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friday 5: august & september

from here.


What’s your favorite book you’ve had read to you?

What book (or series of books) would you like to see turned into a film?
i think i answered this the other day–i think some of the magic tree house books would make fun movies, or at least a tv movie.

We often complain about movies not being as good as the books upon which they are based, but what’s a movie that was as good as (or better than) its book?
i answered this the other day, too–charlie/willy wonka and the chocolate factory.

Songs often take us back to specific times in our lives, or remind us of specific people. What book does that for you, and what’s the explanation?
whenever i think of mrs piggle wiggle or encyclopedia brown, i’m taken back to younger times. i can distinctly see the shelves they were on in the local library and the light brown carpet, i can hear the chattering of the after-school crowd (mostly all from the nearby private school, dressed in their sailor-like uniforms), and i can smell the books. my mom would take us every wednesday, the day the library would open late, and we’d go and borrow some 15-20 books each time. i always borrowed encyclopedia brown or mrs piggle wiggle at this age (as i got into my preteens, it was more choose your own adventures or the judy blume books), even though i had read them before, i’d cycle through them because i just loved them so. so now, even though the covers have changed for those books, whenever i hear the title, i’m back there at the library, sitting on the floor (since the mrs piggle wiggle books were on the bottom shelf), looking through the titles, and delighting when i find the one i was to read next.

What book do you know well enough to quote from once in a while?
there are several. during my ‘cool down’ period after recess (it’s steaming hot in the middle of the day when the kids have recess–and, as i’ve stated before, we have no a/c–so the kids come in sweaty, and it’s hard for them to concentrate–what better than turning off the lights off, letting them lay down where they like, and listen to a good book or two? perhaps it’s “wasting time” but i don’t think i’d get much further trying to do lessons with them at that point, either! might as well let them listen to a book!), i let a student go pick a book that i then read aloud to them. often, they will go back to their favorite books, over and over again. every year, though, it tends to be a different book, but i know those books well enough that i use them in other parts of the day, quoting them, using them to reinforce lessons, etc. it was especially good the one year the kids enjoyed big bad wolf is good because that had a good lesson to it, and i was always quoting from that book whenever some sort of problem came up. this year it’s a lot of david shannon books, especially fergus, which i can quote every once in a while when i’m being silly, and we’re in a laughing mood.


Where do you go for a great cup of coffee or tea?
i don’t drink coffee or tea. i’d have to just refer people to the starbucks in the area, though i don’t know if they have tea. oh, we just recently got a coffee bean and tea leaf, so i guess there? i have no idea if it’s good or what, as i’ve never heard anyone talk of that outlet.

Where do you go for a great doughnut?
i don’t eat doughnuts, either, but my sister really likes this one that i’m not sure what it’s called, but it’s near the airport.

Where do you go for a great sandwich?
i kinda like arby’s market fresh sandwiches. they’re pretty good. i don’t know about great, but it’s nice.

Where do you go for a great bowl of soup?
i really like the clam chowder at loco moco’s near a walmart i used to frequent often. everytime i go to that walmart, i have to stop by and get a clam chowder. i must. sometimes i would even make up an excuse to go to that walmart (especially now, since there’s a closer one now), just so i can go get my clam chowder. yum! it’s much different than the usual ones you get–it reminds me of the kind my mom used to make. i love it.

Where do you go for a great post-midnight snack?
gosh, i haven’t done that since i was pregnant, but i guess wherever would be open–all i can think of is zippys or jack in the box.


Who is physically the strongest person you know?
there are a couple of fathers of students who are pretty massive. i’m sure that’s not all for look–they probably are very strong. they kinda scare me, heh.

What unpleasantly strong aroma have you recently experienced?
the primer they were putting on some of the buildings–it made me dizzy and gave me a headache.

Many over-the-counter medications come in “extra strength” varieties. What’s something in your life that doesn’t but should?
i need that little bit of extra strength to get through the day sometimes. especially during conference time. :S

When times are rough, what’s most effective at boosting your inner strength?

