Posted by: malia | November 15, 2012


What’s the second word on the last text message you received?

Can you count to 20 in another language?

Do you know anyone with a missing toe or finger?

Where’s the last place you took a bus to?

What was the main character called in the last film you watched?

Do you prefer rap or punk music?

If you had to colour the world in one colour which one would you pick?

What would you name your pet snake if you had one?

Do you like peanuts?
i like peanut butter much more than i like peanuts.

What’s the tastiest thing you’ve ever tasted?
i don’t know, but my mouth is now watering with the different thoughts in my head about foods i’ve eaten.

Do you have more dreams or nightmares?

Who was the last person you hugged?
one of my kids.

Is there anyone you’re desperate to meet? Who?
not really.

Would you like to scratch somewhere on your body? Where?
not really.

Do you have a favourite piece of jewelry if so what?
no. it used to be my class ring but i have no idea where it is. i also had a beautiful charm bracelet that a beau gave me that i loved, but ironically enough the heart clasp on that broke less than a week after he broke my heart.

Which store would you go to buy a pair of jeans?
i have no idea. walmart, probably.

Pick three colours:
blue, turquoise, cerulean.

Whats the nearest item you can see the same colour as your 1st choice?
my blanket.

Name a clothing item you have of your second colour choice:
i have a plain turquoisy shirt.

Have you ever had any of your walls painted in the third colour? Which wall?

You turn your iPod/mp3/phone on what is the first song you listen to?
you mean the first song that came on when i turned it on just now? “Don’t Stop the Music” if you mean my go-to song when i do not use shuffle, it would currently be “one thing”. although if it’s friday, i need to play “friday i’m in love.”

If you could only have one TV channel which one would you choose?
twenty years ago it would’ve been mtv. but i just don’t recognize that channel any more. and not because they are playing music i don’t know of because it’s current, but because they don’t play music at all!!!! so i guess i’ll say like a travel channel or discovery channel or food network…maybe even gsn.

Your internet dies for a month, you can only access three websites…which ones do you choose?
google, facebook, and my email.

Do you/have you taken photos of your pets?

Do you have any fancy dress costumes? If so which ones?

Heels or flats?

Pop bottles or pop cans?

Do you use bags for life?

Have you ever gambled? What was your biggest loss/win?


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