Posted by: malia | June 27, 2013

5000 questions: part 17 & 18

Part Seventeen

1601. What’s on your key chain besides keys?
just various key rings and a lanyard. my keychain is quite light right now since i turned in my work keys. 🙂

1602. How do you feel about endangered species?

1603. What was the last CD you bought?
gosh i don’t remember.

1604. Do you like feather pillows?
i guess?

1605. How about water beds?
they’re a bit too swishy.

1606. Who or what do you feel the deepest responsibility towards?
my kids.

1607. How long is forever?
until it ends.

1608. Who is your favorite family member?
well, that’s not right to have to choose?

1609. Who would you be afraid to have angry at you?
most people, actually.

1610. Does this survey feel like it will never end?

1611. Have you ever eaten any kind of food off of someone else’s body?

1612. Do you like the direction your life is going in?
it’s okay.

1613. Are you a traditional person?
not really.

1614. Have you ever felt like the victim of societal injustice?
um. i don’t know?

1615. What feelings or thoughts do you repress?
quite a bit of them, actually.

1616. What makes you feel ecstatic?

1617. What was your biggest mistake in the past three months?
not doing enough for the kids.

1618. York Peppermint Patti or Reece’s Peanut butter Cups?
oh, hmm. they’re both rather good. depends on the mood, if i want something minty or something nutty.

1619. What are your feelings, if any, about Hugh Hefner?
i don’t have any feelings about him.

1620. What is your specialty?
i don’t think i have one.

1621. Have you ever had a stalker?

1622. Have you ever been a stalker?
no. well, only on the internet.

1623. Ideally, how far would you like to live from your nearest neighbor??
several hundred feet?

1624. What would you do if a teacher accused you of cheating when you really weren’t?
Or if that doesn’t apply to you..
What would you do if a manager accused you of stealing when you really weren’t?


1625. What store would you most like a $10,000 (about 5900 British pounds) gift certificate to?

1626. What would you most like to reincarnate as?
i don’t know. i think i said dolphin the last time.

1627. What’s in your undie draw…besides undies?
i don’t have drawers.

1628. How many languages can you say HELLO in?
oh, a few. i teach my kids how to say hello in different languages.

1629. If your whole country had to listen to you talk for ten minutes what would you talk about?

1630. Do you have a guardian angel?

1631. Do you smoke?

1632. Who is more successful, Bill gates or Mother Theresa?
it depends on how you measure success.

1633. What band T-shirts do you own?
well i don’t know that i have them any more, but i had bon jovi, van halen, the jets, and nkotb, i believe.

1634. What is your favorite thing that is red?
a red pen.

1635. Have you ever worn mismatched socks on purpose?
yes, on mismatch day. and it wasn’t socks, but shoes. i don’t wear socks.

1636. Do you check nutrition labels?

1637. Most Mcdonalds value meals are about 1,500 calories (the amount of calories an average person needs in one whole day) and over 1,000 of those calories are from fat. What do you think about this?
that’s why they’re so popular. well, that and it’s cheap.

1638. If you could delete someone’s diary would you if:
They didn’t agree with you?
They were rude/obnoxious to you?
They wrote rude entries?

no, i wouldn’t delete anyone’s diary. just my own.

1639. Have you ever worn:
A dress or a skirt if you are a guy?
A tie if you are a girl?


1640. Do you trust people at restraunts who handle your food that they aren’t doing anything gross to it while you can’t see them?

1641. How do you wear your hair each day?
mostly pulled back into a bun. once in a while i’ll braid it instead.

1642. Have you ever worn:
A gas mask?
A blindfold?

a blindfold.

1643. Would you be willing to go hang gliding?

1644. What is the difference between a man’s button down shirt and a woman’s button down shirt?
the buttons are on different sides.

1645. Have you ever taken a lock of someone else’s hair?
yes. i have my son’s from his first haircut.

1646. Have you ever given anyone a lock of your hair?

1647. If you had a locket what would you put inside?
a picture.

1648. Is blood a turn on for you?

1649. Have you ever written anything in your own blood?

1650. Have you ever drank, slurped or licked someone else’s blood?


















1668. quality do you value most highly in others?
okay seems to be a chunk missing. i’m assuming the beginning of this question is what. i think i value compassion.

1669. What is your opinion of the current political climate in your country?
i try not to think about politics.

1670. In some high schools attendance of pep rallies is mandatory. How would you feel in this situation?
it was for us. i think.

1671. Could you possibly fall in love with a prostitute?
i guess.

1672. What do you think of these names:

they’re okay?

