Posted by: malia | November 12, 2012

shuffle with a twist

So, this is a music shuffle with a twist.
The twist? It’s not just questions like…
“When you die:”, “First day at school:”, “When you get married:”
It’s actual, random questions.

If you could meet anyone on this earth, who would it be?
“Kaimana Hila”

What’s the first line of the nearest book you can reach?
“Light of Day”

What does the last text message on your phone say?
“With You”

If you could be any colour crayon, what would you be?

If you could be anywhere in the universe right now, where would you be?
“Once in Royal David’s City”

Do you have a strange talent? If so, what is it?
“Promises Made”

If you discovered a new species of animal, what would you call it?
“Looking for a Stranger”

What’s the weirdest name for a phobia?
“Shaky Shaky”

If you ever had the chance, would you eat a frog?

Do you prefer being indoors or outdoors?
“Concerto for Violin”

When you’re indoors, what will you most likely be doing?
“Come on Eileen”

Are you good at lying?
“This Ain’t a Love Song”

What was the last lie you told?
“You Got It All”

The next song that comes up is a new emotion
“The Power”

What’s your favourite food?
“Summer, Highland Falls”

What is your greatest weakness?
“Preludes No. 14 in E Flat Minor”

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve said whilst drunk?
“Okki Tokki Unga”

Do you collect anything obscene or unusual? If yes, what do you collect?
“You Gotta Feel Aloha”

Finish the sentence: What if…
“Brown-Eyed Girl”

What’s your favourite smell?
“She Blinded Me With Science”

If you were ever granted one single wish, what would you wish for?
“What Do You Got?”

You’re given the chance to name a newly found city. What do you call it?
“Life Ain’t Nothing But a Party”

What do you like about your favourite band?
“I Climb 10 Stairs”

What makes you different from everyone else?
“Get This Party Started”

Are you creative?
“The Ballad of Billy the Kid”

What is the meaning of life to you?

What do you consider yourself a number one fan of?
“Joyful, Joyful”

What’s the luckiest thing that’s ever happened to you?
“Gonna Make You Sweat”

Imagine you’ve just started a band. What would the band be called?
“Johnny Works With One Hammer”

The name of your first album:
“Lost In Your Eyes”

The name of your first single:
“Oh Come, All Ye Faithful”

You write your autobiography, the title is:
“The Entertainer”

What’s your biggest pet peeve?
“Dorothy the Dinosaur”

What do you wish the weather could be like right now?
“Gone Going”

What’s the weirdest pet name you’ve ever heard?

What were you doing this time last year?
“I Could Fall In Love”

What will you be doing this time NEXT year?
“Symphony No. 40 in G Minor”

If you were a superhero, what would your magic power be?
“Joy to the World”

What’s your biggest secret?
“Wahine ‘Ilikea”

What makes a great relationship?

What goes through your mind when you see ‘that awkward moment when’ posts?
“I Love You”

How do you win over people’s hearts?
“Where Are You Now?”

What’s your biggest obsession?
“White Pebbles”

What’s the worst decision you’ve ever made in life?
“Birthing Classes”

What do you want written on your gravestone?
“Pāpālina Lahilahi”

If you could say any words and make anyone explode, what would you say?
“Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D Major”

Your favourite quote is?
“Can’t Get You Out of My Head”

What would you consider the biggest insult to yourself?

What is a weird habit you have?
“The Nutcracker Suite: Op 71a”

If you were on a plane beside your favorite celebrity, what would you do?
“Have a Nice Day”

Describe yourself with a song title:
“Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)”

Why would someone use an umbrella?
“Children on Parade”

If you could see into the future, what would you do?
“Gold Digger”

Why is shampoo clear and conditioner not?

You’ve created your own recipe. What do you name it?
“Shine It”

Do you have lots of floor space in your bedroom?
“Gimme More”

What time do you like to stay awake until?

Are you a dedicated person?
“New York State of Mind”

What happened in the last dream you had?
“Everyday People”

What’s your favourite day of the week and why?
“Travelin’ Prayer”

If you’re at the beach, what are you most likely doing?
“Pua Ala ‘Aumoe”

The name of your favourite movie:
“Don’t Turn Around”

What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?
“Cupid Shuffle”

Are you stubborn?
“Let Your Love Flow”

If you could forget about one memory that you have, what would it be?
“Private Eyes”

If you were made out of paper, what would you do?
“Many Rivers to Cross”

Do you act differently to certain people?

What’s your favourite sport?
“Show Me How You Move”

Your favourite tweet ever made by your favourite celebrity?
“The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy”

Did you enjoy this quiz?
“In the Hall of the Mountain King”

If you were on the Titanic, would you be a survivor?
“Stereo Hearts”

Where would be the weirdest place to randomly start dancing at?
“Starting All Over Again”

What do you do when you can’t sleep at night?
“Piano Quartet In A Major”

Do you trust people easily?
“February Air”

If you could tell the whole world anything right now, what would you say?

Your opinion on the royals:
“John Bradlelum”

Why is your favourite TV show your favourite TV show?
“Blue Christmas”

Would you rather be the leader or the follower?
“Everybody’s Body is a Dancing Machine”

What’s your favourite pastime?
“Make Believe”


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