to meetings being miserable and barbs being traded for no apparent reason (well, not really traded, i guess…it is pretty one-sided). gosh i’m so terrible with cliches. heehee. anyway, yeah. she irritated me at first, but we really formed a strong bond and she was my biggest support until she moved away. 😥
  4. Somebody should have warned you never to go where?
    well. actually, i was warned, but i still went anyway, thinking i could handle it. *sigh* last time i’ll ever be confident about myself or my abilities.
  5. Who now seems to have been right whenever you were wrong?
    it’s probably an answer that is true for a lot of people, but i guess my parents. they really did know what was best, especially as i go through being a parent.

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