Posted by: malia | June 16, 2013

5000 questions: part 33 & 34

Part Thirty-Four

3201. What if this is as good as it gets?
oh, this reminds me of kwizgiver. i wonder if she did this? hmm, a quick search shows me she only did the part listed on sunday stealing.

3202. Have you ever dated someone mostly or completely because of their looks?

3203. What does the word ‘of’ mean?
something that is a part of something?

3204. What should you never forget?

3205. How many of the 7 Dwarves can you name for us?

3206. What animal does your mom resemble?
i don’t know.

3207. Have you ever had a palm reading?

3208. What’s acrazy thing you did that you got in troubl for as a kid?

3209. What do you battle against?

3210. Do pircings really make the pierced area dramatically more sensative?
i don’t know.

3211. If you had put aside some money for a trip and the travel agent said he had 2 trips available in your price range during the week you want to go, which would you choose:

a> a week in hawaii in a luxory beach resort
b> a week in africa helping the red cross distribute food and medicine

a. i don’t think i could handle the plane ride to africa.

3212. Have you ever played with a dreidal?

3213. Did you know that Kraft is owned by a ciggerette company?

Does that bother you?

3214. With all the information constantly rushing at you, how do you know what’s important?
i don’t.

3215. How is your life unlike a movie?
it’s not so predictable.

3216. Where is the most beautiful place you have visited?

3217. What is never going in your mouth?
gross things.

3218. Are there realaly 5,000 different facts about you?

3219. Do you like banana bread?
it’s okay.

3220. Who are you the most gentle and tender around?

3221. If electrodes were inserted into your brain and a button was put into your arm so that you could push the button and stimulate an immeadiate orgasm would you forget about life and sit at home pushing the button until you died?

3222. Is there a differance between being scared and afraid?

3223. Are you scared and/or afarid of death?

If yes, what is it about death?
The pain?
The seperation?
the unknown?
the fear of nothing?

not so much the pain, but, yes, the other three.

3224. What is exsitentialism?
i don’t know.

3225. SUCCESS is counted sweetest
By those who ne’er succeed.
To comprehend a nectar
Requires sorest need.

Not one of all the purple host
Who took the flag to-day
Can tell the definition,
So clear, of victory,

As he, defeated, dying,
On whose forbidden ear
The distant strains of triumph
Break, agonized and clear.

by, Emily Dickinson

What is Emily Dickenson trying to say here?
oh, i so suck at analyzing poetry. i think she’s saying that it’s the person who doesn’t have something that appreciates or values it more than the person who does have it.

3226. A college girl (maybe you?) blows a tire and pulls off the road in an unfamilliar residential neighborhood. She is having trouble changing the tire when a man in his late thirties-ish comes over and asks if she needs some help. He changes her tire and offers to let her go into his house to wash her hands. She is dirty from trying to change the tire. Should she accept?
if she wants to.

She does accept and he gives her a tour of the house inclding the upstairs. The staircase in the livingroom leads directly into the master bedroom. The view out the window is beautiful. What are you thinking about this situation?

3227. Are you too trusting of others?

3228. What’s the difference between a den and a living room?
i imagine a den more where one works? so like it’d have a desk and no tv.

3229.Write a stream of consiousness sentance:
i wonder why the question writer always spells sentence like that? does no one edit these? is there no spell-check? it’s getting worse and worse.

oops, sorry, i guess that was more than one ‘sentance.’

3230. Who is the hero of all kids?
i don’t know.

3231. Who do you tend to show more of your best side to, your family or strangers?

3232. How do you think the harry potter series will end?
he dies.

3233. Name three things that would make really bad ice cream flavors:
adobo, balut, and pig’s blood.

3234. Would you try a jelly bean if it’s flavor was:
toasted marshmellow?
fried chicken?
black pepper?
ear wax?

none of them.

Did you know that you can get these flavors of jellybeans at

3235. What’s at the center of the earth?
a core.

3236. have you ever wondered where holidays come from?

3237. Do you think there should be more movies shown in 3D?

3238. Are you just another brick in the wall?
i guess.

3239. Write a haiku (a poem with 3 lines, 1st line is 5 syllables, second line is 7 sylabels, 3rd line is five syllabals):
sometimes i wonder
how one can keep answering
all of these questions.

