Posted by: malia | November 8, 2013

friday 5 for april 19: frosting

from here.

How much frosting do you like on a slice of cake (or on a cupcake)?
i never eat cake unless it’s an ice cream cake. those don’t have frosting, do they? or is the ice cream considered the frosting? if so, i like a lot–a much bigger proportion of the ice cream to the cake.

What’s something else (besides cake or cupcakes) that’s excellent with frosting?
i used to love cinnabons when i was younger. that had good cream cheese frosting.

How close are you (or how many years removed) from your hair turning grey?
i wish i could say years and years more, but alas, ’tis not the case.

With whom would you say you have a frosty relationship?
some of my co-workers.

What item in your freezer is most likely to be consumed next?


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