Posted by: malia | December 29, 2012

friday 5: may, june, & july

from here.


How many teal-colored items of clothing do you have, and which is your favorite?
i don’t have anything solidly teal–it’s more mixed in with other colors, which at a quick glance, is about 3. my favorite is a teal & brown shirt that is a bit frilly and a bit see-through but i love it because it makes me feel so feminine.

There aren’t many teal-colored foods, but what comes pretty close and how do you feel about it?
all i can think of is jello, and i know that’s not teal, unless you mix the blue and green together or something? i don’t care for jello.

If yellow is the color of cowardice, green the color of envy, and blue the color of sadness, what’s teal the color of?

What’s the neatest teal-colored thing you’ve seen recently?
gosh i haven’t seen it in a while but i think i have a teal-colored gameboy. 🙂

If you had to paint one of the rooms in your house teal, which would it be?
the living room? not sure. either that or a more eeyore color.


What’s something in your possession whose color has obviously faded?
all the parking passes on my dashboard. 😛

Which of your talents, skills, or abilities has faded as you’ve grown older?
practically all of them.

Among people you know, who seems best able to fade into the background in a crowded room?
*raises hand*

What song seems to have a ridiculously long fade-out at the end?
hmm. i haven’t noticed that. better start paying attention.

What recently prominent person seems to have faded quickly into oblivion?
some of those reality show stars.


Among people you know, who has the most diverse range of talents or abilities?
huh. i don’t know. a lot of the people i know specialize in one area, but do it very well. like my sister really excels with cooking, my cousins really do well with crafts (two of them have their own businesses, in fact), two colleagues are really into different dances (one owns her own dance studio), another is into sports, two are into crafts (they both have their own separate business as well), and yet another into food. i hate to say it, but it might be me, though i wouldn’t call it talents. it’s kinda just interests that go all over the place–from the crafty to the techy, from the classical to the rock, from the arts to the sciences, from the local language, culture, and dance to those abroad…i’m just all over. but it’s not talents. it’s just a love for learning.

Besides its intended use, what are three things you’ve used a paperclip for?
okay, this is gross, and probably what messed up my ear, but one day my ear was itching like crazy and i had just cut my fingernails so i bent open a paper clip and used it to relieve the itch. *downcast* i also use open paper clips to unclog glue dispensers for my kids. and i also use paper clips (closed, this time 😛 ) as badge holders for the kids whose snap holders had broken.

What item in your pantry is the most versatile?
hmm. maybe marshmallows. besides just eating them, you can melt them to stick things together, you can use them as connectors (with dried spaghetti) to build things, you can use them to decorate cookies and cakes, you can use them to flavor hot chocolate, you can lob them at people. 😛

What implement related to your work seems to be the most useful in different ways?
i guess it would be paper?? so many things you can do with paper…

What’s an item in your home that seems to have one (and only one!) use?
a mouse? although you can do many things with it, it’s sole purpose is to help you get around on the computer.


What’s something whose disposable version has replaced its non-disposable version in your regular use?
water bottles.

What disposable item do you almost never use because you greatly prefer the non-disposable version?
i never use wooden chopsticks. i think that would be too splintery in my hair.

If they could somehow create a disposable version of something that (as far as you know) is currently not available in that format, what would you like to see?
gosh. i really don’t know.

What disposable item do you feel the most guilty about using?
i guess most of them. i could be saving the landfill here.

What disposables do you tend to use more than the usual amount before discarding?
probably utensils.


What were the events leading up to your most recent utterance of oops?
i oops all the time. just seconds ago, i clicked on the italics button instead of the bold one.

What were the circumstances that led to your most recent utterance of aha!?
doing a crossword puzzle last night.

What most recently caused you to say ick?
well, i said ick in my dream, but i had pulled out a long loaf of french bread when i noticed that some blue spots, and upon closer inspection and slitting it lengthwise, i realized that the whole inside of the loaf was moldy. i wonder what that means…

What inspired your most recent utterance of yum?
i made cake batter truffles for christmas eve that was pretty yummy.

Where were you (and what was going on?) the last time you said ooooooooh?
i was at safeway late last night and saw that they had meatloaf for sale. *sheepish*


What random letter was generated by the online random-letter generator?
j. yikes.

What food item, whose name begins with the letter in question #1, are you most likely to eat within the next few days?

What item, whose name begins with the letter in question #1, are you most likely to purchase this weekend?
jerky. heehee.

What famous person, whose last name begins with the letter in question #1, makes you think thoughts you probably shouldn’t?
well, you’d think that would be easy with this letter. hmm. i can actually think of a few with the first name starting with j. 🙂 let’s see…back from when i used to watch wrestling, dwayne johnson or chris jericho, especially after he went on dwts.

What is your favorite film whose title begins with the letter in question #1?
i actually had to search for this, because i couldn’t think of anything. of all the ‘j’ titles, the only one i saw in full was journey to the center of the earth, with brendan fraser.

What geographical location, whose name begins with the letter in question #1, are you most likely to see within the next few days?
japanese garden? i really don’t know.


How easily to do you get lost?
it depends where i am. when we went to san antonio, they actually designated me the map person, because i was the only one who could follow it and thus when we played amazing race later on, everyone wanted me on their team. but put me in a certain area of this island? and i can’t find my way around for beans. it never fails. so…yeah. i seem to do better in unfamiliar areas, for some reason.

