Posted by: malia | November 29, 2012


What time do you usually have your breakfast at during the week?
i don’t usually eat breakfast.

Do you cope well with stress or does it depend on the type of stress that is being put upon you?
it depends.

Have you ever gone in an ambulance with someone?

Can you cook a full roast dinner?
i guess i could.

When was the last time you went to a market?

What is your favourite type of fish to eat?

Do you feel awkward when someone compliments you?
yes, because no one ever does. it makes me very suspicious.

What nationality or region are most of the people you are attracted to from?

Do you collect coupons or vouchers for anywhere?
not really.

Would you rather have a pizza or a curry?

When was the last time you wore a mask?
i need to wear them more often.

Is there any food you add pepper to?

What nickname do you not like being called?
the one my sisters call me.

Do you believe in ghosts? Why or why not?
i’m not sure what to believe.

Would you rather go to a poetry reading or a late night release of a game?
depends on the game.

What was the last item of food you bought?

How much did that item of food cost?

When was the last time you vacuumed your room/the house?
last week.

What colour is the carpet or flooring in your bedroom?

Is anyone you live with fiercely allergic to anything?

What colour is your favourite animal? If something with multiple colours or variations, which multi colour or variation do you find most appealing to the eye?

Is there any breed of dog you favour above all others? Which is it?

Can you use a corkscrew?

Have you been told you look like a specific celebrity?

Do you like your popcorn sweet, salted or not at all?
i like it buttery. or cheesy.

What season were you born in?

Would you say you dislike the idea of being stuck in a room with a bunch of scorpions or snakes the most?
eww! i think the snakes.


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