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friday 5: march & april

from here.


Besides on a sandwich, what’s your favorite use of peanut butter?
hmm. i feel like i’ve answered this the other day? i usually eat peanut butter plain–just a big ol’ spoonful. if it’s the runny sort, then i like to drizzle it on crackers.

What are your feelings about pudding?
sometimes you’re in a mood where pudding will be the only thing that consoles you.

What’s the best use for peas?
i don’t care for peas. maybe in chicken ala king, but that’s about it.

Where can you go for a really good dish of mashed potatoes?
i can’t remember exactly where it was–was it outback steakhouse? or cattle company? one of those steak restaurants had a good garlic mashed potato.

Besides gum (that’s too easy!), what’s the worst food you’ve ever had stuck in your hair?
gosh, i can’t think of anything?


What are the top three reasons for getting up early on a weekend?
1) having to go somewhere (dr, workshop, party, game, etc.)
2) expecting company
3) to enjoy the quietness when you need some good thinking time

What are the top three reasons for getting into whatever your current job is?
there are none, as i tell all potential candidates.

What are the top three reasons for loving you?
there are none, as i tell all potential candidates.

What are the top three reasons for spending more money than you should?
1) pay off the bills
2) because it’s a good deal
3) it will help me feel better/relax

What are the top three reasons to be grateful today?
1) there’s no work
2) it’s nice and sunny out
3) i’m alive


What were the libraries at your elementary and high school like?
my library at my elementary school was very tiny. well, we were a small school, anyway. the librarian was very strict and kinda scary. i would always see her at the local library, too, looking through the racks and putting books into her bags. she unfortunately passed away my last year there, and she wasn’t replaced. there were really only about 4 shelves of borrowable books–the other half of the library were all the resource books, but no one was ever allowed there. the back half was the teacher’s area–xerox, lamination, and die cut machines. i just remember it being very small.

my high school library was way different. there were three levels of the library–the top level (actually only along one wall of the library) was where all the rare books were kept, from long ago–you had to wear gloves to handle them. there were also nice areas to lounge around by the windows. the second area was the main area, lots and lots of shelves of books, sofas to sit on, and computers to work on. there was also a small hallway that housed 8 individual rooms with typewriters in them (yes, that’s how old i am!). you could sign out for a room, go in, lock the door, and not be bothered for a long time! 🙂 well, you were supposed to be typing. there was also an area with a tv set up, with rows of cushioned benches, and carrels all over the place if you wanted to study. my favorite carrel was in the middle of a sort of maze of shelves. the bottom floor was the media center–all the a/v equipment, the “newsroom” where they shot the weekly news that was shown on closed-circuit tv, and the heart of it, the media center that had all sorts of things you could ask for, and they would lend it out, and you’d do all your projects there. i spent a LOT of time there, especially 10th and 12th grades, when we had to do a lot of bulletin board projects. they had all these different art supplies that they’d lend out; they had projectors so you could project stencils up onto the wall to complete your big posters you had to do; they had all sorts of glitter, paints, any sort of art media you needed. the two teachers (well, one was the a/v teacher, but when he wasn’t doing a class, he’d come over to help) that ran that area had SO many good ideas–they were just so knowledgeable, and you could tell them what you picture in your mind of how you wanted your project to look, and they’d come up with all these ideas and help you to carry them out. they were so helpful, telling you straight out if something would not work, or if colors clashed, or whatever, and then they’d help you fix the problem. i really liked them.

What’s interesting about your nearest community library?
i love my local library. it has two stories, with a whole area up on the 2nd story with comfy couches you can sit on to rest and look out the window, or just read. the kids’ section is pretty big–they even have a mini stage area. they have a lot of guest speakers that come to give talks in that area. i also like that a lot of the books were brand new. they’re a bit worn now, but when they first opened up, it was nice and new. i was so happy when they opened, because before then, i’d have to drive two towns over in one direction (nearer to where i worked), or one town away in the other direction (which i rarely went through). and it was just even better because it was so new and nice, and i loved it. it’s my favorite place to spend time. 🙂

What is the longest you’ve had an overdue library book?
only a couple of days, or so–i’m good about returning. that’s why it infuriated me when i was got a letter saying that a collection agency was demanding that i pay the library for a book i never ever borrowed, nor would i have ever wanted to borrow it in the first place. my library card was lost, so i think someone else borrowed the book and did not return it, but because it was my responsibility, i had to pay for the book. i was so upset! i rarely return books late and now i have to pay for this book that i would have never ever borrowed in the first place? grr! so, yeah, if you count that, then it has never been returned, because i had to pay for it. 😦 but i never borrowed it in the first place.

