Posted by: malia | November 13, 2013

friday 5 for may 24: warming

from here.

As the weather in the northern hemisphere begins to warm, how do your days and nights change?
i guess i snuggle under the blankets less. i have a hard time falling asleep if i’m too warm.

In what way do your dining habits change as the weather turns warm?
i don’t think it changes much. i’d still have a hot bowl of stew even if it’s warm out.

What’s the best thing unrelated to weather about the warm-weather months?
that it’s summer? 🙂

What are some strategies for dealing with those especially unbearable warm nights?
well, i’m spoiled in that i have the a.c. i used to just come out of the shower without drying off and just let the fan cool me down.

What words of encouragement do you have for the you of six months from now?
“just hang in there. she’ll be gone.”


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