What subject in school made you feel most lost?
hmm. i don’t know. well, one thing i always regretted not taking was physics. so i admit sometimes now when people talk of physics, i’m pretty lost.

What’s something you’ve recently misplaced and have not yet found?
i was looking for a book the other day that i know is somewhere.

What’s something you found and were able to return to its owner?
my son was looking for his special events uniform the other day that he claims he couldn’t find. within 3 seconds of walking into his room, i found it. :/

When you need some alone time and don’t want anyone to know where you are, where are you most likely to disappear to?
well, i’m always in my room, so i’m easily found. when i was in high school, it would be those library carrels i talked about the other day or the typing lab. in college, it was the sun computer lab. 🙂 also, the hallway leading to that lab was always pretty deserted. nice place to sit and read.


Which circus act best describes you this past week?
walking the tight rope. i was stepping carefully and just didn’t know when i would fall.

Which summer Olympic event best illustrates what your professional (or academic, if you’re still in school) life has been like lately?
well since lately it’s been break, i’d say it was pretty smooth sailing. ha ha. otherwise it would probably be like judo or wrestling or something. :/

Which household chore is most symbolic lately of your romantic life?
dusting. 🙂

What item on your current grocery-shopping list pretty much sums up your relationships with friends lately?

Which of Crayola’s standard colors has a name that would be a good title for the coming weekend?
bittersweet. trying to remember happier memories to get the final image of goodbye out of my head–but it still makes me sad.


In what way is Tabasco like love?
some can handle it, and some tread very carefully.

In what way is the beach like school?
among the many different grains of sand, you will find one thing that you treasure and will want to pursue. hopefully most of the things will stick, no matter how desperately you try to brush them or wash them off, you’ll still find them later on when you least expect it.

In what way is the sky like your heart?
it’s blue.

In what way is your family like a box full of toys?
they are fun to hang around and remind me of younger, happier times.

In what way is a cookbook like your ambitions?
there are step-by-step ways to do things, but the best things are sometimes the little extras you throw in.


What’s an interesting way you became introduced to someone?
the way someone has introduced me? or the way i became aware of someone? i have a few stories from back when i used to work at the airport, but i don’t know that they are interesting. i meet people all the time now, but i can’t think of anything too interesting–it’s mostly, “hi, i’m so-and-so’s whatever.”

Upon first being introduced to someone, what pleasantry are you most likely to speak?

What song do you think has a terrific first line?
i’m sure there are many much better ones if i sat and thought about it but because i have to get going, i’ll just say the one that popped into my head: “this ain’t a song for the broken-hearted.”

What’s a film that started off poorly but turned out to be quite good?
i went on a first date with a guy who wanted to see crimson tide. i had no idea what it was about. when we got there and i saw the poster, i thought, oh great. it’s some sort of military war film. bleah. and i was bored silly for the first half hour or so. but it actually was pretty good. i was surprised that i actually liked it by the end.

What’s usually a good early sign that your weekend is going to be great?
we don’t have our usual friday meeting and i can finish my work and not have to go in on the weekend. 🙂


What’s something you were unreasonably forbidden from doing when you were a kid?
i don’t know. there was always a reason. like my mom didn’t allow us to have coloring books, because she felt it limited creativity–she’d rather us draw our own things than be limited by the line (“stay in the line! stay in the line!”). but, see? there was a reason for it. it wasn’t unreasonable, in my opinion.

In what area of your life would you say you have especially conservative boundaries?
my whole life, probably.

In what area of your life would you say you have especially permissive boundaries?
i’m not sure.

In what area of your life do you routinely go over the line?
i rarely do.

How many keys do you have on your key ring?
a lot. at least 10.


If you could get on a plane tomorrow, where would you go for a week? Where would you go for a month?
i’d go to hilo. i was just talking about that with my sister and son. i want to go.

Where do you want most to return to?
younger times.

What was your most memorable meal or drink while traveling?
hmm. i had some lovely stew my most recent trip, and it was memorable because it was late at night, after a harrowing drive that scared me out of my wits.

What is the most breathtaking view in your city? How about from your travels?
my son had to do a community project a couple of years ago, and for his cover, we went all the way to the top of the mountain to be able to get a picture of the ‘slice’ of land division that we’re a part of, and wow. it was a beautiful sight, just to be able to look out all the way to the ocean and see the lay of the land. it was lovely. from my travels, it would be the same–being on a high point and just looking down all the way to the ocean. i think i like that because of my school that i went to–lots of times, while waiting for classes to start, i’d go outside and look down all the way out to the ocean, and seeing all the different things out there. just lovely.

What’s the most touristy thing you’ve done?
when i went island-hopping with my then fiancé, we did every sort of the tourist thing you could find in those little catalog thingies. we went on helicopter rides and whale-watching rides and all those touristy stuff.


What was the last thing you took out of your microwave oven?

What was the last thing you took out of the washing machine?
my clothes.

What was the last thing you took out of the trunk of your automobile?
those canvas folding chairs you see people with at games.

What was the last thing you took out of your mouth?
my toothbrush.

What was the last thing you took out of an envelope?
a christmas picture of a colleague and her fiancé.

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