3240. Are you cautious and tame?

3241. Do you like to eat at Subway?

3242. Is 42 the meaning of life?

3243. Would you agree that a blade of grass is nothing less than the journeywork of stars?

3244. Do you want to die?

3245. If someone was studying ‘the humanities’ what the hell are they studying?
social studies.

3246. Is this question REALLY is this question 3246?

3247. Do you want to dieT?

3248. What is colder, your feet, or the floor?
the floor.

3249. What is older, your mouth, or the door?
my mouth.

3250. Are you more beauty or more beast?

3251. Are we there yet?

3252. Scantron or handwritten tests?

3253. What’s that sound?
the a/c.

3254. True/false: To the maggots on the cheese, the cheese is the universe.
i guess.

3255. What’s the best treat to bring with you to elementary school for your birthday? Cupcakes?
that’s what a lot of them do.

3256. What would you expect to learn from self interrogation?
not much.

3257. When you feel cold does eating warm food help you feel warm?

3258. Does being true to yourself mean saying ‘screw everybody else, my shit is more important’?

3259. Have you reckoned a thousand acres much?

3260. Have you reckoned the earth much?

3261. Have you ever had a vision?

3262. If you have a vision or belief and someone else has a conflicting vision or belief, how do you tell which one is valid?
through logic.

Are they both valid?

3263. Why is everything based around proof and facts instead of intuition?
because it can be analyzed.

3264. What is the grass?
a plant.

3265. Have you ever supposed it is lucky to be born?

Is it just as lucky to die?

3266. What is it that you express in your eyes?

3267. What is man anyhow?
a human.

What am I?
i don’t know.

and what are you?

3268. You understand enough. Why don’t you let it out?

3269. What is less or more than a touch?
i don’t know.

3270. Why should anyone wish to see god more than they wish to see this day?
i don’t know.

3271. Have you guessed that after death you yourself would not continue?

3272. Have you dreaded the earth beetles?
um, i guess?

3273. Have you feared the future would be nothing to you?

3274. Is today nothing?

3275. Is the beginingless past nothing?

3276. Do you believe in a collective unconsiouss?

3277. Jung or Freud?
i don’t know enough about either.

3278. What is a ‘fate worse than death’?
slow torture?

3279. What are the 5 main things you think about?/
i can’t think of five.

3280. Name someone you know.
What is the biggest thing you have in common with them?
we breathe.

3281. Do you think that laws sshould be passed to regulate human breeding?

3282. Do you think they already exist in a subtle way?

3283. Why is it that so many people are demanding the death penalty as punishment for a wider and wider range of crimes?
i don’t know.

3284. Is it partially to weed the nonconformists out of the gene pool?

3285. What does it mean to be free?
i don’t know.

3286. What does it mean to be tamed or domesticated?
not afraid of live among people.

3287. Is the human animal becoming more and more tame and domestic?

If yes, what is causing this?
i don’t know.

are we becoming more or less free?
i’m not sure.

3288. Are you embaressed about your naked body?

If yes, is that freedom?
is it?

3289. Are you the result of all of evolution up to this point?

3290. The murderous person…how does he sleep?
i don’t know.

3291. Your mother…is she living?

Have you been much with her?
i guess?

and has she been much with you?
i guess.

3292. Are these questions disturbing you?

If yes, why?

3293. What are you focused on?

3294. Have you ever admired wickedness?

3295. Is the acomplishment of one person the accomplishment of all humanity?

Why or why not?
one person’s thing is not representative of all.

3296. Is the imprisonment of one person the imprisonment of all humanity?

Why or why not?
not all people behave that way.

3297. We’re just following anchient history. If I strip for you, will you strip for me?
uh huh huh.

3298. Have you ever wished you had not so many clothes?
after just going through my closet, yes.

3299. What is the balance between conformity and individual freedom?
i don’t know.

3300. What do these things have in common: nakedness, sex, killing, fighting, shitting, death?
that’s not nice.

Part Thirty-Five

3301. When someone is ‘crazy’ why do we call them ‘nuts’ or ‘fruitcakes’?
i don’t know.

3302. What’s the dillio?
where’s the rock and roll?

3303. Where did the slang term ‘dillio’ come from?
i don’t know. i thought it was spelled dealio, like what’s the deal? but adding on the ‘o.’

