Posted by: malia | February 22, 2013

friday 5: spinning

from here.

What’s had you spinning ’round in circles lately?
my job.

When were you last on a bicycle?
gosh. years and years and years ago. oh, wait, i was on a bicycle maybe 4-5 years ago to teach my son how to balance on one. but i didn’t ride it.

Who’s the best storyteller you know?
my great-grandfather was really good. i loved listening to his stories.

How well do you handle carnival rides?
i guess i’m okay on them, but i haven’t gone on one in ages.

What do you think of TV gameshow Wheel of Fortune?
i don’t see the purpose of vanna any more. and i think they give too many chances. i still remember how the camera would pan over the items to buy when people would spend their money buying things. it moves along faster now, which is good, but i kinda think it’s more easier now, too.


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