Posted by: malia | November 17, 2012


I can’t remember the last time I had an entire weekend in which I didn’t have to do something and could spend the whole weekend relaxing.
Right now, I’m the only one of my siblings still living in my house.
It’s becoming colder and colder at night where I live and I keep adding more blankets to my bed.
On weekdays, I’m usually up before 8 AM.
Sometimes I see an answer from other survey-takers on Xanga that just make me wonder if people have been living under a rock for their entire lives.
^But other times I see answers that I love and make me want to get to know the person better.
I have at least one doctor’s appointment coming up this month.
The area I live in is absolutely beautiful at this time of year.
I’ve recently had to refill a prescription at the pharmacy.
I’ve done quite a bit of physical therapy in my life.
I will never understand the logic behind being rude to customer service people; that’s only going to make the person less likely to help you with your problem.
^And I have absolutely never screamed at/berated a customer-service person; it’s terrible to do so and problems should be handled in an adult manner.

I have a pet that loves to snuggle with me at night.
I will admit that my pet does have a costume for Halloween this year.
I find answering questions about myself in surveys somewhat therapeutic.
I recently played a video game that I haven’t played since childhood (and I still enjoyed it).
I don’t cook much and don’t really know how, but I am wonderful at making pasta and pizza.
^I really don’t see myself being the one preparing meals when I have my own family.
I haven’t taken a math class in over 5 years.
Like a lot of other people, I am not particularly thrilled with everything Obama has done, but I’d do pretty much anything to keep Romney out of office.
The issue of reproductive rights is one that really strikes a chord with me.
I’ve been to therapy in the past and I don’t think it helped one single bit.
I love reading articles on; they’re hilarious.
I absolutely love lists – making them, reading them (like on Listography), crossing things off of them, everything.
I had the original Nintendo when I was a kid.
Although it wouldn’t be planned, I honestly would not be upset if I were to become pregnant at this point in my life.
I think one of the hardest things in the universe is getting out of bed on a cold winter morning.
I love Apple products.
There are games on my phone that I play on a daily basis.
I tend to dress for comfort rather than fashion.
I’ve always wanted a Labrador, never a small dog (but I have a small dog that I love to death!).
I can be incredibly picky when it comes to the texture of foods.
Neither of my parents ever went to college.
I often wonder what people think when they take surveys that I’ve made and if the questions made them think deeply or not.
I have a Facebook, but I almost always have the chat function turned off.
I really think I’m going to be an amazing parent.
Most of the things I thought would be important when I was 18 are completely irrelevant now.
In emergency situations, I handle things very methodically, but once the situation is over and has sunk in, I can get pretty upset and anxious over it.
I think that group projects and presentations are the worst type of assignment.
There are only a few television shows that I’ve seen every single episode of.
I’m so excited to own a home in the future and to decorate it myself.
I’ve applied for a job recently that I didn’t get interviewed for.
My sleep schedule is a complete disaster.


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