Posted by: malia | December 18, 2012

friday 5: april

from here.


If you were suddenly unable to make any excuses, what could you realistically do today to address whatever in your life is keeping you from being healthy and happy?
i could leave my job, but that’s not being realistic. i’d still have my mortgage and loans to pay off. but that’s the one thing that keeps me miserable, i think.

What are your feelings about professional wrestling?
i used to really be into it, when my nephew was younger. i even almost went to one of the shows when wwe came down here. i stood in line with my nephew and everything. but on the day of, on the way down, i changed my mind.

What is the brightest, most colorful article of clothing you actually wear once in a while?
i don’t have very colorful clothes, but i do own a bright pink shirt that i need to wear for school every once in a while.

What’s something you do, not because you want to or because someone’s compelling you, but because it’s the right thing to do?
just trying to be polite and considerate.

What’s a food you’ll keep eating until it either runs out or someone stops bringing it to the table?


What are your thoughts on late-night television talk shows?
i used to be in to them a lot, when i would have trouble falling asleep. but because i haven’t had a tv for a while, i have lost track of them. i got into one a lot through youtube, but i think his unhappiness in his job kind of turned me off, and i don’t really watch him any more, unless there’s a guest i want to see.

What television program is so bad you can’t believe anyone watches it?
i think most reality shows revolving around certain people are pretty bad. but i can’t say for sure, as i’ve never watched an episode. i just don’t know why anyone would want to watch an episode. but then again, maybe it’s because i’ve never seen one. i might get sucked in, as well.

In what way have your television-viewing habits changed over the years?
it has decreased dramatically.

If you were in charge of the universe, what changes might you make to television?
more artsy stuff. and i’d change mtv back to music videos, all day, every day.

What is most likely the very next thing you will be watching on television?
i have no idea. probably the news or sports or something.


Among people you know, who seems to be most attractive to mosquitoes?
*raises hand* that would be me. that’s the only thing i can attract. unfortunately, my son takes after me in that, too.

Among people you know, who seems to be most attractive to illness-causing viruses and bacteria?
i think that would be my niece.

Among people you know, who seems to be most attractive to rip-off artists?
i’m pretty gullible, especially if they start off pulling the heartstrings. i’m too emotional to resist that.

In what way were you recently the object of unwanted attention?
we had a meeting last week where we did another one of those “go-around-the-table” things. i wanted to hide underneath the table.

When you go out with friends, which of you is most likely to be flirted with?
i don’t go out with friends very often, but when i used to, i think it was me because i think i give off some sort of helpless vibe. for instance, my friends didn’t like when i was around if their boyfriends were around because they’d try to protect me or something, making my friends jealous. it wasn’t so much flirting as it was let’s take care of her, poor thing.


At what age did you realize you are no longer young?
several years ago.

What was the longest line you ever had to stand in?
i think it was for black friday one year. never again.

In what way are you especially strong?
i’m not strong, physically or mentally. although i guess my loyalties are strong.

Who was the last person to inform you that you were wrong?
my son did.

When did you last have to bid someone so long?
sigh. this past summer. i miss my buddy! 😦


What’s in need of a good cleaning?
this house.

What’s your idea of good, clean fun?
any kind of puzzles–from algebra problems to word puzzles to jigsaw to figuring out what the heck people are drawing. 🙂

How clean is your driving record?
not exactly spotless–one speeding ticket, which i sorta had an excuse for, but i know, there’s no excuse for speeding–but overall pretty clean.

When did you last make a clean escape?
i can’t think of one. it probably had to do with work.

What are your feelings about dirty language?
time and place.


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