3304. How many even whole numbers are there between -5 and 5?

3305. What words can you make useing only these letters: E N O?
one. eon.

3306. What’s the differance between foods that are low fat and foods that are lite?
i don’t know.

3307. White or brown rise?
doesn’t matter.

3308. Can you be content if you are physically uncomfortable?

3309. What is the differance between discomfort and pain?
pain is really sore.

3310. What is the most uncomfortable thing you can think of?

3311. What do these names make you think of:
britney spears? mmc.
walt whitman? poetry.
buddah? spelled like that, it makes me think of bruddah.
william shakespere? sonnets.
pablo picasso? cubism.
adam ant? well, strip, since you just talked about it.
franz kafka? the metamorphosis.
nietzche? germany.
madonna? virgin.
orson scott card? i don’t know him.
frieda kahlo? eyebrows.
god? white.
salvidor dali? melting clocks.
david bowie? two different colored eyes.
jesus? the cross.
lars ulrich? metallica.
jim henson? kermit.

3312. What are your favorite games to play?

3313. Are you quick to judge something as stupid just because you don’t understand it?

3314. Are you obnoxious to others?

3315. Do you feel superior to anyone?

3316. Shouldn’t people take a good look at themselves before they criticize others?

3317. Which is better and why:
writing or saying obnoxious things about someone who isn’t around to defent themselves or saying it straight to them?
well the first one is better for the person with those thoughts–it’s not good in either one for the person receiving the obnoxious thing.

Which do YOU do more often?
i rarely do it straight to the person.

3318. Do you appologize too often?

3319. Does your mind play tricks on you?

3320. Have you read (any of):
the bible?
the koran?
the torah?
the kama sutra?
the satanic bible?

just the bible and the kama sutra.

Are these mystical texts or historical ones?
some are historical.

3321. Do you own any possetions that you hide from parents, friends, visitors?


3322. Why does the cheese stand alone?
because it doesn’t take anyone.

3323. Do you watch any soaps?

3324. Have you learned something new today?/
not yet.

3325. Do you believe in an ‘oversoul’ of all humanity?
i’m not sure what that is.

3326. Have you invented your own style, just for you?
i guess.

3327. have you invented your own religion, just for you?

3328. What files have you recently downloaded?
a game or two.

3329. Some people think little girls should be seen and not heard but I think:
it should apply to boys more so than girls.

3330. Do you dance around a lot?

3331. Is the unexamined life worth living or not?

3332. What are you like when you’re at your most beautiful?

3333. What are you like when you are at your worst?

3334. Why do you hide things about yourself?/
no one cares.

3335. Why is anything ‘too personal’ to talk to others about?
you don’t trust the other person’s reaction.

3336. Why should we be embarressed, afraid, or appologetic for ANYTHING we think, say or do?
because we are being considerate to the other person.

3337. Can true freedom exist in this world of doubt and guilt?

3338. What do you have no control over?

3339. Do you own a vibrating pillow?

How about a vibrating back massager?

3340. Can you dance away your emotional pain?

3341. When you dance is it a celebration of life?
i guess.

3342. When do you feel the most immortal?
i don’t know.

3343. Are you more of a painting, a poem or a song?
a song.

3344. Is lonliness a crowded room full of open hearts turned to stone?
i don’t know.

3345. Is YOUR heart ever stone?

3346. Are we alltogether all alone?
i guess.

3347. Does life end in a happily ever after way?

3348. What’s the warmest part of your body?

3349. Are you more verbal or visual?

3350. What do you long for?

3351. True or false: When someone hates you it is because:
they’re jealous of you? not always.
the things you say are frightening to them because what you say makes them think about things they would rather avoid thinking about? maybe?
they don’t understand you? most likely.

3352. True or false: When you hate someone it is because:
you’re jealous of them? maybe.
the things they say are frightening to you because what they say makes them think about things you would rather avoid thinking about? hmm, not really.
you don’t understand them? not really.

