Posted by: malia | June 30, 2013

5000 questions: part 11 & 12

Part Eleven

1001. What has caused you to reinvent yourself or reevaluate who you are?
not being good enough.

1002. Name three annoying bands:
hmm. can’t think of any right now.

1003. Have you ever been to a foam party (a big dance floor full of soap foam that people dance in at a club)? If yes did you get into the foam?

1004. Who do you take for granted?
sister, i think.

Who makes you feel taken for granted?

1005. Short, knee, or ankle skirts?

1006. Do you wear a hat?

1007. Did you watch Sifl and Ollie on MTV?

How about Liquid Television?

The Maxx?

1008. What do you like that is NOT part of pop culture?
regular culture.

1009. What music makes you feel: …i’m going to list a song, not a music type…
Sexy? “in your room”
Passionate? “we’re not gonna take it”
Violent? none.
Romantic? “crazy for you”
Sad? “the flame”
Happy/joyous? um.
ecstasy? ?? i don’t know.

1010. Who’s your favorite cartoon character?

1011. Does break dancing impress you?

1012. Are you a smooth operator?

1013. Would you rather be a police officer or a criminal?
police officer.

1014. Do you believe that government decisions should be made based more on economics or more on social reform?
i don’t know.

1015. Why do ‘they’ spend money to sterilize needles that are going to be used to give lethal injections?
i don’t know?

1016. This summer have you
Been to the beach?
not yet.
been to the movies? no.
Played mini golf? no, but maybe tuesday.
Gone for a walk? yes.

1017. Would you rather lay in bed all night talking or have sex all night long?
i’m not one for talking in bed.

1018. Have you ever eaten tofu?
yes. yum.

1019. Who needs a brain?
all of us.

1020. Who needs a heart?
all of us.

1021. Does the moon have an affect on your mood?

1022. Do you feel pressure on Friday and Saturday to have fun, go out and party?

1023. Many people will say that the Harry Potter books are pure fluff with no literary value. Do you agree?
i’ve never read one, so i can’t judge.

1024. Is Harry Potter comparable to The Chronicles of Narnia and the Lord of the Rings?

1025. What are you doing next Wednesday?
maybe go in. my room should be ready.

1026. Why do so many people think Elvis is still alive?
i don’t know.

1027. What couldn’t you live your life without?

1028. Are your hands cold?
not right now.

1029. Is your heart warm?
not right now.

1030. Palm trees or snow storms?
palm trees.

1031. What bands would be great if only the singing was edited out?

1032. What fantasy book would you like to see made into a movie?
what hasn’t been made into a movie?

1033. Do you avoid risks and if possible stay at home?
i don’t stay at home to avoid risks?

1034. What SCI-fi books do you read?
i haven’t read any recently.

1035. Would you be on that who wants to marry a millionaire show as a contestant?

1036. Who’s the best secret keeper you know?
i don’t know.

1037. What is your favorite myth?
what do you mean?

1038. Is it easier to live when you’re evil?
i don’t think so.

1039. Have you ever belonged to a sorority or a fraternity?

1040. Would you want to join one?

1041. If your friend were doing dangerous drugs would you tell their parents?
i don’t think so.

1042. Would you rather be a unicorn, mermaid/man, or a sorceress/er?

1043. Are leather pants sexy?

On you?

1044. Did you tell someone you love him or her today?

1045. Have you ever given blood?

1046. Have you ever been thrown out of someplace?

1047. What do you daydream about?
my alternate universe.

1048. Are you a miracle?

1049. If America is one nation under god then are atheists citizens?

1050. Should they be?
of course.

1051. If you could pick any rock star to replace the Ozbournes in their reality show, whom would you pick?
i’ve never watched the osbournes.

