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5000 questions: part 13, 14, &15

Part Thirteen

1201. Have you ever owned a record?
yes. i have quite a few, in fact.

1202. In some states people want to make it a requirement that creationism (god made the world) be taught alongside evolution in high school sciences classes. What do you think of this?
it should be taught alongside all different types of religions.

1203. Should evolution also be taught in religious establishments like church or temple?
if they want to?

1204. Can a person believe in creationism and in evolution at the same time?
why not?

1205. You obviously like surveys since you are filling out a 5,000 question one. Do any of the following surveys sound interesting:
The Doors/Jim Morrison Survey:
The David Bowie Survey:
The Beatles Survey:
The Rocky Horror Survey:
The Labyrinth Survey:
The SLC Punk Survey:
The birthday survey:
So this is love, the survey:
The heartache/break up survey:
Creationism vs. Evolutionism Survey:
Opinion Survey:
World Trade Center Survey:
Halloween Survey:
Survey of Sin:
How evil are you? Survey:
The Roaring 20’s Survey:

i would do any sort of survey as long as it wasn’t gross.

Well, once, long ago, I created all those surveys. Now they are floating around in people’s diaries because the diary I had them in (Simply Surveys) was deleted due to disuse.

1206. Who did you get this survey from?
i saw it on sunday stealing.

Say one nice thing about the person you got this survey from:
they provide nice memes to do?

1207. Here is a list of priorities…
Close friends
Being true to yourself/self respect
Aesthetics (beauty in the world)
Leading an exciting life
Making a contribution to humanity
Being rich
Being famous
Having power
World peace
Accepting and understanding others
Finding yourself

What are your top three priorities from this list?
family, health, and happiness.

1208. Out of that same list what are your BOTTOM 3 priorities?
leading an exciting life, being famous, having power.

1209. How many hours of TV do you watch in an average day?
i don’t really watch tv, but if you count netflix, it would be less than an hour. if you count youtube, you might have to bump it up a bit. 😳

1210. Do you want to have a car, a house and 2.5 kids?
well, i have that, minus 1.5 kids. i *would* like to up the kids number, but i don’t think i can.

1211. What song, CD, or band is a ‘guilty pleasure’ for you (meaning you know it sucks but you like it anyway)?
oh, i didn’t think of it as i know they suck–i think of it more as i’m embarrassed to admit it, because i’m not in the correct demographic.

1212. If you were going to vote for a candidate for president and then you found out that the person you were going to vote for is HIV positive would that effect your vote and why?
no, unless the person was so sickly that he cannot do his job.

1213. Have you ever had an HIV test?

1214. What time do you:
Get up in the morning: on a workday, 5:30ish.
Eat lunch: our lunch period is 10:30, but i rarely eat lunch at that time. usually it’s more like 3:30, or i skip it all together, especially when we have loooong meetings.
Do something active during the day: on workdays, i exercise after i come home, before dinner. on non workdays, i do it early in the morning.
Go to bed: on workdays, i try to by 10. some days though, i’m out by 8!

1215. Have you ever ridden a motorcycle?

1216. When you hear the word ‘biker’ what kind of person do you think of?
the stereotypical image of leather jacket, jeans, studs, spikes, sunglasses, bandana, boots…

1217. Did your parents ever talk to you about sex?

1218. If your pet dies, you can now have it cloned for $50,000. How do you feel about this?
i still don’t understand the cloning thing. but i don’t think i would ever do it.

1219. Are you or would you be embarrassed about buying condoms?
i used to order them online.

1220. Do any of your clocks make an odd noise or play a song when the hour strikes?

1221. What are the things that make you go ‘Hmmmm….’ (remember that song?)?
thanks for the earworm!

1222. Are you a sinner?
i guess in some ways.

1223. Are you naughty or nice?
i’m not a nice person, but i’m not naughty, in either sense of the word.

1224. Is belly-dancing sexy?
when i do it, no.

1225. What celebrity would you love to be able to dance with?
darren criss.

1226. What is your favorite comic book movie?
um. superman was a comic, right? i think that’s the only one i’ve seen.

1227. What movie would you recomend for couples to watch on Valentine’s day?
the break-up. haha. i actually never saw that movie, but hey, people need a dose of reality. or wait, do they end up together at the end? ugh.

1228. Besides when you were little how many people have seen you completely naked and who?
um. they’ve all been guys.

1229. Is sex something that should be treated casually?
how do you mean?

1230. Have you ever participate in an orgy?

If no, would you ever consider it?
depends on the guy to girl ratio.

