Posted by: malia | November 22, 2012


do you have an alarm clock? what sound does it make?
my phone is my alarm clock. the tone is called “strum”.

do you know anyone named cielle? who?

do you have one person that 90% of your text messages are from? who is it?

do you own a postSecret book? if you don’t, do you want to?
no, i don’t. i don’t think i want to because it kinda creeps me out.

what is the most relaxing sound you can think of?
waves lapping.

do you prefer regular or electric toothbrushes?

how do you hang up your posters on your wall?
blue tape.

do you have a locker at school? did you have to pay for it?
i had one, but i didn’t have to pay for it. though people kept taking my combination lock. 😦

would you rather learn late every day and get a two-day weekend, or finish early every day and get a one day weekend?
the longer weekend.

do you know what you want to name your kids when you get older? is there a reason?
yes. there’s always a reason.

do you enjoy reading the chicken soup books? which is your favorite?
the only chicken soup book i’ve read is chicken soup with rice.

what’s more annoying? a cat who won’t stop meowing or a dog who won’t stop barking?
both are annoying. i guess the cat is quieter, but i don’t like cats.

is your school yearbook published in black and white or color?

do you wear glasses or contacts?

if you could change your eye color, what would you change it to?
a normal color so people won’t ask if i’m wearing contacts.

do you think tattoo sleeves are gross? Would you ever get one?
yes. and no.

have you ever been attracted to someone you previously hated?
yes. well, not *hated*. but annoyed by.

do you think students should be required to say the pledge of allegiance?

do you believe in the statement: government + religion = disaster?
i don’t know.

algebra or english?
i loved both, especially if english was a lot of grammar stuff 🙂 but i guess i’d choose algebra because i love figuring out x.

what is one thing in the world you’d NEVER do, despite the circumstances?

does time pass too slowly or quickly for you?
too quickly.

are you stronger mentally or physically?

have you ever dated out of your race or religion? would you?

if you could either have world peace or find a cure for all of the world’s diseases, which would you choose?
the cure.

do you wear animal prints?

what music player do you use? do you have a protective case for it?
my phone, and yes.

twilight: love it or hate it?

what color is your hairbrush?

do you brush your hair when it’s dry?
yes. i won’t brush it when it’s wet.

have you ever handmade a gift for someone?

how long did it take for you to get over your last ex?
a while.

do you know your neighbours?
not really.

what’s your favorite thing about winter?

have there ever been any murders in your city/town?
i’m sure there have.

do you believe in ghosts? have you ever seen one?
i don’t know.

is there anybody you truly, truly hate?

do you make wishes on your eyelashes?

what’s the worst nightmare you’ve ever had? feel free to elaborate.
they usually involve family, or like a war going on.

have you ever been to a funeral?

what’s your favorite breed of dog?
i don’t think i have a favorite. they’re all pretty cool.

what do you usually daydream about?

do you know how to make origami?
make origami? 😛

who is your hero?
i don’t know.

how would you like to be proposed to one day?

or if you’ve already been proposed to, what was it like?

has someone in a bar/club/etc. ever bought you a drink?

can you fall asleep in a moving vehicle?

do you make wishes at 11:11 PM?
no. i didn’t know you were supposed to.

have you ever been on jury duty?

does your tummy grumble?

have you ever watched a james bond film?

do you know anybody who’s lost a limb in an accident?

have you ever been stabbed in the back by a friend?

can you draw nice freehand circles?

at the store, do you keep your 1c change or leave it?
keep it.

do you watch/look at porn?
if it’s available.

have you ever had to call a poisons hotline number?

what’s your favorite zoo animal?

do you enjoy techno music?
it’s okay.

do you own an umbrella? what color is it?

when was the last time you went to the beach?

have you ever laid outside under the stars?

have you ever been to las vegas?

where’s your favorite place to get coffee?
i don’t drink coffee.

who is the last person you told you loved them?

can you speak any foreign languages?

why did you last go see a doctor?
annual physical.

are you good at math?

have you ever been to Brooklyn?

do you like champagne?

when was the last time you lied to someone?
a little while ago.

do you know anyone who looks similar to you?
i’m always mistaken by the kids for someone at work, but i don’t think we look alike at all. i think she totally looks like another coworker, which my coworkers agree with. but then again, i used to get mixed up with that other coworker, too, so i don’t know. i really don’t think we look alike though, at all!

are you one of those people who, no matter how quiet you whisper, your voice can still be heard by other people around?
no. but that’s my son. he always embarrasses me from talking too loud.

do you have any phobias?

are you a fan of Audrey Hepburn?
i don’t know her.

have you ever been to a haunted house?
not intentionally.

have you ever handwritten a letter to someone?

do heights scare you?

have you ever smoked anything?

do you know anyone who has been diagnosed with depression?

have you ever had an x-ray?

are you American?

have you ever thrown a coin into a fountain and made a wish?

have you ever been to a strip club?

do you light candles when you take a bubble bath?

when was the last time you saw your brother?
i don’t have one.

have you ever been to new orleans?

do you like ‘bad boys’?

have you ever fainted?

do Christmas carols annoy you?


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