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sunday stealing: the first meme

Sunday Stealing: The (20) First (Questions) Meme

First Job:
i really liked my first job. it was one of those student work programs the federal government ran. i was a clerk-typist in a *very* interesting office. loved the different personalities that worked there. and it didn’t hurt that they constantly spoiled me there, too. loved it.

First Real Job:
as in full-time job? ugh. that would be the current job, and it’s such a bleak contrast compared to my first one. 😦 i got a lot of attention from my first job–i get practically nothing at my current one. well, except from 22 little kiddos. but among my colleagues and administration, i’m practically invisible.

First Volunteer Job:
well, i don’t know how much this constitutes as a “job” as it was only one day a year, but for a few years from about … age 8 or so until my late teens, i’d help my aunty out at the great aloha run by passing out “i finished!” shirts to the finishers of the race.

First Car:
my first car was kinda a share car with my sister. i paid the down payment (over half the car’s cost), and she took over the monthly payments to cover the rest. i loved that car, though i didn’t use it as much, because whenever i needed to go somewhere, i usually got rides from somewhere else, because either the parking fees were too high (at work), so my dad would take me, or for hula, we always all caught ride with one person, or my then bf would drive. my sister (more her bf) would use the car more than i did, especially once her bf’s car got stolen and was found totally gutted. but after that sister got married, and they finally got their own car, and had paid off the rest of the loan for the car, and it was technically “mine” from then on. i loved it–it was a nice sapphire blue and since i kept it up with its maintenance schedule, it lasted a long, long time. when the a/c went out, i ended up just keeping it parked in one of my stalls while i used my other sister’s car, since she decided she never wanted to drive again, after getting into an accident. my neighbor noticed i never used it and wanted to buy it–i explained there was no a/c, but he said that was okay. so i sold my 10-year old car to him for $800. and he PAINTED IT BLACK!! i was so sad. it didn’t even look like car paint, too–it wasn’t glossy. then they moved away and took my car, and i never saw it again. ah well. it’s probably in the junkyard now, as it’d now be 19 years old. my poor first car. sigh.

First Record:
the first 45 i ever bought was “the music box dancer.” it was a song we did for summer fun, where we dressed up as butterflies and flitted about the stage to this song. feeling so beautiful and light as a dancing butterfly made me love this song, so i begged my dad to take me to tower records, and i bought the 45. ah. memories.

the first lp i bought was joan jett’s i love rock and roll. i hardly got to play it, though, because i had to compete with my dad for use of the stereo, and, of course, he always won out.

i don’t recall what my first cd was. i’m thinking it was bon jovi’s new jersey. but maybe that’s just wishful thinking. i always kept my cds in the order i bought them, rather than alphabetical. i know new jersey was in the beginning, but it might not have been first, although i can’t recall which one was first.

First Sport Played:
i can tell you the first sport i watched. 😛 the first one i played would have to be at school during p.e. so it was probably sham battle or kickball.

First Concert:
the first concert i went to was at the shell. i think it was donovan or something like that. my dad, obviously, was the one who dragged us all there. he won tickets through a radio station and took all of us and a few of his friends. i remember being bored and hot.

the first concert i went to on my own (that is, without parents, but with friends) was george michael, i think. that was in ’88, because i remember the very next day i left for my first merrie monarch, and i remember choosing to go to merrie monarch instead of my junior prom which was the same weekend, so that would’ve been in ’88. i know i also went to the jets but i don’t remember exactly when that was. bon jovi & van halen were in ’89, i believe. so it must’ve been george michael. or the jets. one of the two.

First Country Visited:
well, the only other country i’ve been to besides my own is mexico, but i’m wondering if it was even *in* their country. maybe i was still on the u.s. border side. i was only 10, so i don’t know for sure. but all i remember, besides the bright colors of mexican things (which i saw again when i went to san antonio), were the tons of beggars in the streets. some of them young, young kids! they just come right up to you and ask you for money or try to sell you little trinkets, and they were *very* persistent, following you in and out of shops. we bought these really creepy looking mexican puppets, and my mom got some mexican clothes (she spent some time in mexico right after she graduated from college–that was her present from her dad–so she was really into that stuff), and then we left. we didn’t stay there for very long, so i don’t think it’s a proper visit to another country.

First Kiss:
he was the son of my dad’s good friend, and we knew each other since we were little babies. he was a year older than me. we were around 7-8 years old. we were playing hide and seek, with my sisters, and he came over to where i was hiding. he was trying to say something and i was telling him shh! because i didn’t want my sisters to find where i was hiding (in his parents’ dark bedroom, between their bed and the wall, near the nightstand), and then he leaned over and kissed me. i was too shocked to react. he then kissed me again and then left. (see, i drove them away already at that age!) and we never really talked about it afterwards. it was just like, he was curious what all the fuss was about, did it, and found out that it really was nothing too great.

my first proper kiss wasn’t until much, much later. that one caught me by surprise, too, but it was nice, and at least i got to reciprocate.

First Speech:
we were required to take speech classes in intermediate and high school. i don’t remember exactly what my first speech was about but i remember that class very well. that teacher was such a jolly man with a booming voice. i always imagined that he must’ve been some shakespearean actor from the theater, with his loud, clear voice with perfect enunciation. and i remember the one speech his class was known for. in fact, i found out through my niece that they still do that same speech now, even though he had passed away a while ago. the teachers that followed him still keep his memory alive with that same speech project. aww.

