Posted by: malia | November 10, 2013

friday 5 for may 3: nervous

from here.

What are you like when you are very nervous?
i can’t eat or sleep. i get huge knots in my tummy. i wring my hands a lot, and they get cold and clammy. i tend to pace a bit to let out all that nervous energy. my heart beats so quickly that sometimes i feel like i could faint. all the usual stuff, i guess.

How do you deal with nervousness, especially nervousness about something that’s going to happen several days later?
i try to distract myself with music or netflix. but most times my mind is just flooded with the possible scenarios. it just helps me to prepare for anything that could happen, i guess, even though sometimes things happen that you never ever thought of, which makes me second-guess everything afterwards for days, too.

In what circumstance are most people nervous, but not you?
strangely enough, i’m not that nervous when having to talk in front of an audience. i have a little nerves if i didn’t get to rehearse, but if i know what i’m talking about, it doesn’t bother me as much as i know it does some of my other co-workers. they absolutely refuse, or they say they feel like throwing up. but, for me, it’s not that bad, and it’s been commented by others that they are surprised at my poise and confidence when speaking to a big audience like that because i’m usually very quiet and shy. i blame that on my high school. we had *many* required speech classes that we had to take, and we used to joke how they were turning us all into song contest speakers. when i hear someone speak, i can pretty much tell if they went to my alma mater or not, just from the way they talk and their posture. 😛

What conditions seem to be fine for most people but make you feel nervous?
and after that whole thing up there, i will say something contradictory. i get really nervous talking to people i don’t know. yes, i’m weird. i don’t know why, but i do. practically everyone i know can chat up anyone and be light and laughing and having fun. i dreeeeaaaad that. it’s why this time of the year is so hard for me. i can’t just make people feel comfortable and engage them in conversation. so, yeah, i’m not nervous talking to a whole group full of people i don’t know, but when you put me with a few of those same people to talk to just casually, i get all nervous. probably because doing a speech, i can just say what i have to, and then i’m done. i’m not expected to give and take. that’s probably it. 😛

When did you last feel nervous about something that turned out completely fine?
i had a worrisome conference this past week, but luckily, the parent surprised me and was agreeable. i have another one next week, hopefully (i just want to get them over with!!) but this one doesn’t seem like she’ll be agreeable, according to correspondence we’ve already had. sigh.


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