Posted by: malia | June 2, 2013

5000 questions: part 49

Part Fifty

4801. Have you ever been to

Have they offered to publish or honor you?

Are you aware that this is a scam?

4802. Is joy more stressful than stress is joyful?
no. stress is not joyful. there may be some stress to being so joyful.

4803. Should history be taught as a series of patriotic myths about heros or should it be taught accurately and truthfully?

Which way do you feel it is mostly taught?
it’s mostly one-sided.

4804. What is your personal mythology?
i don’t know?

4805. Do you practice zen driving (just following someone who looks like they know where they’re going and hoping it turns out alright)?

4806. If you saw two monkeys getting it on at the zoo and a child asked you, ‘What’re those monkeys doin’ what would you say?
they are just fooling around.

4807. Have you ever felt like you were a part of
one human?
one animal?
one consciousness?
one singular sensation?
one love?
one life?


4808. You find a website that will match you up with a lonely soldier who has no family to write to him and you would become his pen pal. Would you participate even if you were personally against the war?

If yes, would it be hard for you to keep your political opinions out of the letters?

4809. What kind of email would you like to get everyday?
i love getting email. i feel so sad when i check my email, and there’s no new ones. 😦 any kind is great, except spam, but i particularly love the personal kind from people who are just thinking about you, which now that i think about it, is something every boyfriend i’ve had did, except the first, and only because i didn’t have an email address at the time. even those who didn’t have computers would go to the library to email me. awww.

4810. If you are in college will you participate in the following web site?

4811. Would you ever refer to shakesphere as ‘willie the shake’?

4812. When was the last time you talked about your soul?
the last time you asked this question.

4813. Why is the TV show Married By America making a big deal out of how these couples will marry each other ‘sight unseen’ when no one in the compititon is unattractive?
i have never heard of this show.

4814. You have made a friend on the internet. You talk deeply all the time but have never met or even seen pictures of each other. You finally decide to meet. He or she tells you that he or she will be waiting for you in the air port lobby wearing a black dress/suit and a rose. You give no description of yourself. When you get there you see someone wearing black and a rose but they are very very overweight. Do you go over and tell them who you are anyway?

4815. Have you ever sent someone from the internet to a place to meet you but you had no intention of showing up?

4816. PETA (animal rights activists) started an ad compaign recently showing pictures from concentration camps and comparing the mistreatment and death of animals to the holocaust. Your reaction?
i don’t like reading about mistreatment, animal or human.

4817. Who do you feel inferior to?

Who do you feel superior to?
no one.

4819. What do you dislike so much that you could write 4 entries in one day about it?

4820. What do you think of notes that have a very good point but are left unsigned?
why does that matter?

4821. Why do people often say that the arabs just don’t want to farm and industrialize when they invented farming and industry?
i don’t know.

Doesn’t this show a lack of respect for arab culture?
i guess so.

4822. Why are some people so hell bent on bombing the cradle of civilization?
i don’t know.

Is there some deep subconcious need to destroy it?
i guess that’s what they feel.

4823. You know that the rising terror alert is all propaganda, right?

It takes years to plan attacks like sept. 11, not months or days.

4824. At what age does dying your hair with manic panic become undignified?
what does that mean?

4825. What question do you never want someone to ask you?
do you like me?

4826. What do you think of hot pink hoop earings?
it’s okay.

4827. What has something for everyone?

4828. What dish would you bring to a pot luck dinner?
i’m always asked to bring the appetizers.

4829. How many people are you friends with that live or have lived in another country?
maybe a couple?

4830. How much would you bet thet there will NOT be another terrorist attack on AMerica this year?
not a lot.

4831. Why do bad things happen to good people?
i don’t know.

4832. Name a person you seriously dislike because of their actions:
name a person you seriously like because of their actions:
Would you rather see a really good thing happen to the person you dislike or a really bad thing happen to the person you like?
good thing.

4833. Do you know someone who has
threatened to commit suicide? no.
attempted sucicde? no.
‘sucessfully’ killed themsleves? yes.

4834. Why do you think the world suicide rate is rising?
i don’t know.

4835. A woman from New Zealand has offered to let herself by crucified, literally, by G W Bush in exchange for him not going to war. Furthermore, she says he doesn’t have the “courage” to do it. Your reaction?
i don’t think he would.

4836. Which Mike is more insane, Jackson or Tyson?
i don’t know.

4837. “It’s not my business to inject myself into human wars.” — PETA President Ingrid Newkirk, telling The Washington Post why she asked Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat to ensure no more donkeys were used in attacks against Israelis, but would not ask him to intervene for people. Your reaction?
well, i guess someone needs to speak up for the animals. the people are being handled by the governments.

4838. Is today an easy day for you?
i guess?

4839. Tyler Dirden says ‘Let me never be complete.’
Tyler Dirden says, ‘May I never be content.’
Do you agree?

i guess that’ll give you more purpose to life.