1231. What song is in your head right now?
“things that make you go hmm.” thanks.

1232. What was the best day of your life like?

1233. What are you all about?
um. family? i don’t know.

1234. You have won a contest where you get all these great prizes but you can only keep one for yourself and must give the others away to friends, family or whoever. Which one do you keep and who do you give the rest to:
A $5,000 gift certificate to radio shack:
A brand new yellow jeep:
An all expense paid vacation for 2 to Italy:
Lunch with N’Sync:
A lifetime supply of herbal essences shampoo:
A $1,000 check:
A palm pilot?
An autographed picture of Shakira:
Breakfast with kid rock:
A shirt once worn by Jonathan Davis:
One round of mini-golf with Sharon Osbourne:
A phone call from Robert Smith:
A brand new washer/dryer:
Free medical insurance for 1 year:

does radio shack sell apple things? if yes, i’d take that one 🙂 if not, i’d take the $1,000 check. i’d give the rest to whoever wants them.

1235. Who do you think you might have known in a past life?
hmm. i don’t know.

1236. Do you take vitamins?

1237. Do you prefer fake or real flowers around the house?

1238. Sometimes roses are pink, yellow, white or red. If you give someone a rose, does its color change the meaning behind it as a gift?

1239. What’s the most deadly thing you can think of?

1240. To-MAY-toes or to-MA-toes?

1241. Out of all your friends, family and the people you know who is the most:
Intelligent: co-worker
Happy: cousin.
Miserable: co-worker
Easily influenced: niece.
Cranky: niece.
Bitchy: co-worker.
Evil: ?
Nice: buddy.

1242. What’s the best live musical performance you ever saw?
bon jovi.

1243. Have you ever had a ‘pregnancy scare’?

1244. Kelly Osbourne or Madonna’s version of “Pappa Don’t Preach”?
i haven’t heard kelly osbourne’s.

1245. Can you change a tire?

1246. Have you ever put your fist through a wall?

1247. When do you feel the most relaxed and able to be yourself?

1248. Do you have a place that is your own where you won’t show anyone else?

1249. Are you a part of any teams or clubs?

1250. Is cheerleading a sport?
i guess?

1251. Do you believe that people should be able to choose death for themselves if they want to end their lives?
if that’s what they want.

1252. Is there anything you morally object to?

1253. What would you never do for money?

1254. Applebees, the Outback, or TGI Friday’s?
i’ve only tried outback out of those.

1255. Which do you drink the most: juice, soda, milk, or water?

1256. What sport do you like to watch the most?

1257. What sport do you like to play the most?

1256. Do you write poetry?
only for class.

1257. Are you aggressive?

1258. Have you ever fallen from grace?

1259. Does it bother you when a band you like gets really popular?

1260. Has anyone ever won you a stuffed animal?

If yes, did you name it after the person who won it for you?

1261. Can you go one week without cursing at all?

1262. What’s the best candy?
i like m&ms. sometimes snickers.

1263. Can you lick your own nose?

1264. What song would you like to hear spontaneously in a public place (like a store)?
spontaneously? um. any that i like, i guess? i know i’m happy when i hear a song i haven’t heard in a long time.

1265. Do you ever make others feel unwanted?
i probably do.

1266. Do you think you have ever made others feel unwanted without realizing you were doing it?

1267. Are you very sensitive to what other people are feeling and how they will react to certain things?
most times.

1268. Have you ever climbed a tree?

1269. Do you feel somehow different when the moon is full?

1270. Who do you know that talks a lot but never really says anything?
i know several people like this.

1271. Is world peace possible?
i don’t know. 😦

1272. Who do you know that is making a huge life mistake yet you can’t stop them?
it’s not my business to tell anyone they’re making a mistake.

What’s the mistake?
i think it depends on perception. what i think may be a mistake may be perfectly all right to someone else. and vice versa, which is why i don’t think it’s right for me to tell someone else that they are making a mistake.

1273. Do you plan to own a home or rent an apartment for most of your life?

1274. Would you enjoy going to a strip bar to see strippers (of whatever sex you find appealing)?

1275. Would you ever consider stripping in a sexual way for money?

1276. Would you ever consider being a nude model for an artistic life drawing class for money?

1277. What are 2 goals that you have?
be healthy and be happy.

1278. What are 2 negative traits that you have?
just about everything is negative.

1279. Will these negative traits stop you from achieving your goals?
i guess.

1280. Everyone knows that you are nice, fun, creative, and good but what are 4 other positive traits that you have?
i am not nice, fun, creative, or good. i don’t have any positive traits.