1052. What are your feelings about Mel Gibson’s movie The Passion of Christ?
i haven’t seen it.

1053. What did you think about the last episode of Sex in the City?
i didn’t see it.

1054. What is your favorite movie with Adam Sandler in it?
i haven’t seen a movie with adam sandler in it.

1055. What is your biggest problem?
i suck.

1056. Have you ever been arrested?

1057. Can musicians be held responsible for influencing people to behave badly?

1058. Do you believe that there are subliminal messages embedded in some TV shows, movies & music?

1059. Is there anything that you believe should be banned for any reason?

1060. How often do you eat too much?
not very often.

1061. Have you ever descended into pure madness?
i don’t think so.

1062. Would you want to?

1063. Do green m&m’s make you feel sexy?
oh yes. :/

1064. If you died tomorrow, what mark would you have left on the world?

1065. What movie would you NEVER want to see?
i don’t know.

1066. What annoys you the most about yourself?
that i’m so annoying.

1067. How do you feel about capitalism?

1068. How do you feel about socialism?

1069. How do you feel about communism?

1070. Has anyone ever tried to injure you?

1071. Has anyone ever tried to kill you?
i don’t think so? maybe.

1072. How do you know when it’s time to break up with someone?
when they sleep with someone else.

1073. What is your opinion of the Janet jackson/Justin Timberlake superbowl exposure incident?
wow. that was like 10 years ago. it was planned.

1074. What’s the most annoying sound?
i answered this!

1075. Who was your childhood hero?
i can’t remember.

1076. With nearly 100 channels why is NOTHING ever on?
i know.

1077. Would you adopt a stray kitty wandering through your neighborhood?

1078. Describe what you look like:

1079. Describe what you ARE like:

1080. What bad habit do you have that affects other people as much as it affects you?
hmm. i don’t know?

1081. How did you party new years eve 1999?
the sky was all purple and there were people running everywhere.

1082. Does second hand smoke bother you?

1083. Have you ever:
Dumped a drink over someone’s head?
Dumped a drink over your own head?
Bit someone?
Torn at someone’s clothes?
Made out in the bathroom?

all nos.

1084. Which Lord of the Rings movie has the best ending?
i haven’t seen any.

1085. Do you have any interesting scars?
a few.

1086. Is it better for people to change and evolve their ideas or always be consistent?

1087. Warped tour, Lollapalooza or Area concert?
i haven’t heard of warped tour or area concert?

1088. What are you missing in your life?

1089. Do you ever know when someone is thinking about you?
no one thinks of me.

1090. What could you make a sculpture out of that’s in the room with you right now?

1091. Do you believe in the lost city of Atlantis?
i don’t know what that is.

1092. Have you ever read The Little Prince?
i don’t think so?

1093. This is Mr. fish < What's the best picture you can make on your keyboard?

1094. What did Mr. Octopus say to Mrs. Octopus?
i wanna hold your hand hand hand hand hand hand hand hand

1095. Let’s see if I’m psychic. Write a yes or no question here.
are you going crazy?

1096. Write another yes or no question.
you just don’t want to write any more questions, don’t you?

1097. Think of just one more yes or no question.
are you tired?

1098. Type one question that can be answered with a color (example: what color is my car)
what color are you?

1099. Think of a number between one and one hundred & type it down.

1100. Write one more question, anything you want.

Part Twelve

1101. Continued…Let’s see if I’m psychic.

You wrote three yes or no questions. Now I will answer them.
1 yes
2 no
3 no

Did I get any right?
only you could answer that.

1102. You wrote one question that can be answered with a color (example: what color is my car). I say….


Is it true?
is it?

1103. You thought of a number between 1 and 100 and typed it down.

Was it 14?

1104. You wrote one more question, anything you wanted.

The answer is yes, 42, orange, Matt, Josh, Kim, Nicole, whatever or your mom. Does that answer your question?
not exactly.

