Posted by: malia | November 2, 2013

friday 5 for march 8: speaking

from here.

Who’s the fastest talker you know?
is this someone who’s not on tv? hmm. i talk very fast when i’m super nervous. that’s why all my conferences are like only 5 minutes when it’s supposed to be 20. my open house session was done in 10 when i had a half hour. 😛

Who’s the most soft-spoken person you know?
i don’t know. probably one of my kids.

What are some words you know from a language you don’t speak?
well, there are the basic stuff, like ciao and bella and s’il vous plaît and escargot. i also know how to count from 1-10 in several languages.

To whom did you last speak your own name?
this morning, i told the person at the registration desk my name so i could check in and report for duty.

If everyone had to be a national spokesperson for some cause, what would be yours?
let-me-do-my-own-thing-seriously-why-does-everyone-have-to-be-the-same cause. i might be the only one in that organization but that’s okay.

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