Posted by: malia | February 28, 2013

friday 5: unusual stuff


What’s the most surprising or unusual thing to be found in your wallet, purse, or backpack?
i really don’t think i have anything unusual–just the regular boring things you’d find in anyone’s wallet, purse, or backpack.

What’s the most surprising or unusual thing to be found on your computer’s hard drive?
nothing. 😯

What’s the most interesting thing hanging on your walls?
the only thing on my walls right now is a clock i made. it doesn’t even work any more but i can’t reach it so there it stays. 😛

What’s the most uncharacteristic thing in your fridge?
my icebox is pretty boring–just bottles of water and a few condiments like bottles of salad dressing and sticks of butter.

What’s something you’ve done in the past year that you thought was going to be awful but turned out pretty good?
i thought our hike was going to be awful–with the group of kids i have this year and my one special one, i dreaded going on it for fear of someone getting hurt or lost. but luckily (well, it was lucky for me, not for others), they didn’t let us go all the way up the trail because of the windy conditions, so we just went far enough to see the layers and then we came back. phew!!! so it turned out pretty good that no one got hurt or lost, but i did end up with an awful backache lugging around the backpack full of first aid stuffs and extra lunches. :S


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