Posted by: malia | November 14, 2013

friday 5 for may 31: ding

from here.

When is *ding* a most welcome sound?
when it’s signalling the end of the day. especially when it’s the last one for a while.

When is *ding* a most unwelcome sound?
when my alarm goes off after i only slept for 45 minutes.

If a *ding* could be heard only by you to warn you about something in social situations, what might that *ding* alert you to, and how many times do you think you’d have heard it this week?
i need one to let me know if the person who’s talking to me is mad, so i can get away, non-confrontational personal that i am. i think i would’ve heard it at least 8 times.

A Ding Dong is a hockey-puck-shaped chocolate cake(like) dessert filled with cream and covered with chocolate. Its name is somewhat suggestive to some. What other food items have names that inspire you to think naughty thoughts?
why is that suggestive? that’s the sound of doorbells. i don’t know of any food items that inspire me to have naughty thoughts. i don’t get aroused by food. and i wouldn’t get suggestive names (obviously). i have the mind of a nun.

What’s an item in your possession that recently received a ding, and whose fault was it?
hmm. i really don’t know. unless you’d count my body. i get nicks and bruises all the time. but watch me ding something now like my car or my laptop. 😦


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