1673. What is one situation you want to avoid ever happening to you?
a painful one.

1674. Low fat or fat free?

1675. Are you cowardly?

1676. Do you ever feel less than fresh?

1677. Whose number is 867-5309?
jenny jenny

1678. Have you ever written something on a bathroom wall?

1679. When was the last time you fell down in public?
when i tripped.

1680. Are you more aggressive or mellow?

1681. What have you done with your self to keep your life worth living?
i don’t know?

1682. What is the most incredible thing you can do?
be not-so-incredible.

1683. Do you bury your pets, flush them, or throw them away?
aww. 😦

1684. Do you get embarrassed when someone shows off baby pictures of you?
no. no one shows them off.

1685. Who has made the biggest sacrifice for you?

1686. What’s your favorite thing that is yellow?
my star-shaped post-its.

1687. Do you take any vitamins or drugs?

1688. What’s the coolest HTML code you know?
i don’t know very much code.

1689. If you had to change your diary name what would you change it to?

1690. Do you want to grow old with someone?
that would be nice.

1691. Do you ever read entries titled ‘leave notes’?
hmm. no?

1692. Do you ever read entries titled ‘please read’?

1693. Have you ever played Dungeons and Dragons?

1694. Have you ever played Magic the Gathering?

1695. Have you ever played Vampire the Masquerade?

1696. Have you ever played Risk?

1697. Of the above mentioned four games which one is most appealing to you?
well, the only one i played, magic the gathering. i liked that quite a bit.

1698. What have you complained for so long about having to do that you could’ve accomplished it by the time you were finished complaining?

1699. When was the last time you went out of your way to be cheerful and friendly, even when you felt like punching everyone around you?
last day of work.

1700. Do you treat others better or worse than yourself and why?
i guess better? i think it’s better to think of others than to be wrapped up in yourself for too long.

Part Eighteen

1701. How will tomorrow be like today?
it’s another day. i actually hope that i’ll do more tomorrow.

1702. How would you react if a stranger pinched your bottom?
i’d ignore it.

1703. When was the last time you went on a date?
the other day.

1704. Have you ever ridden a horse?

1706. What is almost over?

1707. What should you be doing that you are putting off?

1708. How much would you have to change physically before you would no longer be yourself anymore?
a lot?

1709. How much would you have to change mentally before you would no longer be yourself anymore?
just a little bit.

1710. Would you rather be famous or notorious?

1711. Would you rather have a necklace that’s dripping with diamonds or a blueberry farm?
necklace. not dripping, though.

1712. Could you take first place in a beauty contest?

1713. Who is the biggest hypocrite you know and why?

1714. Would you consider yourself to be more opinionated or bitchy?
i don’t think i’m either? well i guess people will say i’m the b one.

1715. How long is it until your next day off?
about another 11 hours.

1716. What sound is annoying you right now?
upstairs thumping of the kids.

1717. Imagine you’re taking a vacation with 4 people.
Who are they?

son, mother, maybe sister and her husband? or my two nieces.

1718. The five of you travel by plane. Suddenly your plane crashes down over snowy mountains. The pilot and the air crew and all the other passengers die.

The only way for you to survive is for one of you to get eaten by the others. Who will it be?

oh gee!! i don’t even want to think about that!

1719. Anorexia and obesity are two life threatening eating related disorders. Why is it that when it is discovered that someone is an anorexic they are rushed to the hospital, but when someone is obese they are not rushed to the hospital?
because people still need someone to tease.

1720. Who is your favorite smurf?
clumsy. 🙂

1721. Why do you do things that you know are bad for you?
i ask myself the same thing.

1722. How important is testing to education?
seems to be very important.

1723. What food group do you eat the most of (bread and pasta, meats and eggs and fish, fruits and vegetables, milk and cheese, sugar and butter)?
meat and eggs and fish.

1724. Who is the most adorable person you know?
my cousin.

1725. If you had to spend a half hour locked in a dark closet with someone from school or work that you don’t normally hang out with who would you want it to be?
ugh. someone funny.

1726. How often do you masturbate in a week?

1727. In the USA people work a full third of the year for the government, due to taxes. How do you feel about this?
i guess it can’t be helped.

1728. Should people be allowed to use cell phones in their cars?
not if they’re the drivers.

1729. Have you ever been in the room while a human baby was born?

1730. Have you ever been in the room while an animal baby was born?

1731. Did you see the video The Miracle of Life in school?
i don’t think so.

1732. How do you feel about having a baby?
i like the idea.

1733. Have you ever had a tooth pulled?

1734. Who are you waiting for an email/call/note/visit from?
a job offer.

1735. What are you counting the days until?
next summer.

1736. What is the greatest temptation for you?
ice cream.

1737. How do you resist it?
just gotta do it!

1738. Who is your knight in shining armor?
he has long gone.

1739. If you were walking and someone behind you yelled “HEY YOU!” would you turn around?

1740. Do loud noises make you tense?

1741. Has anyone ever told you that your epidermis was showing?

1742. Would you rather work or stay home with the baby?
stay home.

1743. Would you rather have people agree with you all the time or tell you the honest truth?
tell me the honest truth.

1744. Will you/have you gone to your high school reunion?

1745. What do you think of your yearbook picture?

1746. Are you more of a hunter or a gatherer?

1747. If you ever were to visit Hershey Park, the theme park based on the chocolate candy, would you enjoy going to the spa where you can be treated to a whipped cocoa bath, a milk and honey bath, or simply a chocolate fondue skin wrap?
i’ve never been to a spa, so i don’t know…i wonder if i would like all that pampering.