1105. Do you think that Britney Spears would make a good Bond Girl?

1106. Have you read anything by C.S. Lewis?

1107. What is your favorite movie with Bill Murray?
groundhog day.

1108. What is your favorite movie with Jack Nicholson?
i don’t think i’ve seen a movie with him in it.

1109. What is your favorite movie with Christopher Walkin?
i haven’t seen a movie with him in it.

1110. What is your favorite movie with Johnny Depp?
i’ve seen him in 21 jump street on tv, but i don’t think i saw him in a movie? oh, wait, i think i saw edward scissorhands.

1111. What is your favorite movie with Orlando Bloom?
i’ve never seen him in anything.

1112. What rhymes with ‘orange’?

1113. Why do guys have nipples if they will never need to feed a baby?
why do they have breasts?

1114. Some people think that couples should be screened before they are allowed to reproduce (so that people who cannot afford to support a child don’t have one, or so that a child won’t be born into a dysfunction family or to unfit parents). What do you think about this?
that’s pretty controlling.

1115. Have you ever swallowed an object by accident?

1116. Did you get it back?

1117. Do you prefer He-Man or She-Ra?
i didn’t watch either.

1118. Are you proud of yourself?

1119. Who should go to hell?
bad people.

1120. Is your eyesight 20/20?

1121. Have you ever had insomnia?

1122. Does it bother you when people touch you?
depends on how i’m being touched.

1123. Is it better to get too much or too little sleep?
too much.

1124. Have you ever given away something you made? What?
i’ve given away many things i’ve made.

1125. Is it better to have kids when you are in your teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, or older?
whenever you feel ready.

1126. What gets your adrenaline pumping?
some games.

1127. Is hell all fire and brimstone or is it personal for everyone like in Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey?
oh gosh i don’t remember that?

1128. Do you ever talk about yourself in the third person?

1129. What’s your favorite radio station? What kind of music do they play?
i don’t have a favorite, but it’s usually a mix.

1130. What did you think of these movies:
Gone With the Wind?
Fight Club?
Spider Man?
The Virgin Suicides?
Resident Evil?
Muppets from Space?
Pearl Harbor?
Halloween Resurrection?
The Dark Crystal?

shoots, i was going to say i saw none of them, and then i got to the last one. i can’t really remember it, but i remember liking it.

1131. Is everyone special?

1132. Are your toes:
Painted (what color)?
Wearing a toe ring?

none of them.

Do you have hobbit-feet?
what do hobbit feet look like?

1133. Do you believe there is anyplace still undiscovered in all the world?

1134. Whose picture would you like to paint a target on and throw darts at?
no one’s.

1135. Is love all you need?

1136. Ever caught a fish?

1137. Are you adventurous?

1138. Are you afraid of mediocrity?

1139. Would you rather die tomorrow or have all your friends die?
oh gosh.

1140. What are 3 things you don’t understand?
1 life.
2 males.
3 poetry.

1141. I would do anything for love but I won’t do ‘that’. What is ‘that’?

1142. Has your diary ever been rated?

1143. Do you do more than kiss on the first date?
um. depends.

1144. Are you very liberal or conservative?
not very.

1145. What do you like about your neighbors?
they’re friendly.

1146. I read that by 2010 they expect to market a gene therapy procedure that will increase the life spans of adult human beings by double or triple. If this happened would you have it done?
wow. we kinda passed that already.

1147. If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands. Did you clap?
clap clap! it’s hard not to, even if you aren’t happy.

1148. Was this year a good year for you?
it was all right.

1149. What are you looking forward to next year?

1150. Are you a Jim Henson fan?

1151. What do you think of these diarist names?
Solitary Music:

they’re okay?

1152. Do you read the Diary Master’s diary?

1153. Have you ever made an enemy on OD?

1154. Have you ever (or do you know anyone who’s) been deleted from OD?

1155. Were you ever in the first row of a concert?
no, but i could’ve been! rats!

1156. Did you ever meet a celebrity? Who?

1157. Do you have any autographs?

1158. Can you visualize whirled peas?

1159. Are there some situations where love just isn’t enough to keep 2 people together? When does that happen?
hmm. i don’t know? i guess?