3353. Have you ever been fascinated by someone who hated you?

3354. Since the human brain has defense mechanisms against feeling bad (meaning the brain lies to itself to avoid feeling bad about something it said or did) how can we ever know if we are truly being honest?
it does??

How do we know our brains are not tricking us into believeing we are good people when we aren’t all good?/
i don’t know.

3355. How highly do you value innovation?
it’s nice.

3356. Is there a name where all the people you’ve ever met haveing that name had something in common with each other(ex. all the jens you’ve ever met had blue eyes)?

3357. Are you focused more outward or inward?

3358. What is the most affectionate nickname you ever came up with for someone?
my sister cracks me up with her affectionate nicknames. i also used to laugh whenever my ex called me ‘honeybunches.’ oh, i’m not small enough to be just one, huh? or i’d respond, ‘of oats?’ so funny. i’m not creative in this area.

3359. Are the questions STILL still interesting this deep into the survey?
they’re kinda repetitive.

3360. If someone else makes their desicions based on their intuition instead of on facts and proofs what do you think of that person?
they don’t know.

3361. Do you trust your own intuition?

3362. Finish the phrase…
danger is the: spice of life?
just keep: trying.
never trust: anyone.
the way I live my life: is my business.
don’t change: me.
maybe someday: my ship will come.

3363. Would you rather live in Frodo’s world or Harry Potter’s?
i don’t know either.

3364. Do you believe that the dead are with us?

If yes in what form?

3365. Do you believe that those who haven’t been born are with us?
i guess?

If yes, in what form?

3366. Are you made of timid stuff?

3367. Is there anyone in this world who is not CRAZY?

3368. What word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?

3369. Can you mashed potatoe?

Can you do the twist?

3370. What does your family do for thanksgiving..or if you don’t celebrate it what do you picture when you think of thanksgiving?
we used to get together at my grandma’s. not sure what we’re going to do this year.

3371. What is your earliest memory?
eating an ice cream cone on newspaper.

3372. Have you ever taken an IQ test?

What’d you get?

What do you think of those things?
it’s okay?

3373. How do you make ‘fishcakes’?
i’m not sure.

Put the potatoe in the fish…

3374. Which is the better band..the offspring or the damned?
i don’t know either.

3375. Do you ever think about world destruction?

3376. Do you think humans are becoming more robotic?

3377. Do you think we’ll ever be replaced by robots?

3378. What do you feel a part of?

3379. Does it freak you out to know that yogurt is ALiVe??

3380. What current band d o you think is doing something particularly interesting or innovative?
i’m not sure.

3381. Golf course, do you remember?
of course you do.

3382. Which is more important, books and cleverness or friendship and bravery?

3383. If i promise to miss you, will you go away?
i had a button that said this in high school. 🙂

3384. stool, ball, powder…Can you think of a 4th word that connects these three?

3385. Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?

3386. Why are blondes considered ‘dumb’?
because they don’t have to think–people will do stuff for them.

3387. What’s more important..intuitiveness/creativity or factual knowledge and practicallity?
both are important.

3388. Who are the two worst terrorists you can think of?
there are so many.

3389. What is jello made of?

3390. Pick a country:
What do you believe is wrong with that country?

a lot.

3391. Do you have strong opinions?

3392. Do you do what it takes to stand up for those opinions?

3393. Have you ever been to a rally, protest or demonstration?

If yes was it effective and in what ways?
i’m not sure if it was.

3394. When people say, ‘yeah it sucks but there’s nothing I can do’ do you believe them?

3395. Do you know what you can do to make this world a better place?

Do you care?

3396. Why is peace so important anyway?
so people don’t die needlessly.

Why is freedom important?
so people don’t tell you what to do.

3397. As long as you have your house and your family and you can go to the movies and the mall who cares about peace and freedom. Right?
haha. right.

3398.Do you try to avoid anything involving work?
during break, yes. especially if i’m not getting paid.

3399. If you are not actively wrking to stop the horrors and injustices of the world (war, hunger, poverty) than aren’t you partially responsible for them?
i guess.

3400. Are you in denial?


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