Posted by: malia | December 2, 2012

friday 5: december

from here:


How likely are you to return or exchange a gift you don’t like?
not very likely.

Who is the most gifted person you know?
i’m not sure. there are quite a few people who are gifted in different ways.

Of gifts you gave this year, which was really the closest to perfect for the recipient?
i’m horrible at gift-giving. people have to be blunt with me what they want, and then i’ll get it for them.

What’s your favorite kind of gift to receive?
it depends. money is always useful. my parents usually get me clothes, and that’s the only time i ever get new clothes, since i rarely buy clothes for me. the homemade kinds i get from my kids always make me feel loved, and that’s very special, too.

What’s your favorite kind of gift to give?
i like baking but i’m not very good at it, and i usually don’t have the time to do so. i also just rather give $ because it saves time for me. 🙂


How seriously do you take gift-wrapping when you give gifts?
i cannot gift-wrap for beans! my sister gift-wraps for me.

Do you save gift-wrapping to re-use later?
i used to. but after it being another thing that piles up, i just throw it out now.

How picky are you when it comes to selecting wrapping paper?
i’m not very picky. again, i don’t gift-wrap. whatever my sister has is fine with me.

How much attention do you pay to the way gifts you receive are wrapped?
i admire lovely wrapped presents.

Among people you know, who is the most talented at wrapping gifts?
my sister is. 🙂


When did you last experience emailer’s remorse?
when i meant to reply to a fwd i sent my sister, and i instead ended up replying to the original person of that email. whoops!

When did you last experience diner’s remorse?
i heard some people in front of me raving about the secret spicy ahi poke at foodland, so i decided to get some. it wasn’t that good.

When did you last experience movie-goer’s remorse?
i don’t know that i have. at least, i can’t think of any.

When did you last experience caring friend’s remorse?
i don’t have caring friends.

When did you last experience lover’s remorse?
all of ’em. 😛


What film have you seen in the past year that’s completely average?
i don’t watch very many films. i can’t think of any that were just eh.

Who’s the most average-looking person you know?
hmm. i don’t know. i know who’s the most below-average one though!! 🙂

In what area of your life are you performing just well enough?
i guess for work, i’m doing just enough to get by. i wouldn’t say “well.”

A new radio station features music you neither like nor dislike! What are three songs you’re likely to hear on it?
probably most of the newer stuff, like rihanna or nicki minaj or those types–i don’t know them very well to have an opinion of that type of music.

What game or sport are you just okay in?
um. darts. i used to always play darts every time my friends would go out after work friday nights. i haven’t done that in a while, though, so i’m probably just okay in it now.


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