Posted by: malia | December 6, 2012

friday 5: april

from here.


What is your favorite red food?
i like anything with marinara–yum! i don’t feel the same about raw tomatoes, though. and lately i’ve been craving dried aku like crazy. not exactly red-red, it’s more like a maroonish-red. still, yum!

When were you last caught red-handed?
i don’t know if this qualifies, but i was making copies for my colleagues late this afternoon, and i saw that their rooms were open. knowing that the office where their mailboxes are (my normal way of dropping off things) was closed, but also knowing that they were not there at that time of day, i decided to just pop into their rooms and drop of their bundles on a desk or something, and move on. but as i put one bundle down, i was admiring some of the kids’ work i saw on the table, and the custodians showed up at the door. i don’t know how guilty i looked, but they asked what am i doing in there–just delivering stuff? so i said, yes! and quickly got out of there. again, not exactly red-handed, but kinda the same.

What’s your nicest red article of clothing?
i have a nice, soft red knit blouse.

Who’s got the loveliest red hair?
i really don’t know anyone with red hair.

What are your thoughts on the 2002 Baz Luhrmann film Moulin Rouge!?
i haven’t seen it.


In A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Lysander says,
“Ay me! for aught that I could ever read,
Could ever hear by tale or history,
The course of true love never did run smooth…”
How has this proven (or not proven) to be the case in your life?

with me, it’s never run smooth. if it did, i’d be immediately suspicious. but i do see other couples where i’m envious of the love they have for each other, even after *years*, and how they just “fit.”

In Hamlet, the title character says, “Frailty, thy name is woman!” Who in your life has proven this not to be true? And if you’re willing to share, who in your life has proven this to be completely true?
i am quite frail, but i think my sister might beat me out in this case, with all her health problems. my other sister would be the one to prove it not true–she just keeps going and doesn’t let anyone stand in her way. i also know another person who has the same name as me, so at school we are often confused, but she is fierce. man. she scares me.

In The Merry Wives of Windsor, Pistol says,
“Why then the world’s mine oyster,
Which I with sword will open.”
Ignoring the possible sexual meaning here, how do you feel about oysters?


In The Merchant of Venice, Lorenzo says,
“The man that hath no music in himself,
Nor is not mov’d with concord of sweet sounds,
Is fit for treasons, stratagems, and spoils.”
Do you agree, and have you known anyone who seemed to be completely unmoved by any kind of music?

i agree. i am brought to tears often when listening to music. the other day i was introducing “in the hall of the mountain king” to my kids, and i had to pretend i kept seeing something out the door because my eyes were watering so bad. try as i might to distract myself, the feelings just well up inside me and emerges as tears. conversely, my son is not moved by music at all. i seriously question whether he is actually my son. takes after the dad on that one. :/

Is Shakespeare overrated, or is he truly the western world’s greatest writer?
i don’t think he’s overrated.


How’s your poker face?

When were you last red-faced?
maybe when i was last caught red-handed.

When will it be time for you to face the music?
soon. :/

What’s an issue about which you’ve done an about-face?
teaching methods.

Who’s overdue for some face-time with you?
i hardly ever get to see my son because his extra-curricular activities make him miss the bus, so my sister picks him up, and he spends the night at their house. i’m really missing being able to talk to him, especially after long meetings and stuff. i know, mean mommy for unloading all my problems on him.

i also really need to visit my grandma.


What Rolling Stones song best summarizes the week you just had?
how is it that i grew up listening to them *every*single*weekend* and i can’t think of one song they sang? hmm. oh i guess maybe “you can’t always get what you want.”

What movie reminds you most of your childhood?
grease. except that i didn’t turn slutty and my school never had a carnival like that.

heee. actually it’s because we watched that movie *every*single*day, at least once. sometimes much more than that. i have fond memories of my sisters and i watching that video over and over and over and over, dancing around and singing, and even getting radio stations to try and play those songs. haha!

What part of the newspaper do you never (or almost never) read?

What television show is a lot better than you thought it would be?
new girl.

What station is the radio nearest you set on at this moment?
well, if you count my laptop, it would be AceRadio. if it’s an actual, physical radio, it would be 96.3.


What is your laundry basket like?
it’s white and a bit misshapen.

What in your life is threatening to go to hell in a handbasket?

What was the occasion for your receiving your last gift basket, and what was in it?
halloween–one of the kids gave little candies and coffee thingies in a basket. obviously, they don’t know me very well. 😛

When could you last have been described as a basket case?
all the time.

How’s your bread basket?


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