1281. How often do you daydream about your wedding day?

1282. If you were hiring someone for a job but could only ask him or her 3 questions in the interview what would you ask?
i really don’t know. i’ve just been through some interviews, too, so you’d think i remember them. hmm.

1283. If you were interviewing someone for the position of your new friend but could only ask 3 questions, what would they be?
who are you? what do you like to do? what books have you read recently?

1285. Wholesome – Conducive to sound health or well being; salutary: simple, examples: wholesome food; a wholesome climate, Promoting mental, moral, or social health: example: wholesome entertainment.

Do you enjoy wholesome activities (sports, cooking, beach, family time, zoo, museums, etc.)?

If yes what wholesome activity do you enjoy the most?
family time.

Are you a wholesome person?
i guess?

1286. When was your first kiss and what was it like?
there you go.

1287. Are you quiet and shy?

1288. Are you bitchy, cranky, whiny, miserable, depressed, needy, mean, flakey, shallow, obnoxious, inconsiderate, nervous, and/or stuck up?
i guess a few of those.

1289. Do you come off any of these ways even if you aren’t really like that?
i suppose so.

1290. Are you loud and unfriendly?
i’m not loud.

1291. Can a positive attitude/good personality make up for someone being less than beautiful?

1292. Can being totally beautiful and hot make up for a negative attitude/bad personality?

1293.What are you seeking?
i feel like i answered this.

1294. Could you see yourself as a future nun/monk?

1295. Would you rather have a baby or get a pet?

1296. What mistake do you repeat over and over?

1297. What do you think of the restaurant Hooters?
i’ve never been.

1298. What are 5 traits that make someone ugly?
*points to self*

1299. Do you hate when people tell you to smile?

1300. Do you like the writing of Douglas Adams?
i haven’t read anything that he has written.

Part Fourteen

1301. Can “what you don’t know” actually hurt you?
don’t? um. maybe?

1302. Are you pondering what I’m pondering?

1303. What people or objects would you describe as “pure”?

1304. Are you into bookcrossing (If you aren’t sure, check out
neat. i’ll have to try that.

1305. Have you ever had a pen pal?

1306. Have you ever had a package pal (same as a pen pal but you send each other surprise gifts instead of letters)?

1307. Is there a particular word or phrase that annoys you?

1308. Is there an online game you like to play?

1309. What group of people is the most discriminated against in your opinion or experience?

1310. What do you like best about bras and underwear?
they’re soft? i don’t know.

1311. Are you afraid of living in oblivion?

1312. Before you were born you got to pick your life from one of these. Which do you pick?

You are successful from the start, a musical genius, good looking, wealthy. You become a rock tar, get super famous, make your mark on the world and die at 27.

You are caring and compassionate. You love animals and adopt more and more as you grow older. You foster and nurture and care for them all of your life.

You sit home playing video games for 70 years.

i totally wouldn’t mind the last one. hee.

1313. What is broken in your:
the dashboard lights.
School? the fan.
House? the stovetop.
Life? heart.
Soul? ?
Brain? memories.

1314. Which one will you fix first?
i guess the car one.

1315. Tell me all your thoughts on god:
all? that might take a while!

1316. What is the strangest note you’ve ever received?
i can’t recall any.

1317. Of the following how many can be used to get in touch with you?
Voice mail
Cell phone
Snail mail

all except the beeper.

1318. Are you always available/easy to reach, or do you give people a chance to miss you?
i think i’m easy to reach.

1319. If you got pregnant or impregnated the person you are with now (hypothetical if there is no one in your life just now) would you lean more towards keeping, adopting out, or aborting the baby?

1320. If your partner in the pregnancy did not agree with how you felt and pressured you to change your mind or just went ahead with what he or she wanted to do against your wishes, would that affect your ability to continue your relationship with this person?

1321. Who should have the final say in the decision to have a baby, the woman or the man?
the woman. her health is the one on the line.

1322. If your boyfriend or girlfriend cheats on you for the first time, do you forgive him or her and take him or her back?

1323. What if it is your husband or wife that cheats on you?

1324. Who is more responsible for educating children, parents or schools?

1325. Are you into new age things?

1326. Are you very:
Nervous? sometimes.
Anxious? sometimes.
High strung? i don’t think so?
Organized? no.
Tense? no.
Rigid? no.
Skeptical? sometimes.