First Girlfriend/Boyfriend:
i didn’t have a boyfriend until college. i was very studious in high school. 🙂 well, not to say i wasn’t studious in college, either. i would much rather study than party. well, i would much rather play muds on the computers in the lab than study, but yeah. i guess that’s the same thing to a typical college student’s view. but i did go out more socially than i did in high school. my first one was a classmate in one of my intense classes–started with him always sitting next to me so he could ask me stuff when he didn’t understand/copy my notes/etc. then i helped him study. i didn’t know it was “official” really, until he was asked by someone what he did over the weekend, and he said that he just hung out with his girlfriend. since i was sitting next to him, i heard the conversation, and i remember thinking, oh, i didn’t know he had a girlfriend. but as he described the hanging out with his girlfriend, i began to realize that that was exactly what we had done. so afterwards i asked him about it, and he kinda blushed and shrugged and then stammered that he thought i knew. but i was clueless. so, yeah. that’s how it started. and he was the first proper kiss from before. he was a sweetheart, but after that class ended, we drifted apart, since his world was so different than mine. it’s okay. he was a nice one to be the first.

First Encounter with a Famous Person:
the first one i remember was tom selleck. my mom was in love with him. we were in downtown, as we normally did every friday, where we’d walk there, shop around a bit, until my dad was finished with work, then we’d walk over to his office, jump in the car, and get a ride home. anyway, one day we were there, and we noticed that one of the streets was blocked off. so we kinda lingered there a while, wondering what was going on, when my mom saw the cameras and realized they were shooting magnum, p.i., her favorite show. so we stood around and watched for a while. and there was tom selleck, running out of a shop, and then “cut!”, and then they’d shoot it again. it was cool. then during a break, tom selleck actually came out to where all the fans were standing around watching and thanked them all for coming and such. someone asked him for an autograph, and he politely declined, saying that if he did, then he’d have to give one to everyone who was standing there, and that he had to get back to the shoot because they were on a tight schedule. and then, as if by cue, the director was yelling for him to come back, so he again thanked everyone for coming and watching and being a good audience, before running back to his spot where he was supposed to be chasing after someone. i remember thinking he was so nice. and it almost wasn’t real; it was like we were watching tv, but yet, we weren’t! so yeah, that was it. even though i didn’t talk to him or like he was looking at me specifically, that was my first encounter. 🙂

First Brush With Death:
i’m sure i’ve done a lot of stupid things but the one that remains in my head is a bit too gross to describe. but as i lay there, i remember thinking, oh gosh, i’m going to die. or well, i could’ve died. and that would have been a very gruesome way to find me.

First House/Flat Owned:
my first house is the one i live in now. it’s small, but it’s mine. 🙂 well, in another 13 years it will *fully* be mine, but i still consider it mine. that small little line where it says it’s actually owned by the bank doesn’t really matter to me. heehee. but i first got it when i started my first full-time job. i had actually looked elsewhere, but when i found a place i really liked, the lady wouldn’t sell it to me because i was unmarried. she told me to come back when i got married. because i had *just* broken up with my fiancé at the time, that was *really* rubbing salt into my fresh wounds. so i ended up a bit further down from where i wanted, and it happened to be right near my sister (in fact, she was the one who suggested i check the place out). so that was good–although i was now on my own, my sister and her family was very close by, so in case i needed anything, they were right there to help. that was nice. and that man decided to sell to me, married or not. 🙂

First Film Seen at a Cinema:
i think it was bambi. i was only 4 or so at the time, and i was taken by my mom’s cousin, who had also wanted to see it, but didn’t want to be the only adult there without a kid. i don’t remember much of it, though.

First Media Appearance (Radio, Newspaper, TV):
i guess that would have been one of my hula performances that was televised. oh, i guess even before that, by a couple of years, it would have been a songfest that is televised here. but it’s not like i was ever focused in on at one of those, unlike the hula ones.

First Hospital Stay:
the first time i’ve ever had to stay overnight would’ve been when i gave birth. i had to stay there for several days, in fact, due to complications. bleah. i just wanted to go home. everyone else is kicked out after a day of being there, but i had to stay there almost a whole week. i just wanted to go home and hold my long awaited for baby.

First Book You Remember Reading:
i had a lot of those little golden books. i remember being able to “read” one of them (it was more like reciting). it was a book of verses. when i could properly read, i remember reading things like go dog go and put me in the zoo.

First Pet:
my first pet, besides fish, was a stray dog. he looked just like benji, but instead of that rusty color, he was more a beigey color. the recreation leader had found him, but seeing that she already had 4 other dogs, she couldn’t keep him, so my mom said we would take him. he was a great dog. it was hard to keep him in, though–i guess he was used to being on the streets. he would find a way to escape and roam about. i remember once calling my dad in tears saying that he had run away. my dad just assured me that he’d come back on his own. then i remember walking to the bus stop and seeing him, and i called out to him, and he came running back. he just liked to wander around, which made him a flea magnet. oh the many treatments we had to give him to get rid of those fleas! but he was such a smart dog, where he even recognized cars–he knew when to bark to alert us that my cousin whom my mom babysat was being dropped off–even though he would come in four different cars, depending on who was dropping him off–the dog knew all of them! other cars would stop and he wouldn’t pay them any mind, but when one of the four would, he would bark, and we’d know to go out and open the gate, because either my uncle or my aunty or her sister or her parents were dropping him off. he was great.

First Election You Voted In:
it was for governor. i really wasn’t informed about any of the candidates; it was just exciting to be able to participate. in fact, i think i left most of my ballot blank because i didn’t know who anyone was. hee. i’m an idiot.

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