Posted by: malia | November 27, 2012


One]; Which is worse: Pain or discomfort?
well, pain isn’t very comfortable…but i would guess pain.

Two]; Last “permanent” thing you did to your hair?
dyed it.

Three]; What is your favourite song right now?
i don’t know.

Four]; With whom did you last attend a concert?
a friend.

Five]; Where do you apply perfume, or do you spray and walk into it?
i spray above my head. but i rarely apply perfume.

Six]; With whom did you last go to the movies?
someone i barged in on.

Seven]; And what was that movie?
bon jovi inside out. 😀 it made me so happy, even though i was a puddle of sighs. ♡

Eight]; What was the last thing in your vagina?

Nine]; Which school do most of your coworkers attend?
i’m not sure.

Ten]; Which band do you have the most songs for on your iTunes?
well, if you don’t count the choir that sang my 99 christmas carols that i have, and if it doesn’t include the glee cast, then it would be bon jovi.

Eleven]; Do you tip well?
more or less.

Twelve]; Do you have Facebook Mobile?

Thirteen]; Last place you were bitten?

Fourteen]; Coffee or tea?
neither. my colleagues laughed at me because at a workshop we recently all attended, they all got coffee and tea, and i just got hot water so i could warm my hands because it was so cold. then i saw they had peppermint tea, so i put that in my hot water just so i could smell it. 🙂 the peppermint smell kept me up. 🙂 i know it was a waste. sorry.

Fifteen]; What colour was your hair a year ago?
the same color, i think. maybe a bit lighter.

Sixteen]; Last piece of technology you purchased?
:S i got myself a drawing tablet on black friday. :S

Seventeen]; Did you watch the Olympics?

Eighteen]; From what genre is the song you’re listening to?

Nineteen]; Last or current CD in your CD player or PC?
i think it was of school clip art.

Twenty]; Do you carry maps?
on my phone.

Twenty-one]; What brand is your wallet?
i have no idea.

Twenty-two]; What colour is your locker?
i don’t have one.

Twenty-three]; What brand is your computer?
apple! 🙂

Twenty-four]; What were you doing exactly a month ago?
stressing out at conferences. :S

Twenty-five]; Have you ever been on a cruise?

Twenty-six]; Newest friend?
hmm, don’t know.

Twenty-seven]; Newest coworker?
the newest is already getting on people’s nerves. she’s not afraid to speak her mind, especially from the standpoint of a parent.

Twenty-eight]; Last compliment received? When? Who?
i don’t receive many compliments, so i don’t remember. after being observed today, the observer came back and asked if my class could be video-taped, so i guess that’s a bit of a compliment? although it could be because i did so many wrong things. 😦 then she said she loves being in my class and wishes she could stay all day. but i know she just said that because she knew i was feeling down, and she doesn’t want me to leave so she feeds me lies to keep me there.

Twenty-nine]; Last text sent?
i got an email from richie! ♡

Thirty]; Do any songs on your iTunes have the same title by different artists?

Thirty-one]; How many swear words have you used in this survey so far?

Thirty-two]; Who does the vacuuming in your house?

Thirty-three]; Have you ever lived in an apartment?

Thirty-four]; Are you more cold or warm at the moment?

Thirty-five]; Do you sit on public toilets?
yes. well, when i use them. not like as a chair.

Thirty-six]; Last place you saw a spider?
probably in a picture.

Thirty-seven]; Last text message you saved?
well, they’re all saved.

Thirty-eight]; Last place you did anything sexual?
in bed.

Thirty-nine]; Last clothing purchase made?
i really don’t know. it was probably a shirt at walmart or something.

Forty]; Last time vacuuming?
last week.

Forty-one]; Which numbers are skipped on the number of plays on your top 25 most played playlist on iTunes?

Forty-two]; Have you ever thought about what kind of ex your boyfriend/girlfriend would be?

Forty-three]; Last thing you threw in the garbage?

Forty-four]; Last thing you crossed off your to-do list, or shopping list?
cotton balls.

Forty-five]; What country is the band/artist you’re listening to from?

Forty-six]; Last word you learned how to spell?
gosh, i don’t know.

Forty-seven]; Who are you most dependent on right now?
just me.

Forty-eight]; What part of your past are you thinking about the most lately?

Forty-nine]; From where did you last buy a pair of shoes?
i think it was walmart.

Fifty]; What colour is your cell phone?
black, but i have a blue skin on it.


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