1327. Do you perceive reality differently from others?
i think so.

i don’t think everything will end happily ever after.

1328. If you asked someone, “Do you masturbate?” and he or she says, “No,” would you assume he or she was lying?
well, i would never ask someone that in the first place, but i guess it would depend on who the person is. i wouldn’t expect like a nun to lie.

1329. What do you blame things on?

1330. Do you want to be naked and famous?

1331. Ice Cube or LL Cool J?
i don’t know.

1332. What are your feelings about rap music?
i don’t care for it.

1333. Cypress Hill or Roxy Music?
i don’t know.

BSB or N’sync or NKOTB?
i used to like nkotb back when, but mostly because i was immersed in it from my sister.

Debbie Gibson or Paula Abdul?
debbie gibson. though i always loved paula abdul’s dancing.

Eminem or Kid Rock?
i don’t know.

Weezer or the Get Up Kids?
i don’t know.

1334. If you could solve just one of the world’s problems what would you choose to solve?

1335. Would you make a good:
Visual artist? depends.
Teacher? no.
Pilot? no.
Secretary? maybe. i wouldn’t say ‘good.’
Cashier? no.
Waiter or waitress? no.
Veterinary assistant? maybe?
Office manager? no.
Stage manager? no.
Actor or actress? no.
Sales girl or guy? no.
Pizza delivery girl or guy? no.
Film director? no.
Business man or woman? no.
CEO? no.
Surgeon? no.
Fire man or woman? no.
Cop? no.

1336. Do you check condoms to see if they are expired before using them?

1337. Imagine you are in school and a person of the opposite sex you barely know asks you really nicely for a ride home from class (yes, you have a car). It’s out of your way. Do you say yes?

Let’s say you said yes. S/he hugs you. What is your reaction?
nothing? let’s go?

As you drop him or her off s/he hugs you again and thanks you for being such a nice person. What do you make of all this?
nothing? he’s just grateful. i’ve been in this situation before, being the asker.

1338. Are you interested in post-apocalyptic (post-nuclear war) movies?

1339. What is the saddest movie you ever saw?

1340. What is the saddest thought you can think of?

1341. Who is the most horrible driver you know?
i don’t know. maybe a co-worker.

1342. Are you a sexist in any way?

1343. How often do you check your email?
usually daily.

1344. How often do you check your diary for notes?
only when it comes through email.

1345. If you had to read a biography about someone, who would you pick?
my great great great great grandmother’s.

1346. Which of your friends and relatives has the most interesting life story?
hmm. maybe a cousin’s…

1347. What’s the matter with kids today?
no structure.

1348. How do you feel about censorship?
no real strong feelings.

1349. What was on the last CD you burned?
our may day song.

1350. What movie should be released on DVD but hasn’t been released yet?
i don’t know.

1351. Have you ever wished for wings that work?
well, more than flying, i wish i could transport myself.

1352. Have you ever imagined that you are not really of this world?

1353. Did you have an imaginary friend as a child?

1354. Do you still have imaginary friends?
i have imaginary buddies that i talk to.

1355. Do you enjoy reading children’s books?

1356. Are you decadent?
i don’t think so?

1357. What would make you happy that money cannot buy?

1358. What would make you happy that money can buy?

1359. Where do you hang out on your spare time?
in my room.

1360. Do you delight in minor euphoria?
what’s that?

1361. It’s (what time is it?) ______.

Do you know where your:
Mom is?
at work.
Dad is? at work.
First boyfriend or girlfriend is? no.
Boy or girlfriend is? no.
Best friend is? no.
Soul mate is? no.
Wallet is? right beside me.

1362. Who do you feel sorry for?
some of my kids.

1363. What will you never say in front of your parents?
mean things.

1364. Do you change your personality and behavior depending on who you are with?

1365. Are you waiting for marriage to lose your virginity?

1366. What year were you born?
sigh. a long time ago.

1367. What is your sign?

1368. What year did you/will you graduate from high school?
i already graduated.

1369. Do you use moisturizer?

1370. On what parts of your body?

1371. Are the 70’s back in style?
i don’t think so?

1372. Do you read any magazines?
a few.

1373. Do you read before going to sleep at night?

1374. Are you a music maker?
not really.

1375. Are you a dreamer of the dreams?
i guess.

1376. How do you feel about large corporations?

1377. How do you feel about people who are, “just doing their job”?
that’s what they’re doing.

1378. Which would you watch of these choices:
Pitch black
The mummy
Pretty woman

pretty woman.