1748. If someone asks you to read a poem they wrote, will you really take your time to try and understand what they wrote and tell them what you think or just read it quickly and tell them that its really good?
i would try and understand.

1749. Do you feel that if a coincidence occurs it means something?

1750. Were you beautiful as a child?

1751. Do you think that it is okay for a homosexual or a woman to become a priest?
why not?

1752. Which would you rather give up forever, religion or sex?

1753. What comes to mind when you think of these places:
Canada? maple leaf.
UK? accents.
USA? red, white, and blue.
Australia? kangaroos and koalas.
Germany? military.
Italy? pasta.

1754. What does your favorite bumper sticker say?
i don’t have one.

1755. Have you ever taken a shower with another person?

1756. What bath toys do you have, if any?

1757. Would you rather propose to someone you love or would you rather be proposed to by someone you love?
i would never propose.

1758. How can you reject someone nicely?
be gentle.

1759. What kinds of diary names make you interested enough to check out the diary?
witty ones.

1760. What do you think are three common passwords people use to secure their diaries?
i don’t know?

1761. Pick an object in the room.
Give that object a name.
i usually add an ‘ee’ sound to the end or a ‘mr.’ in front. sometimes both.

1762. What is the quickest way to make you blush?

1763. Do you usually feel that you deserve it when other people compliment you?

1764. If you were to start your own business what kind of business do you think it might be?
i don’t know…something arty or crafty, i would think.

1765. What is one of your pet peeves?

1766. What question do you get asked too frequently?
“just one? how come?”

1767. You notice a ring is priced $40.00, but the cashier only charges you $10.00. Do you mention this to the cashier?

1768. Could a kiss on the ___ be considered cheating?

i guess the cheek or hand is okay.

1769. Would it bother you if your lover occasionally flirted with others?
depends. well, occasionally? no.

1770. How long has it been since you last played truth or dare?
it’s been a while.

1771. Should people who are living now be obligated to do things that will make the world better for people who will live 100 years from now?
why not?

1772. Imagine you have a dream in which someone you care for acts mean to you. Is it possible you will still be angry with this person when you wake up?
heh. no.

1773. Have you ever left someone a note with a picture in it?
If yes, how do you do it?


1774. What do you fear more, death or pain?

1775. Are the questions still interesting this far into the survey?
i guess so. whole chunk missing, though!

1776. Do you like the cartoon Inspector Gadget?
i’ve never seen it.

1777. You know how Gadget wears the same outfit all the time, and his closet is full of outfits that are exactly identical to the one he wears? If your closet was full of just one outfit that you had to wear everyday what would it be like?
a long flowing skirt and a loose-fitting top.

1778. Would you rather time travel to the future or the past?

1779. Would you rather know how the world began or how it will end?
i would like to know how it started, which just opposed what i just answered.

1780. Would you rather meet your ancient ancestors or your great great great great great great grandchildren?
i think my ancestors. gosh, even more in opposition.

1781. Out of these 4 which is most important (1=most, 2= second most, 3 = 3rd most, 4 = least)?

Curing diseases such as aids, cancer: 1
Preserving wildlife areas: 2
Ending terrorism: 3
Building colonies in space: 4

1782. In your opinion should every child be entitled to a good education?

1783. What news item are you tired of hearing about?

1784. Speaking of 9/11 the anniversary is coming up. What will you be doing?

1785. If this were a recipe for you, how would it go?

2 cups:
1 cup:
1/2 cup:
A pinch of:
A dash of:
Mix well and bake until:

oh gosh i’m not that creative. i have to think about this for a while.

1786. Which of the following would YOU be more likely to survive:
A fall from a 3 story building
Driving a car into the water

i guess the car.

1787. What philosophy was manifested in the communist manifesto?

1788. Who is your exact opposite?

1789. Would you rather have serenity or insanity?

1790. What do these phrases mean?
Moulin Rougue: red moulin.
Le voyage sur le bateau: voyage on a boat?
Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir: will you sleep with me tonight?

1791. What is the longest distance you have ever walked?
several miles.

1792. The ancient Greek philosopher Plato believes that beauty truth and justice all basically mean the same thing. What are your feelings about this?
i don’t know where beauty fits in to it.

1793. How did you first begin to assert yourself as independent from your parents?
when i got my license, i was able to drive myself places so they didn’t always know where i was headed.

1794. If you had a magic bracelet, would you use it to gain luck, money, health, creativity or love?

1795. What would you do if every time you used your magic bracelet something bad would happen to someone else?
i wouldn’t use it.

1796. This is a story about a girl. While at the funeral of her own mother, she met a guy whom she did not know. She thought this guy was amazing, so much her dream guy she believed him to be that she fell in love with him then and there, although she didn’t even see him after the funeral ended. A few days later, the girl killed her own sister.

What is her motive for killing her sister?

1797. Have you ever intentionally hurt someone’s feelings?
i don’t think so.

1798. What do you think of Franz Ferdinand?
i don’t know who that is.

1799. What do you think of the band Modest Mouse?
i don’t know who they are.

1800. What do you think of Morrissey?
he’s okay?


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