Posted by: malia | February 1, 2013


it’s feb again. time for the annual littering of the blogosphere. 😝

friday 5: witness

What’s the oddest thing you’ve ever witnessed in a public restroom?
hmm. i don’t know.

What’s the single most beautiful sight you’ve ever seen?
there have been many things in nature that have just taken my breath away. wailua on kaua’i (fern grotto) immediate comes to my mind, but it could’ve been the company i was in that made me think it was so beautiful. i wonder if i’d feel the same way if i went now. i mean, i still think it’d be beautiful, but would it be the most?

What random act of kindness (not perpetrated by you) have you recently witnessed?
i have some really thoughtful kids, so i witness these things quite frequently. one went around picking up trash just because she said she wanted to take care of the classroom. so nice.

What are the best and worst tattoos you’ve ever seen in person?
i don’t think i’ve seen many tattoos in person. everyone i’ve ever been with detested tattoos. one of my friends gave herself a tattoo, a small cross on the inside of her ankle that she always had to hide whenever we had hula. but i know she did it herself, and i thought that was kinda neat. however, that’s neither the best or worst, so i don’t know why i brought that up. 😳

What’s the coolest act of daring you’ve ever seen in person?
hmm. i don’t know.

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