1380. About what percent of the time do you feel good about yourself?

1381. Do you feel comfortable with other people (in social situations)?
not always.

1382. Do you have good friends/family relationships?
i think so.

1383. How do you control your tension and anxiety?

1384. Are you able to meet the demands of life and function in society?
i think so.

1385. Do you curb your feelings of hatred and guilt?
most times.

1386. Do you maintain a positive outlook?

1387. Does knowing you enrich the lives of others?

1388. What things do you cherish?

1389. To what extent do you value diversity?
i value it.

1390. What fascinates you?
the sky.

1391. Do you appreciate nature?
most times.

1392. If you could be someone else for a day who would you be?

1393. Would you ever consider ‘psychic surgery’ if you were ill?
what does that mean?

How about voodoo?

Herbal remedies?

1394. How effective do you feel meditation is?
it helps.

1395. How effective do you feel prayer is?
it helps.

1396. How do you think that you (or anyone, for that matter) could pray without ceasing?

1397. Is religion a live option for you (that is, a possibility, something you are drawn to even if you have no belief)?

1398. What part of your body do you lavish the least attention and love on?
my whole body.

1399. How many clocks are in your house?
4, not counting phones.

1400. What topics would you like to see more of on this survey?
whatever you got.

Part Fifteen

1401. Do you like your movies and books to be more lighthearted or serious?

1402. What’s more important, first impressions or lasting impact?
lasting impact.

1403. Order these areas of psychological health from what you need the least improvement in to what you need the most improvement in: physical, emotional, social, intellectual, environmental, spiritual
what does that mean?

1404. Do you react appropriately to things and control your feelings?
i think so?

1405. Do you have stable relationships?
most times.

1406. Do you need to be in a relationship to feel good about yourself?

1407. Which is the most clear and concise, your thoughts, your speech or your writing? Which is the least clear and concise?
i don’t know. my writing is not very conscise but more clear than my speaking, which is not clear, but concise. my thoughts ramble on forever so it’s neither. 😛

1408. Are you always trying to learn new things?

1409. Do you feel at peace?

1410. Do you have strong morals and ethics that you believe in and adhere to?

1411. Are you over or under weight?

1412. Do you think of the needs of all humanity or just the needs of yourself and those you know?

1413. Do you recycle?

1414. Are you active in your community?

1415. Are you sensitive to the needs of others?
i try to be.

1416. Do you dress up to go to the mall?

1417. Have you ever been on anti depressants?

1418. Name a part of your body.

Give that part of your body a name.

that’s such a male thing.

1419. Is fourteen your lucky number?

1420. What could make you lose respect for someone?
acting like a jerk.

1421. Is ignorance really bliss?

1422. What can be described as ‘even better than the real thing’?
hmm. i don’t know.

1423. Are you jealous that dog can lick their own genitals?
no. ick.

If you could do that would you ever leave the house?
do i anyway?

1424. What’s in your wallet right now?
receipts, cards, and some coins.

1425. Do you write letters that you never send?

1426. Do you ever get the feeling people are laughing at you?

1427. Who’s the one person you’d like to drop a house on?
gosh. no one.

1428. Have you ever been swept off your feet?

1429. Tell me why you don’t like Mondays:
another 5 days of work.

1430. In the Harry potter series the books seem to be getting darker and more serious with each new release. Do you like this change or do you prefer the story to be light?
i haven’t read those.

1431. How often do you update your diary?
not very.

1432. What do you mostly write about in your diary?
answering all these questions!

1433. How many quizzes and/or surveys do you have in your diary as entries?
the whole thing!

1433. How many forwards does your diary contain?

1434. What is your writing style like?

1435. How honest are you in your diary?

1436. Why do you write in your diary?
to release.

1437. Do you have a comet cursor on your diary description?

1438. Do you ever chat online?

1439. Have you ever met someone from online?

How’d that go?
as well as it could go after meeting someone hideous.

1440. What’s your favorite horror:

i don’t like horror.

1441. Have you ever caught a mistake in a movie?

1442. Have you ever seen that munchkin who supposedly hangs himself in the Wizard of Oz?

If yes, how/when should someone look for it?

