Posted by: malia | November 7, 2012


so tired after long long meeting that ended after it was already dark outside (second one this week!). and i’m scared of the dark!

out of three days of work this week, i stayed at work until it was so dark that i was really frightened!!!

Have you ever had a class with a member of your family?
yes, my sister and i took zoology 100 at the same time.

Are you currently listening to music or watching tv?
listening to music.

Are you a daddy’s girl/boy or momma’s girl/boy?
probably a mama’s girl.

Out of all of the recent Marvel Comic movies which did you like most?
i haven’t seen any of them.

The last time you got really drunk what had you been drinking?
i haven’t been drunk.

Are there any good haunted houses close to where you live?

What is your favorite thing in your room?
my computer.

Were you texting anyone right before you fell asleep last night?

Do you know any of your neighbors?

What do you think you want to be for Halloween this year?
i don’t know.

Do you or anyone you live with watch football?

Is there anything you’ve been procrastinating?

Are there any requirements you have when going to sleep?

Are you currently worried about anyone close to you (for any reason)?


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