Posted by: malia | February 2, 2013

saturday 9: aida

Saturday 9: Aida

1) Have you ever been to the opera?
no, i haven’t. i had a chance in october, but decided that if i went, i’d rather not go as a chaperone, lest the kids see me bawl my eyes out. yes, i’m that self-conscious.

2) Maria Callas was often called a “diva.” Is that a compliment or a criticism?
i don’t know whether i’d call it one or the other. in society, it’s a criticism–women that are demanding and have high standards are divas, and it’s not meant nicely. yet, men can act the same way but are not called divas, or have any sort of same label that has that negative connotation. maybe males being demanding are just the norm? and women are supposed to be the ones catering the the demands? yeah, whatever. i don’t think it’s a compliment to say you act like a man (especially in that regard), but in some ways, maybe it’s just trying to be equal? or saying, wow, this woman is not the stereotypical woman. she says what she wants, just like a man does. still, there are far better qualities to try and be equal in.

3) Aida was composed by famous Italian Giusseppe Verdi. In addition to opera, what else can the world thank Italy for?
yummy pasta dishes. mmmm.

4) Verdi was Italian and Callas was Greek. Would you rather vacation in Italy or Greece?
when i was younger, i would’ve chosen greece in a flash. i loved greek mythology, and i longed to visit places like the acropolis and walk around in the same space all those great philosophers did. but now, i think it would be a toss-up. i would go to either. i think i like italian food better than greek food, so there would be that. 😛 plus italy has its share of sights to behold as well, and i can walk along the same spaces famous composers did.

5) The Marx Bros. starred in A Night at the Opera. What’s the funniest movie you have ever seen?
i really don’t know. i haven’t seen a lot so my sampling has slim pickings, but i remember laughing at things like ferris bueller or goonies. i’m sure there are more; but i just can’t think of them right now.

6) What’s for dinner tonight?
i have a bag of sweet peppers that i need to use up–probably make sausage & peppers or something. however, i also have to go to costco for things, and since we always get a rotisserie chicken every time we go, that might be dinner instead.

7) Are you wearing any jewelry right now?
no. but i rarely do, anyway, unless i have something that would totally match one of my earrings or bracelets.

8) Sam Winters has a scratchy throat and watery eyes. How do you treat the common cold?
maybe it’s all in my head but this past year, every time i felt a cold coming on, i used the cold remedy spray that was recommended to me by my ex. he would swear by it. and then i saw it on sale this past year, so i thought, hmm, i’ll try it. and, yes, every time i’ve felt that little tickle–i know that feeling very well, because i work in an environment filled with germs being sprayed all over the place–i used the spray. and i have not had to take a sick day at all this year, because after a day or two of the spray, it’s gone. maybe it’s all in my mind. but i have not had a bad cold yet this year! *knock knock* when i usually do. so we’ll see how this goes. 😛

before that, i’d just try to treat it by getting lots and lots of rest.

9) Do you need your glasses (or contacts) when you drive?
i’m supposed to, but i’m right on the borderline, so i rarely do. i mean, i’m supposed to, by law (20/40, which i’m right around), but it’s not so bad that everything’s blurry. i can still see clearly–i just can’t read signs from far away without seeing fuzzy letters. i can make out what it says, but it just doesn’t look very clear. but it’s not like blurry where it’s not safe to drive.


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