1160. Do you have no attention span?

1161. What do you think of these entry titles?
me. back. home:
steak and butter:
The Smurfs Go Communist:
The controversial Athens:

they’re okay. steak and butter is making me hungry.

1162. Have you ever been wrongly accused?

1163. When you wash your hair do you blow dry it or let it dry naturally?

1164. Where does your family go on vacation?
we used to go to a beach house.

1165. Have you ever been to:
Newport, Rhode Island?
Dutch Wonderland?
Salem, MA?
Niagara Falls?

none of them.

1166. Have you ever given money to OD cares?

1167. Have you ever created an OD interest?

If yes, what interests did you create?

1168. What do you think of these entry names?
I had a good title but i forgot it:
Left Alone:
yeah yeah…he kissed her:

they’re okay.

1169. If you have aol what is your ‘you’ve got mail’ sound?
i don’t.

1170. What will you never have enough of?

1171. Who can you only handle in small doses?
some people.

1172. You are at a magic auction where you can bid on impossible things but you only brought enough money to buy one thing. Out of these..which would you buy?
entrance into whatever afterlife you believe in
a guarentee that you will have at least 3 books published in your life
a new car, house and boat each year
unending creative inspiration
ultimate compassion and acceptance of others
a trip into outer space
perfect health for the rest of your life

hmm. i guess the last one.

1173. In the above question if finding perfect love was a choice would you change your answer?

1174. What food is so fattening or unhealthy that you would NEVER touch it?

1175. Which do you love more, your country or your planet?
um. planet, i guess.

1176. What do you think of:
Abba? dancing queen.
Brian Adams? summer of ’69.
No Doubt? don’t speak.

1177. Are you more logical or emotional?
i guess more emotional.

1178. Do you think that tattoos and piercing are overrated?

1179. What do you think of these diary titles?
The Seamless Garment:
Your eyes can be so cruel:
What was, is no more:
shock me sane:

they’re okay.

1180. Do you believe that Michael Jackson molests children?
i don’t know.

1181. Hypothetically, let’s say that he did molest them. Who would you feel should be held MORE accountable, Michael Jackson or the parents that allowed their children to go to Never Land Ranch unsupervised for sleepovers?
why would the parents be accountable? unless they knew beforehand that he was like that and wanted to get $ off of him.

1182. Have you ever been to:
Anywhere cooler?


1183. What 3 music videos should everyone download?

1184. If someone bet you ten dollars that you couldn’t sing the whole Gummy Bears theme song, would you be able to do it and win?
i wouldn’t be able to do it because i’ve never seen it.

1185. Do you like Bjork?
she’s okay.

1186. How about the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club?
never heard of them.

1187. What do you think of Moby?
he’s okay.

1188. What do you think of Alien Ant Farm?
never heard of them.

1189. What do you think of the Flaming Sideburns?
never heard of them.

1190. Do you believe that imps, trolls, giants, dragons, unicorns, etc. were real but became extinct?
hmm. interesting theory.

1191. What sucks?
*raises hand*

1192. What do you think of these diary titles?
Geologist to the Stars:
The Hussy Chronicles:
Napping in the Broom Closet:

they’re okay.

1193. Do you ever think about suicide?

1194. Do you believe that Jesus Christ was a real person? How about Noah?
i think i answered this already?

1195. What is one luxury you refuse to live without?
my phone.

1196. What is one luxury you feel you could live without?
maid service.

1197. Do you feel that you are high, medium, or low maintenance in a relationship?
i’m pretty low.

1198. What do you think of these diarist names?
black dove:

they’re okay.

1199. Do vegetables taste better from the store or from your garden?
i’ve never tried vegetables from my garden.

1200. How long have you spent on this survey so far?
several days, here and there.

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