Posted by: malia | February 13, 2013

wednesday hodgepodge

from here.

1. This week marks the beginning of Lent…will you be giving something up or adding anything to your life during this season of the year?

2. The day before Lent is Shrove Tuesday…tradition states you eat pancakes on this day. In some parts of the world Shrove Tuesday is actually known as ‘pancake day’. How do you like your pancakes? Or don’t you?
i liked pancakes plain, before. i really don’t eat them now.

3. I’m sure there are many, but what is one love song you really love?
there are many. the one song, huh? hmm. i’ll have to think about that one.

4. What are some things you do to let others know you love them?
i think people can tell by my actions. occasionally i’ll voice it, every now and then, here and there, when you least expect it. but i think it’s more in the actions. more than words. hey, there’s a song.

5. Roses…red, pink, or some other color? Can you recall the last time someone gave you flowers? Given your choice would you like to open the door and see a dozen red roses, a dozen purple tulips, or a dozen pink peonies?
i’m given little weedy flowers almost daily by the kids. the last time i got a rose was over the summer when i had to go get some tests done. they gave every woman that had to go through those tests a rose when they left. i thought that was a nice touch. i guess it’s to kinda help calm the fears, because i can just imagine what the thoughts might be like if the news was bad. 😦

6. President’s Day will be celebrated next Monday. Does Presidential history and trivia interest you? Many Presidential homes are open to the public and offer guided tours…Monticello (Jefferson’s home), Mount Vernon (Washington’s home), Montpelier (James Madison’s home), Hyde Park (FD Roosevelt’s home) and The White House (home to the sitting President), to name just a few. Of those listed, which would you be most interested in touring? Why?
no, i’m not really interested in presidential history and trivia. i think i’d most want to see the white house, just to see.

7. Are you good at keeping secrets?
yes. i don’t have anyone to tell. 😛

8. Insert your own random thought here.
just saw a split end as i bolded this and so i had to stop and peel it. i know that’s bad for your hair, but i can’t help it. i need a haircut really bad. i’m getting paranoid that i’m losing hair too quickly so i need to cut it to alleviate the weight. and to keep it from getting caught in things, like the door or the screws of the chairs, because i lose a lot of hair to that, too. i wonder if you donate your hair to make a wig, if you can ask them to make the wig for you? they’d probably charge a lot, though, i guess. hmm.

the other thing that i heavily on my mind is that tomorrow is a very, very, very stressful day. there’s gonna be a group of people coming in to observe every single classroom, taking data about what kinds of questions we ask and what’s up on the walls, and what levels of thinking we are covering, and basically, are we doing our jobs. there’s 50 people coming (NOT an exaggeration, they have schedules and everything!), so it’s going to be a busy and very stressful day. i spent the last few days at work until it got dark, just making sure everything is up and commented on and standards are up and thinking is being shown. argharghargh. in addition, i have an early morning meeting with a parent, and my whole afternoon will be with the resource teacher who will be pretty much checking up on me and keeping me accountable. aljla;j;lajsl;fjla;sjfl;asjl;asfa. grrrr. i can’t wait until friday!!!!


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