1443. If you had to give yourself a letter grade (A, A-, B, B-, C, C-, D, D-, F) for things how would you grade yourself on:
Happiness: b
Being a decent human being: c
Being serene (calm, peaceful): b
Kindness: d
Anger management: b
Creative thinking: d
Modesty: c
Being an original: d
Knowing yourself: b
Being true to yourself: b
Getting along with others: c
Liking yourself: c
Admitting your flaws: c
Self improvement: c

keep in mind i’m a lenient grader.

1444. Are you kinky?

1445. How would you feel if twice a week you could wake up next to the person you love?

1446. Out of all the people you know who is most likely to be one of the great minds of our time?
i’m not sure.

1447. Have you ever been to:

Church? yes.
Temple? yes.
A bar? no.
A house party? no.
A rave? no.
A goth club? no.
A punk show? no.
A hip hop club? no.

What sounds like the most fun out of that list?

1448. So far, have you changed around any of the questions on this survey?

1449. Are you crying on the inside?

1450. Are you afraid of the future?

1451. What will you dress up as this year for Halloween (if you celebrate it)?
i’m not sure yet.

1452. Do you think of some people as not worthy of being your friend?

1453. If you won $1,000 every week until you die, would you still go to school?
hmm. i don’t know. maybe not.

Would you still get a job?
maybe i’d be an assistant or something where i don’t have to deal with parents.

1454. What’s the most difficult job you can think of?
people who clean up roadkill.

1455. If you could decorate your room with any theme you wanted what would you pick?

1456. Of the following bands which would you be most likely to check out?

roxy music (70’s glam)
the magnetic fields (current indie rock)
kraftwerk (experimental electronic rock)

i guess the magnetic fields.

1457. You and your boy/girlfriend have been together 6 months or longer…. One day s/he wants to go to a strip club with his/her friends to hang out. It’s guys/girls night out and you aren’t invited. Would you be upset by this?

1458. Can a person avoid dying if he or she does not believe in death?

1459. If someone sings songs that they don’t write and they don’t play any instruments or mix the songs or have any creative input at all..Are they a musician?
ah, that’s the great debate.

1460. What do the following stand for:
html? hyper text markup language
faq? frequently asked questions
fao? fetishes and orgasms
imho? in my honest opinion
hiv? human immunodeficiency virus
aids? auto immune deficiency syndrome
r&b? rhythm and blues

1461. What does the world owe you?

1462. Do you read plays and books or just get the cliff notes?
i usually read both, so i can see what i missed.

1463. What do you want to get out of life?
i don’t know.

1464. Do you know what is really important to you?

1465. What trend has been getting on your nerves lately?
frequent swearing.

1466. Do you forgive yourself when you make a mistake?

1467. What tiny little very small thing has made you hugely happy?
a child’s grateful smile.

1468. Can you read body language well?

1469. Do you look people in the eye when you talk?
not always.

1470. Do you notice if they aren’t looking you in the eye?

1471. Are you alert to opportunities?

1472. Puppet Yoda or digital Yoda?
um? i don’t know digital yoda.

1473. Do you look like the person you want to be?

1474. Do you behave like the person you want to be?
i guess?

1475. Some children were asked ‘how would you make your marriage work?’ One child, Ricky, age ten, said: ‘Tell your wife she looks pretty, even if she looks like a truck.’ Is this good advice?

1476. Do you visualize your goals and dreams?

1477. 4x + 3 = 15
What is the value of x?

1478. Do you keep yourself organized?
not especially.

1479. Does anyone really win an argument?

1480. Have you ever had champagne?

1481. Do you strive for perfection?

1482. Name one thing you understand.

1483. Whatever it is are you afraid of it?

1484. Do you dislike being told what to do?

1485. If you had a cat would you have it declawed?

1486. Do you prefer lobster, clams, or crab meat?
oh, i like all 3. um, lobster, if i had to choose one.

1487. What do you think about guys who don’t wear underwear?

1488. What do you think about girls who don’t wear bras?

1489. Do you ask for what you want?

1490. What are you against?

1491. How many notes does your diary have?

1492. Ace of Base or Enya?
ace of base.

1493. What makes you feel awkward?
mostly everything.

1494. Have you ever been to, and if yes, how does it compare to
i haven’t been to either.

1495. If you were going to switch to another diary website, which one would you go to?
blogspot; it has cute layouts.

1496. Do you believe that certain books should be removed from high school libraries?

1497. How do you feel about gay and lesbian marriages?
no feelings.

1498. Can you rearrange the letters in your name to form any other words(check here if you aren’t sure

1499. What is the sexiest moment in a movie?
um. the sexy bits?

1500. Do you have a favorite stand up comedian?

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