Posted by: malia | February 16, 2013

saturday 9: pour some sugar on me

Saturday 9: Pour Some Sugar on Me

1) Do you have a favorite “hair metal band?”
yes, i do. i was a child of the ’80s, after all. and “pour some sugar on me” was one of my favorite songs. 🙂

2) Def Leppard got their start in South Yorkshire, England. Have you ever been to the UK?
no, though i was supposed to. sigh.

3) Who would you rather chat with, one-on-one: Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Prince William or Prince Harry?
i wouldn’t really have anything to say, but i guess prince william? he seems like the most relatable.

4) Do you use real sugar, or a sugar substitute?
real sugar.

5) Valentine’s Day is big for candy sales. Did you indulge in any Valentine-themed, sugary treats this week?
no, i didn’t.

6) Do you regularly balance your checkbook?
i used to be very good at this, but now since everything is online, i’m not as consistent as i once was.

7) What was your last impulse purchase?
cheesy tots. i had just come from the dentist so i don’t eat until my teeth don’t feel so sparkly. but we passed bk and i saw they had a big poster up for cheesy tots, which i thought they discontinued, and had to get some. although they’re still sitting in the bag because my teeth are still too sparkly.

8) When Sam was a girl, she had nightmares about snakes under her bed. When did you last have a bad dream?
i think just the other day. it was related to a big visitation we were having.

9) We’re ordering pizza. Do you want deep dish or thin crust?
i don’t think i’ve ever had a deep dish, but i’m imagining it must be very saucy, so i would want to try it. thin crusts usually don’t have a lot of sauce on them.



  1. Deep dish is indeed nice and saucy. But I’m not sure all that tomato sauce would be good for those sparkly teeth.

    • heehee! 😀

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