What’s your favorite song whose title or lyrics contains the word strong?
well, because i’m listening to bon jovi right now, i was trying to think of a song they sing that has strong, and i couldn’t–and then they just sing ‘strong’ in the song i’m listening to! hee! then as i thought about it more, they have quite a few that have ‘strong’ in them. i think i just have to think of which songs have rhyming words (song, belong, etc), and they probably rhymed it with strong! 😛


Who has an uncanny knack for knowing what you’re thinking?
one of my exes was like this. it was spooky. i would put my hands over my forehead to shield my thoughts whenever i thought bad things of him. 😛

Who has the uncanny ability to show up at exactly the wrong time?
observers. :/

Who has an uncanny understanding of (or sensitivity toward) people upon first meeting them?
hmm. i don’t know.

Who has an uncanny sense of what to do in a difficult situation?
probably my mom.

Who has an uncanny awareness of what’s going on in everyone else’s life?
probably my sister! well, i don’t know that it’s uncanny. she just knows because she’s always around and always asks.


What was in yesterday’s mail?
bills. :/

What are the most fun and least fun items on your to-do list for the weekend?
i don’t know what’s most fun, but i have to do a bit of cleaning, that i’ve been putting off. gotta get the house nice for new year’s. oh, i did have fun last night with my drawing tablet! 🙂 i finished two videos! woohoo!

What are you running out of?

What gives you peace?

What are the best and worst things about YouTube?
there is so many things out there to cover your interests. people are constantly putting out different things, and i love all the creativity. the worst things are those stupid ads, especially during election season. bleah.


What’s your favorite way to eat strawberries?
i don’t like strawberries. well, i like strawberry-scented things, but i don’t like the taste.

What’s your favorite strawberry-flavored food or beverage?
um. i guess i’d have a smoothie that had strawberry in it, as long as it’s not the main ingredient.

What object in your line of sight is strawberry-colored?
a shirt.

What geographic location near you could be much cooler if its name were modified to contain the word strawberry, and what would this new name be?
i guess the fairgrounds–strawberry fairgrounds? heehee.

Here are 500 Wikipedia articles with the world strawberry in their titles. What’s something interesting you learned from one of them?
aw, i remember darryl strawberry! okay, i’ll read about him.

wow, i didn’t know of all his legal and personal problems. i just knew of the darryl strawberry that played for the mets in the ’80s. sad. 😦 i’ll do something good, then: he frequently donates to charity and set up a foundation for autistic children.


Hawaii’s nickname is the Aloha State. If your neighborhood were to be admitted as the fifty-first state, what would be its nickname?
the growing state. stop building houses already!

What do you own fifty of?
well, i don’t know exactly 50 of…but i have tons of things that are over 50–cds, books, beads, photos, clothes…

What’s the nicest beach you’ve been to?
i like bellows–the sand is so white and the water is so pretty. a bit rough, though.

A pizza with ham and pineapple is often called a Hawaiian pizza (something that annoys many of us who live here and can’t stand that flavor combination). If you live in Hawaii, what should rightfully be called a Hawaiian pizza, and if you live elsewhere, what would go on the pizza named after your area?
kalua pig (not ham!) and lu’au leaves. maybe bits of taro or sweet potato? if not kalua pig, then seafood.

What mental and emotional states do you hope to attain this weekend?
it’s been rocky. i just want to be at peace.


What public behavior is not a crime but should be?

What food item doesn’t have a recommended daily allowance but should?
oh, i thought they all did? hmm.

What’s not a word but should be?

What day of the year is not a holiday but should be?
we should have a music appreciation day on april 27. 🙂

What behavior is not generally a professional expectation but should be?


Shall We Dance?

O Brother, Where Art Thou?
in the fields.

What’s Up, Doc?
the sky.

What’s Your Number?

Did You Hear About the Morgans?
my morgesborg is right here with me, but he hasn’t told me anything?


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