4840. What movie did you have to turn away from in horror, disgust, or fear?
gross ones.

4841. What does KMFDM stand for?
i don’t know.

4842. Have you ever met anyone that you can’t help being fond of because they remind you of yourself?

4843. If you met yourself 8 years ago would you more likely beat yourself up or give yourself a hug?

4844. Do you have a nervous laugh?

4845. What’s your favorite milkshake flavor?
mint chocolate.

4846. How long, at the very least, should two people be in a relationship before marriage?
as long as it takes to feel like they are sure about it.

4847. How many years can two people be in a relationship without marrying before you start wondering when they are getting married and why they haven’t married already?
i don’t think that about people. none of my business.

4848. What challenges you?

4849. What irritates you?

4850. What bores you?

4851. Have you paid your parents back for raising you?

4852. In America public schools are funded with the property taxes from the houses within the school district. Imagine you live in a wealthy area with very good public schools. How would you feel about students from a less wealthy area being bussed into your school district at no extra charge to their parents?
it is unfair that schools in more wealthy areas get better things (like a/c) because the people there are more vocal and tied with politics. so if outsiders can attend those schools, then, great! they deserve as much as wealthy people’s kids.

4853. Should a child’s education really depend on how much money their parent’s have?

4854. Would you only feel required to help your own kids get a good education?

4855. Would it benefit you personally if all children had access to a good education?

Would your streets be safer?
Would there be less drugs and violence?
Would there be more innovation at jobs?

i think so.

4856. Andrew J. O’Conner, a former public defender from Santa Fe, was arrested in a public library and interrogated by Secret Service agents for five hours on February 13th. His crime? He said “Bush is out of control” on an internet chat room, and was arrested for threatening the President. Your thoughts?
was that statement the threat? or did he say other things, as well? i don’t see how saying someone is out of control is a threat on his life unless something was added on like, “and i’m gonna do something about it.” or something.

This is not about some fool of a Secret Service agent jumping the gun on an innocuous online comment. This is a failure from the top down, an empowerment – by the man charged with defending our constitution – of lesser jackasses with large badges who do not understand nor care for the importance of their positions. This is about failed leadership, and the despoiling of everything that makes this place precious and unique and sacred. In other words, Bush is out of control.

– William Rivers Pitt

4857. Let’s play a drinking game where we drink everytime Bush says ‘axis of evil’ or ‘evil doers’ or ‘weapons of mass destruction’. How many times do you imagine you would have to drink in one hour?
well, i doubt he says those things any more.

4858. Do vegans really live longer than meat eaters?
i don’t know.

Do they smell better?
i don’t know.

4859. Do you want a lover you don’t have to love?

4860. Do you believe that anyone can get ahead and if they don’t it’s because they are lazy and not trying hard enough?

4861. Do you forget to look at tye different opportunities available to different people?

4862. Do you often look at a subject without looking at why it is the way it is?

4863. Do you read any fan fiction?

write any?

4864. What did you think of the English patient?
i didn’t see it.

4865. Why do you think third world nations are so poor?
i don’t know.

4866. Have you ever created your own ‘what ___ are you’ quiz?

If you did make one what would it be about?
i don’t know.

4867. What do you think of the Dixie Chicks?
i don’t really know any of their songs.

4868. Are you looking for love?
In all the worng places?

i guess.

4869. What do you feel like complaining about?

4870. What do you feel like celebrating?
the weekend.

4871. Can a person speak out against their government and still support their country?

4872. Do you believe your government has a file on you somewhere?

What kind of stuff do you suppose is in it?
nothing. i’m not all that interesting.

4873. Do you own a $2 bill?
yes. i don’t know where it is, though.

Is it lucky?

4874. Would you rather date someone 3 feet tall or 9 feet tall?

4875. What do you think of Americans calling fries and toast fried in egg batter Freedom Fries and Freedom Toast instead of French Fries and French toast?
they can call it whatever they want.

4876. Would you rather have a child that is more confident or more curious?

4877. If you were going to write a bedtime story for someone you loved what would it be about?
whatever the person liked.

4878. What is your element?
i don’t know.

4879. When are you at a loss for words?
all the time.

4880. What gets you through the night?

4881. What is the worst time to be alone?
when you need someone.

4882. When are you the most emotionally vulnerable?
all the time.

4883. How would you tell your friend his fly was open in public?
i would gesture.

4884. Does a good friend tell you you’ve gotsomething in your teeth or pretend not to notice it?

4885. If you were describing the following bands to someone who never heard of them, what other band would you say they sounded like?
Cold Play:
Ever Clear:
The Velvet Underground:
The Flaming Lips:

i think i only really know rush out of all them, so people would have to describe them to *me*.

4886. Do you have a good luck charm?

4887. What is the essence of You?
i don’t know.

4888. A word to the wise:

4889. Do you photograph well?

4890. Is it a great day to be alive?

4891. What would you consider to be better than sex?

4892. Some people are just so..

4893. What evil is necessary?
i don’t know.

4894. What would you do anything for?

4895. Do famous people have the same right to speak their political veiws as regular people?

4896. Are your best years gone by?

4897. Are you ordinary?

4898. What are you recovering from?

4899. Did Gilligan ever get off that island?

4900. What do you think people think when they first meet you?


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