Among people you know who aren’t already librarians, who would make a good librarian?
my sister would. she actually worked as a student helper at our local library when she was a teen, so she can tell you right off the bat where a book belongs. she knows her dewey decimals well! 🙂 she’s also very helpful. i also think she needs a low stress job, and being a librarian just seems to fit that. if not her, then my mom. my mom reads a lot, and so she is able to make recommendations. she often comments that when she retires, she would volunteer working at the library. i think she would’ve made a good librarian.

Who is your favorite librarian?
gosh, all the librarians i know are exactly the same–very strict and controlling. they get upset with every little spill or anything out of order. they rarely smile. okay, i might have to choose the one at my local library now, in the kids’ section. although she looks like the same controlling-type, she has been very helpful in getting us books, and she always smiles at my son and me, and she will check on us even if we are just browsing. i guess because we are there so often. 🙂


When did someone last knock on your door, and who was it?
i don’t open the door for anyone who knocks on my door. my upstairs neighbor called to us as we were walking in the other day, though, to hand us a gift. does that count? 🙂

When did someone last call you on the phone, and who was it?
my colleague called me last friday because she needed help understanding our math things.

When did someone last hand you a business card, and who was it?
at a workshop i went to in september, one of the book people there handed out his business card in case we wanted to order more books.

When did someone last hand you a pen, magnet, calendar, or other trinket with his or her business info on it, and what was it?
when i went to the lamination house, the cashier was talking to me while ringing me up, and when she found out i needed the things for my classroom and that i was a teacher, she asked if i would be paying with a purchase order. i said, no, just my credit card. so then she asked oh do you get reimbursed by your school for this? and i kinda scoffed and said, no. so i think she felt bad because she went in the back and got me 2 bags with their logo on it and a whole box of pens with their business info on it and told me to keep them. she was so nice. it made the confusing drive all the way over there worth it.

When did you last get info out of a phone book?
oh my goodness, i haven’t even seen a phone book in years. i just use the internet now. so the last time i looked up info on the internet that i normally would’ve gotten out of a phone book was two days ago, when i was trying to find a store’s hours (normally i would’ve found the phone number and called to ask what the hours were).


How well do you handle the sight of blood?
i’m okay with it as long as it’s not excessive, like from a stab wound or something.

How well do you handle bumpy plane rides?
i’m okay with this. my sister doesn’t handle these well–she needs to take a lot of dramamine. but i’m okay.

How well do you handle spicy food?
i used to love spicy food, but unfortunately, my tummy can’t handle it any more. 😦

How well do you handle (or think you could handle) yourself in fisticuffs?
i have no idea what that is. it sounds dirty.

How well do you handle a chef’s knife?
i can just use it to make regular slices. i don’t think i can do fancy stuff with it, like my sister (who has cooking degrees) can.


What’s something you otter be doing right now?
work. i went to work and brought home stuff, and it’s just sitting on my bed, staring at me. i should get to it…but maybe later.

What’s something for which you are lion in wait?
summer break.

When did you last have reason to feel sheepish?
gosh i always feel sheepish. well, this morning i went in to work for a little while, so i had plenty of opportunities for sheepishness.

What’s something toucan do better than one?

What’s something you have recently been forced to grin and bear?


When was the last time you flew a kite?
five years ago–my son had a science project with his school for flight, and part of it was designing kites. then we took it out into the field and tested them. it was cool.

When did you last jump into a lake?
i don’t know that i have ever jumped into a lake.

When did you last get outta town?
i’ve been mostly out of town, as in my hometown, although the place i’ve been is called ‘town’ so…yeah.

When did you last take a hike?
last year, in march, i think it was.

When did you last play in traffic?
maybe a month or so ago?


What’s a film that always tugs at your heartstrings?

How long would it take you to come up with a six-inch length of string if someone needed it right now?
not very long. i have a lot of yarn here.

What are your thoughts on string cheese?
i loved this when i was younger. i eat it now occasionally as a snack.

Among people you know, who’s the best guitar-player?
one of my students’s father is a local recording artist known for his guitar-playing, so i guess it’d have to be him.

What memories do you have of Silly String?
i don’t think i’ve ever played with it before.


First prize for winning an Academy Award is a gold statuette named Oscar. What would be a good second prize?
a silver statuette named grungetta.

First prize for winning a Presidential election is four years in the White House. What would be a good second prize?
four years of still doing everything you promised to do while campaigning.

First prize for winning on Survivor is a million dollars. What would be a good second prize?
all the food you can eat for a year.

First prize for winning the Indianapolis 500 is chugging a quart of milk in the winner’s circle. What would be a good second prize?
really? that’s all you get? hmm. second prize should have an apple pie.

First prize (for the horse) for winning the Kentucky Derby is a blanket of roses. What would be a good second prize?
lots of hay and massages.


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